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  1. Turbo oil feed pipe

    Also measure the amount of oil flowing through the turbo at idle. Disconnect the return oil line from the turbo and collect the oil. This should be at least 300 ml per minute. If the measured amount of oil is less than the specified minimum amount the engine must be considered scrap.
  2. Roof rack, plastic bolt snapped

    Heat up a screwdriver and push it into the remainings of the plastic plug. After the screw driver has cooled down the remainings of the plastic plug can easily be removed. I have used this method lots of times. Note that the holes must be sealed if no roofrack is installed to prevent water ingress and to protect the threading in the roof. I always use stainless steel allen bolts and non hardening liquid gasket to seal the holes.
  3. Original Ford springs are black. These springs are marked with painted coloured dots to identify the springs. As an option Ford offers the Eibach (Pro-Kit) lowering springs. The Eibach springs are black with white text (brand and part number of the spring). I have never seen blue springs factory fitted on a Ford so the springs will most likely be aftermarket. Ford Racing springs are blue but I have never seen these in real life.
  4. Fair price for alloys?

    16 Inch alloy wheels are not very popular. They are pretty much fitted as standard these days. Most people who are in the market for a set of alloys are searching for 17 Inch or larger wheels. A complete set (wheels and tyres) of the same wheel design that you have are currently for sale on Ebay for 145 pounds. My experience is that a set of mint condition (undamaged) original 16 inch alloy wheels with good tyres usually sells for anything between 200 and 300 pounds. in your case the kerb damage and the different brand tyre will most likely affect the price a bit.
  5. Refund for repairs relating to a recall

    I suspect that you mean the 17S09 - 1.6L GTDI COOLING SYSTEM recall. This recall is not a result of technical problems. The only reason why Ford arranges this recall is because of safety reasons (fire risk). A coolant leak can cause the cilinder head to crack. When this happens the engine oil can leak onto the hot exhaust and ignite. Despite being a very small risk Ford decided to eliminate it completely by recalling all affected vehicles worldwide. The recall basically consists of a low coolant warning system to generate an early warning message in case of leaking coolant. The recall is no reason for warranty or refund for repairs that were performed in the past.
  6. Focus st sync 1.1 update HEEEELP

    SYNC 1.0 has the "SYNC Applications" option in the menu structure but this is not APPlink. Many people are confused by this option in the menu structure.
  7. Focus st sync 1.1 update HEEEELP

    No, APPlink was introduced on SYNC 1.1 The SYNC 1.1 APPlink functionality is very limited. Initially there were several (Android and IOS) APPs available for the SYNC 1.1 system. Unfortunately most APP developers stopped supporting this system. Even Spotify stopped supporting the SYNC 1.1 APPlink system. The only APP that is currently supported is Glympse.
  8. Focus st sync 1.1 update HEEEELP

    SYNC 1.0 and SYNC 1.1 both have the buttons in this position. Only the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol based Focus MK3 versions did have the additional (cruise control switch style) radio remote.
  9. Focus st sync 1.1 update HEEEELP

    Are you sure? SYNC 1.1 has version numbers that start with V5. (V5.11 is currently the latest). I have never seen a SYNC 1.1 sofware version number that starts with V3. The type of APIM (SYNC) module can easily be determined by the part number. SYNC 1.0 APIM modules have a part number that starts with AM5T- or BM5T-. SYNC 1.1 APIM modules have a part number that starts with D1BT-, E1BT or F1BT. Another easy way to check whether you have the SYNC 1.0 or SYNC 1.1 system is by using the Bluetooth Audio functionality. SYNC 1.0 does not support MP3 track info on the FCDIM (display). If your car really has SYNC 1.1 it should display the MP3 track info when using the Bluetooth Audio functionality the same way like it is displayed when playing from USB.
  10. Focus st sync 1.1 update HEEEELP

    SYNC 1.1 was introduced in 2014. A 2013 Focus MK3 does not have SYNC 1.1 unless it was retrofitted. In 2013 Ford installed the SYNC 1.0 system. The SYNC 1.0 system can only be updated by a Ford dealer. However because Ford stopped the support for the SYNC 1.0 system there are no recent updates available for the SYNC 1.0 system.

    Probably the wrong ones lol
  12. Focus designed to die engine features?

    The 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 TDCI Ford engines are build in conjunction with PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) and have nothing to do with Renault.
  13. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    The Focus MK1/MK1.5 has very limited diagnostic possibilities compared to the MK2/MK2.5 and MK3/MK3.5. The Focus MK1/MK1.5 does not even have a CANbus system Next to this there are no advanced ELM327 based vehicle specific diagnostic programs for the Focus MK1/MK1.5. The ForScan program supports the Focus MK1/MK1.5 but the functionality is very limited.
  14. ford focus engine special parts

    The costs involved to gain a considerable amount of power out of this engine will be pretty high. In my opinion it will be much easier and cheaper to buy a ST170 with rear end damage and transplant the ST170 engine, transmission and brakes.
  15. Help finding part number please

    On the European Fiesta MK7.5 1.0 ECOboost engine the additional cylinder head temperature sensor is installed from production date 02-02-2015. Vehicles produced before this date do only have the coolant temperature sensor. I do not know if this is also applicable to the USA Fiesta MK7.5 1.0 ECOboost. USA Ford models that are based on an European Ford model are usually 1 (sometimes even 2) Years behind.