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  1. Premature wetbelt failure on a 1.0 ECOboost is not uncommon at all. This can have several causes: * Incorrect engine oil. * Not respecting the service intervals. The Ford WSS-M2C948-B engine oil is known to deteriorate quite fast (and can even form a sludge). Especially when the car is often used for short distances or in case of low annual mileages. These conditions require a reduced service interval. * Performing an engine flush. There are still idiots (including garages) that think this is a good idea. In case an incorrect engine oil is used by a professional garage you should have the engine oil and filter replaced as soon as possible and demand a written and signed statement that the garage in question is responsible for future premature wetbelt failure.
  2. The 1.0 ECOboost requires a 5W20 engine oil that meets the Ford WSS-M2C948-B specification. This is the only type of oil that is allowed for this type of engine! Shell Helix 5W30 semi-synthetic does not meet the Ford WSS-M2C948-B specification and apart from the specification it also has a different viscosity. The person that used this type of oil did clearly not look at the requirements for this type of engine at all. Using incorrect engine oil on a 1.0 ECOboost can be a serious problem. This engine has wetbelts (timing belts that are mounted inside the engine and run through the engine oil). There is a wetbelt between the crankshaft and the camshafts and another wetbelt between the crankshaft and the oil pump. Incorrect engine oil can potentially affect the rubber material of the wetbelts. Using an incorrect type of engine oil (even for a short period) can start a deterioration process inside the wetbelt material and on the longer term cause premature failure of the wetbelts. The only way to make sure that the integrity of the wetbelts is not affected by the incorrect engine oil is by replacing the wetbelts.
  3. To obtain a full strenght connection the nuts need to be engaged onto the threads for at least 0,8 x the thread diameter. In this case 0,8 x 12 mm = 9,6 mm. Based on a pitch of 1,5 mm this means that the wheel nuts need to be tightened at least 6,4 turns.
  4. On the IB5 gearbox that this car has worn synchromesh rings of the 1st and 2nd gear are usually caused by the high torque of the 1.0 ECOboost. On this engine/gearbox combination excessive gearbox wear caused by the high engine torque is quite common.
  5. You are wrong regarding the "toy engines". The 1.0 ECOboost has an oil capacity of 5,05 Liters which is more than most Ford engines.
  6. Bilstein B4 are aftermarket replacement dampers for the original dampers and have comparable characteristics. These dampers are not designed for lowered springs If you want to lower the car with Eibach springs you should install the Bilstein B8 dampers. These are shorter dampers for lowered cars. The B8 dampers are a match to the Eibach springs and are available as the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit that contains both the Bilstein B8 dampers and the Eibach Pro-Kit springs.
  7. A MK2.5 instrument cluster with small display is also possible but to be honest the large display looks so much better and the price difference is usually very small. If the "new" instrument cluster has a lower mileage than the car the mileage can easily be adjusted upwards. Adjusting the mileage downwards is not possible without a diagnostic system that has these capabilities (for example as a paid function of the UCDS diagnostic system).
  8. The displays are illuminated by LED's but also contain a colored layer of foil that is embedded between the layers of glass. The green displays have a green colored foil while the red displays have a red colored foil. Installing green displays in a red illuminated instrument cluster will result in weird orange illuminated displays. Installing a MK2 instrument cluster with green illumination or MK2.5 instrument cluster is perfectly possible. Since 2008 I have done this at least a dozen times. Even an RS instrument cluster is fully compatible with any MK2/MK2.5 Petrol version. Installing an MK2.5 instrument cluster can also be quite cheap. Recently I bought a low mileage, mint condition MK2.5 instrument cluster with large display from a UK based scrap yard I paid less than €100,- including P&P. The Focus MK2/MK2.5 instrument cluster can easily be configured/reprogrammed using a cheap ELM327 in combination with the free ELMconfig and Forscan software.
  9. To be honest I never found replacement displays for this type of instrument cluster. Back in the days when I used to repair these instrument clusters as a hobby I salvaged the displays from instrument clusters that were beyond repair and had quite a few of them on stock. However I threw all of them away some time ago. Another problem will be that a MK2 instrument cluster with dual display are rare because it was only used on automatic transmission versions but a MK2 instrument cluster with red illumination is even rarer. The MK2 instrument cluster wit red illumination was part of the interior facelift in 2007 and was only used for about 9 Months until the MK2.5 was introduced. I suggest to buy yourself a Focus MK2.5 instrument cluster with the large display. When configured properly the MK2.5 instrument cluster is fully compatible with your car.
  10. Ford has very strict regulations for warranty and courtesy repairs. All services need to be performed conform Ford specifications and also conform the specified mileages/periods. Skipping a service or performing the service too late will void warranty and courtesy. You are allowed to have the services performed by a third party repairer but in case of a warranty or courtesy claim you have to prove yourself that the all previous services are fully performed conform Ford specifications using original Ford parts and oil that is approved by Ford (Castrol is the only aftermarket manufacturer that is approved by Ford and listed in the service documentation).
  11. The slots in the camshafts needs to be perfectly aligned. An offset is not permitted. You need to loosen the camshaf pulley bolt, adjust the camshaft pulleys until everything is perfectly aligned and fasten the camshaft pulley bolts. Since all pulleys are keyless it is very easy on this type of engine to have the crankshaft and both camshafts perfectly aligned. Note that both the crankshaft pulley bolt and the camshaft pulley bolts are torque to yield bolts. These bolts can not be reused and once removed these bolts must always be replaced.
  12. I suspect that you only have a part of the special tools that are required. If this is the case you should get all required special tools before proceeding.
  13. There is a chance that by rotating the crankshaft without 1 camshaft turning you already damaged 1 or more valves. You should check the valves and pistons for any signs of interference damage. If no signs of interference are found proceed with the following procedure: Install the timing pin inside the engine block and rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the crank touches the timing pin. Now that the crankshaft is at the correct position install the flywheel locking tool to lock the flywheel/crankshaft. Rotate both camshafts in the correct position. Note that the slots in the camshafts are out of center. The camshaft locking tool can only be inserted one way (when the slot is fully horizontal in the upper position). Once the crankshaft and both camshafts are timed correctly the timing belt can be installed conform the instructions. Note that to tighten the camshaft pully's a camshaft pully holding tool is required.
  14. Your car has 278 mm discs at the front and 271 mm discs at the rear.
  15. Since the Ford B6 gearbox that your car has was also used on the 1.0 ECOboost (125 HP and 140 HP) and 1.5/1.6 ECOboost (150 HP and 182 HP) it is perfectly possible that you have installed a B6 gearbox from a petrol version. Apart from this there is also difference in gear ratio's between the 1.6 TDCI ECOnetic engines and the regular 1.6 TDCI engines.
  16. If the car has Cruise Control the Cruise Control will be switched off once the PCM detects a non matching speed/RPM ratio. Getting rid of the shift indicator is pretty easy. Just disable it inside the CCC (Central Car Configuration) using a suitable diagnostic system.
  17. This indicates that the actual speed/RPM ratio does no longer match the ratio that is programmed into the PCM software. This can be caused by a slipping clutch but because the gearbox is recently replacement it is highly likely that the replacement gearbox has an incorrect gear ratio or final drive ratio. Since the programmed gear ratio's are deeply embedded into the PCM software this can either be solved by custom written PCM software or by replacing the gearbox for the correct one.
  18. Since on a keyless vehicle the PATS immobilizer functionality is controlled by the KVM module the system needs to be programmed correctly. The transponder keys (keyfobs) need to be programmed into the KVM (which is already the case if the keyfobs and KVM came from the same donor vehicle). Apart from this the KVM needs to be paired/synchronised with the PCM. This procedure is called PATS initialization in the Ford diagnostic systems. If the PCM is still paired with the instrument cluster and not with the KVM module the engine will never start.
  19. If you are willing to accept a decrease in comfort the B6 dampers will be a good choice. The B4 dampers are however also already an upgrade to the original dampers. The benefit of the B4 dampers is that these will maintain comfort. Apart from this I really like the fact that the B4 dampers are black instead of yellow (I used to paint the B8 dampers black on my previous cars).
  20. In June 2012 Ford superseded the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol connectivity system by the SYNC 1.0 connectivity system. Which of these connectivity systems does the car have? Does the Bluetooth functionality still work? Does the Voicecontrol functionality still work? Does the AUX input still work? Next to the USB functionality all of the other functions mentioned above are controlled by the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol or APIM (SYNC) module. If only the USB functionality is not working the problem will most likely be the USB drive (especially on the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system not all USB drives are supported. If reformatting the drive does not work it is recommended to try another FAT32 formatted USB drive. If several of the functions mentioned above are not working it is most likely a hardware problem.
  21. Did you also reconfigure/reprogram the PATS immobilizer system? On the Focus MK2/C-Max MK1 with conventional ignition key the PATS immobilizer system is controlled by the instrument cluster On the Focus MK2/C-Max MK1 with keyless start the PATS immobilizer system is controlled by the KVM module. If the PATS immobilizer system is not configured/reprogrammed correctly the car will not start.
  22. From a technical point of view the Bilstein B6 dampers can be combined with the standard suspension. Both the B4 and the B6 are designed as a replacement of the original dampers. However the sporty dampening characteristic of the Bilstein B6 dampers does not really match the standard suspension which was designed for comfort. If bad roads are your concern you should be well aware that the B6 dampers will make the suspension a bit less comfortable.
  23. Eibach specifies 25 mm for these springs but my experience is that it will be 35 mm in real life.
  24. The sticky substance that slowly leaks down windscreen is the silicone gel that is used to install the light/rain sensor during assembly of the car. There is a gelpad between the windscreen and the sensors. During assembly a generous amount of thick silicone gel is used to prevent air bubbles between the windscreen/gelpad/sensor (air bubbles will affect the performance of the sensor). As a result of heat the gel becomes more liquid and slowly leaks through the window console down the windscreen. This is a well known "problem" on relatively new vehicles and on vehicles which had the windscreen replaced. Despite being rare it is also possible that the gelpad itself is leaking.
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