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  1. There has been a 110 HP Ethanol version of the 1.6 Sigma engine. This engine however was only available in South America.
  2. Yes it will matter. For your 1.6 Duratec engine the spark plug gap needs to be set to 1.2 mm.
  3. In my opinion the only reason why Ford switched to a timing chain on the 2nd generation 1.0 ECOboost is cost reduction. A wetbelt + tensioner is approximately 33% more expensive than a chain + guides and tensioners. The 2nd generation of the 1.0 ECOboost may have a timing chain but it also still has a wetbelt between the crankshaft and the oil pump (and balance shaft on automatic transmissions). Since this is the wetbelt that usually disintegrates I do not expect much improvement in reliability. On the other hand the days that a timing chain was well overdimensioned / overengineered are long gone. To reduce friction and meet emission standards glorified bicycle chains are used. Many manufacturers struggle with the reliability of these chains. Chain stretch and wear is quite common.
  4. Ford prescribes to adjust the spark plug gap of the 1.6 ECOboost to 0.8 mm. The following spark plug gaps are prescribed by Ford for the Focus MK3/MK3.5: 1.6 Duratec TI-VCT = 1,20 mm (0,7-0,8 mm for LPG versions). 1.0 ECOboost = 0,7 mm. 1.5 ECOboost = 0,8 mm. 1.6 ECOboost = 0,8 mm. 2.0 Duratec HE TI-VCT = 0,9 mm. 2.0 ECOboost ST = 0,8 mm. 2.3 ECOboost RS = 0,75 mm
  5. Tyre sizes are described as follows: for example: 255/35/19 255 = Tyre width in mm. 35 = Sidewall height in percentage of the tyre width. 19 = Rim size A 18 inch wheel with tyre size 225/40/18 has a total diameter of 547.2 mm. A 19 inch wheel with tyre size 255/35/19 has a total diameter of 571.9 mm. The 19 Inch wheel is 24,7 mm bigger which will. With these 19 Inch wheels and tyres the ride height will be 12.35 mm higher than with the original 18 Inch wheels and tyres. The combination of the low offset (ET45), wide wheels (8.5 Inch) and increased diameter will definetely result in rubbing.
  6. On a Focus MK2/MK2.5: 8.5J is no problem. ET 45 is no problem. 19 Inch wheels is no problem. Tyre size 255/35/19 however is a big problem. These are way too big in diameter/circumference. Tyres of this size are usually installed on an SUV (like for example a Kuga) and not on a Focus. Remember that the "normal" Focus MK2/MK2.5 was never available with factory fitted 19 Inch wheels. The only Focus MK2/MK2.5 that was factory fitted with 19 Inch wheels was the MK2.5 RS. The RS did have tyre size 235/35/19 on a 8J wheel. On a "normal" Focus MK2/MK2.5 tyre size 225/35/18 is often used. 225 mm wide tyres however are too skinny for a 8.5J wide wheel.
  7. The 1.4 and 1.6 Duratec Petrol engines (including the TI VCT) has solid valve tappets without shims, The valve clearance needs to be adjusted by changing the complete valve tappets. (which are available in about 50 different sizes). The valve clearance needs to be checked (and adjusted if needed) at the same interval as the timing belt. To change the valve tappets it is necessary to remove the timing belt and camshafts.
  8. You must be very lucky. Ford drastically reduced the availability of the MK2/MK2.5 dasboard storage compartment about 10 Years ago. Ford stopped selling spare lids of the storage compartment and reduced the available colors to only one color (the black MK2.5 version which currently costs approximately €250,-). Even a used one in good condition will easily sell for over €100,-.
  9. That is the position of the temperature sensor assembly for the electronic climate control system. The sensor assembly has an integrated fan that pulls air from the cabin through the grid of the dasboard panel onto the temperature sensor. Definitely nothing to do with ambient lighting.
  10. These are not available as a spare part from Ford. You either have to replace the complete armrest or find an aftermarket alternative. I suggest to try to find these on a scrapyard.
  11. The MK2.5 and MK3/MK3.5 are actually not the same. Despite sharing a lot of parts (like for example the mirror glass, mirror cover, indicator and part of the electrics) the mirror base is completely different. A MK3/MK3.5 mirror will not fit on a MK2.5 (and vice versa).
  12. The correct procedure prescribed by Ford to fill the oil on the B6 gearbox is as follows: 1: Make sure that the car is placed on a flat, level surface. 2: Fill the gearbox with oil until the level is flush with the filler plug (and oil starts dripping out). 3: Drain 0,5 Liter of oil from the gearbox (for example with a large syringe and a piece of hose). After performing this procedure the gearbox should be filled with 1,67 Liter of oil.
  13. Disabling the BMS also requires a different battery. When the BMS is disabled the PCM is programmed for the charging characteristics of a Silver/Calcium battery and not for the EFB battery that is used on a Ford with BMS.
  14. The steering wheel control has nothing to do with CANbus. The SWC is just a 2-wire resistance circuit (each button has a different resistance). I suspect that the SWC wires are not connected to the audio system (which is quite common on Chinese aftermarket Android systems).
  15. Can be both but I expect that this problem will be caused by a loose or broken shifter cable. You should check the shifter cables first. There are 2 shifter cables. check that both cables are still attached at both ends and are not broken. Also check the adjustment mechanism at the gearbox end.
  16. MK2/MK2.5 versions without ABS have a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). MK2/MK2.5 versions with ABS do no longer have a VSS and use the ABS sensors to calculate speed. To be honest in western Europe a Focus MK2/MK2.5 without ABS is extremely rare because ABS was a standard safety feature in most European countries. The only MK2 I have ever seen without ABS was an imported vehicle from Poland.
  17. This is a well known issue on vehicles with the Ford/Getrag B6 gearbox. Was this car affected by the 18S07 recall ? 18S07 - CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE CRACKS This recall was introduced for safety reasons. Parts of the cracked pressure plate can damage the gearbox housing which causes an oil leak. The oil can be ignited by the hot exhaust and set the vehicle on fire. The recall consists of installing torque limiting software on vehicles with start/stop and clutch replacement on vehicles without start/stop. If the recall is still open or performed in the past there is a chance that a warranty repair is applicable. I recommend to have this investigated at a Ford dealer before paying for the repair yourself.
  18. These are the wiring differences between the 1st and the 2nd generation Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system.
  19. Only the 1.0 ECOboost engine has wetbelts. All other ECOboost engines have a conventional dry timing belt (1.5 and 1.6 ECOboost) or a timing chain (2.0 ECOboost). The replacement interval of the wetbelts (the 1.0 ECOboost has a wetbelt between the crankshaft and the camshafts and another one between the crankshaft and the oil pump) has always been 10 Years or 150.000 Miles / 240.000 KM. When the 1.0 ECOboost was introduced in 2012 Ford stated that the wetbelt was fitted for life. This however means the economic life expectancy of the engine which is something different than the technical life expectancy. In my opinion a correctly serviced 1st generation 1.0 ECOboost is perfectly reliable and on a car with this type of engine the wetbelts should easily last 10 Years or 150.000 Miles / 240.000 KM. Examples without a full service history should either be avoided or the wetbels should be replaced as a preventive measure. Most cooling system problems on the 1.0 ECOboost can easily be prevented by preventive maintenance. On a MK3 the cooling system hoses can easily be converted to MK3.5 hoses which completely solves the degas hose issue (parts will cost approximately €60,-). Cracked coolant reservoirs can easily be prevented by replacing the reservoir and reservoir cap every 3 Years (parts will cost approximately €30,-). I part exchanged my 2013 Focus MK3 1.0 ECOboost 2 Weeks ago. The car was fully serviced by myself conform Ford specifications. Only the prescribed Castrol 5W20 WSS-M2C948-B engine oil has been used. A few Months ago I took an oil sample and had it analyzed. The analysis showed no indications of wetbelt wear or any other wear.
  20. I part exchanged my low mileage 2013 Focus 1.0 ECOboost 2 weeks ago. During 7.5 Years of ownership the car was trouble free. It only required regular services and some preventive maintenance. Being a former mechanic the car was fully serviced by me. The car is however almost 9 Years old and the wetbelt change would be due next Year. Even if I would perform this job myself the costs for all required parts and special tools (including the torque converter) would still be high. Where I live (In the Netherlands) the Focus MK3 still has great value. Prices are high at the moment.. Because of the oncoming maintenance costs and the current value of the car it was the right time to sell it. After I received a good offer I bought a 2018 Kuga Vignale with a 4-cylinder 1.5 ECOboost engine.
  21. That is completely possible. To achieve this you have to do the following: * Replace the audio system (for a GEN 3 Sony audio system or a Travelpiot FX/NX satnav system). * Replace the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module (for a 8M5T-19C112-A* or CS7T-14D212-** module). * Partly rewire the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module wiring (from 1st generation to 2nd generation system).
  22. Not possible on a Focus MK3/MK3.5. The maximum State of Charge is not configurable on this type of vehicle.
  23. The complete cooling system contains approximately 8 to 9 Litres of coolant. However approximately 50% of the coolant remains in the heater matrix and hoses when draining the cooling system. Another point of concern is that this cooling system requires vacuum filling to prevent air in the cooling system.
  24. In many countries Ford sold a 134 HP version of the Fiesta MK7 with 1.6 TI-VCT engine. Since both the 125 HP and 134 HP versions are technically identical the 125 HP version can easily be upgraded to 134 HP using the original software.
  25. Your 1.6 Duratec Petrol engine (and also the 1.4 Duratec Petrol engine) has a mechanical engine driven power steering system. All other Petrol and Diesel engine types have the EHPAS (Electro Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering) system. Steering racks are not interchangeable between these differten systems.
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