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  1. Lets say with access to a VCM, is it a simple process?
  2. Is it difficult to have the mapping for these done? The required parts are available from Ford dealers? Ford South Africa have demonstrated their uselessness to me saying this is not available yet their showroom model and brochures offer this If necessary Id import the parts to bypass their uselessness and do the work myself
  3. Reversing Gear Problems

    Does the reverse gear feel difficult to slide in sometimes? Ive known that Ford have had such trouble with reverse since the 70's (at least in my family who owned Fords) My fezz does something similar. Ive been told to do this when its stiff. Select 1st gear then 2nd gear then reverse (should go in smoother). If still not happy I dont think it would hurt to have it checked out
  4. Squeal From Wheels After Braking?

    To me it sounds like a stuck/over-extended caliper. Happened to me on my Telstar on the rear wheel. Caused a squeel/grating noise at low speeds and caused vehicle to slow when not giving petrol. Also rim became too hot too touch. In my case it was my pads were too low and braking and handbraking was over-extending the caliper and it wouldnt release.
  5. Hi to all Reaching out from the South of this World; namely South Africa to the Ford enthusiasts of this forum I drive a Ford Fiesta Titanium 5-door MK7. This is my third car and 3/3 is Ford: 1. 1984 Ford Escort 1600 Sport (2006 - 2007) 2. 1994 Ford Telstar 2.5L Ghia DOHC (2007 - 2012) 3. 2009 Fiesta Titanium 1600 (2012 - ) Pics of my fiesta in my gallery
  6. My Car

    The name says it all
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Kaiwen22 :)