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  1. Fiesta 03 lumpy acceleration

    thanks ill have a check anything obvious i should look at
  2. Fiesta 03 lumpy acceleration

    I have a 03 Fiesta. When I accelerate hard it really does judder sort of really lumpy. It's fine if I accelerate slow but does not like anything fast very juddery. It's a 1.4 petrol any ideas. Thanks
  3. Strange noise advice please

    yeah looking at it it aint coming out of the hole. I have managed to make it stop making the god awful noise by being persuasive with a screwdriver. If knocked hard it comes back. Next option is pull the plug to the motor to stop it. After that ill just get a new light or strip down. Thanks for your help
  4. Strange noise advice please

    what vehicle is this for as i can't see any wiring plug for the motor
  5. Strange noise advice please

  6. Strange noise advice please

    I did a video showing its placement.
  7. Strange noise advice please

    Taken it out. Do I need to remove a screw or anything to get the motor out just can't get in to get it out
  8. Strange noise advice please

    I'm right in thinking this is the motor how do I turn that. See picture linked
  9. Strange noise advice please

    i can see it but bugger knows how to get it out. Do i need to take the light apart?
  10. Strange noise advice please

    Any idea on where i can find a guide to remove these or where the actual things are
  11. Strange noise advice please

    Any idea on where i can find a guide to remove these or where the actual things are
  12. Strange noise advice please

    Definitely thanks a lot
  13. Strange noise advice please

    thank god it wasn't something major lol
  14. Strange noise advice please

    Winner that man. Thanks When i turn the nob i can here the left one moving but the right one keeps making that noise. Guessing the right one is buggered then as it does not react. Are these part of the lights or can i replace the motor?
  15. Strange noise advice please

    Apologies it's my other car that is the ST. Bit more detail it only makes the sound when the light is on it is coming from the light. If the engine is on or off and the lights are off no noise. As soon as I turn them on regardless of engine state it starts making the noise can a light make a noise ?