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  1. Hello guys, i am asking for some advice on what should i modify on my Escort MK 6 to make it rally ready, i am trying to conquer in historic rally. The car specs are these at the moment: -Escort MK 6 -1.6 16V -90 BHP I spoke with a couple of mechanics and they gave me some good ideas on what to change but i was wondering, and this is just an idea of mine, not sure if it is possible at all, but worth asking a question. well the question is if i can modify my escort and make it from front wheel drive to 4X4. so i can get better handling and better times. If it is possible i would like to get some information as to how.
  2. A friend of mine has a Ford Kuga, brand new, and he wants to know if it's possible to make the car fold it's mirrors when he presses the lock key two times( Like I have on one of my cars, being Mitsubishi Pajero from 2007).
  3. Ford Escort 1.6 16V Ghia From 1999 Temperature Problems

    Thank you for your advice. About the coolant, the mechanic said he changed it. Well the symptoms changed, now the temp gauge stays in the middle at the R but from time to time it drops to under the white patch and goes back up to the middle. This whole thing takes about 30~60 seconds or so. PS: Thankfully it doesn't go any hotter than M.
  4. I have been having a temperature problem on my ford escort 1.6 16v zetec engine. Yesterday i hit a speedbump with usual speed and a hose that goes from the water pump to the radiator got torn near the radiator. As soon as this happened i saw the steam comming from under the hood (but the temp gauge was still in the middle as normal)and stopped the car. After shutting off the engine the car started leaking cooling fluid from where the hose broke, but not before i turned off the engine. Well, the next day i went to a mecanic where he replaced the part and said i was good to go. Well i came home with it but i satrted having problems with the temp gauge. The needle goes from the R to the L and back. And the odd thing is that the temperature only rises to L when i'm not moving with the car(engine still running). Mecanic said it was ok but i'd really like a second opinion. Can someone please give me an ideea as to what could be the problem.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Colector606 :)