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  1. Road Trip - Fiesta Meet Anyone?

    I would love to do this, sounds like a great idea and great fun. But any chance it could be a bit more southeast? :) I am south of London and to get too Nottingham it is over 150 miles. That is a long way to take a few pictures :)
  2. Road Trip - Fiesta Meet Anyone?

    I'm In, I am South of London, so not too far :)
  3. Fiesta MK7

    Unfortunatly I didn't, Is there any possible way to get any upgrades like that? I really wish I had of gotten that, the automatic folding mirrors, and the automatic headlights/windscreen wipers. I am not getting my hopes up because I am pretty sure it is too late, but if anyone knows shout. Anyways thanks for the clarification on the USB thing Nipz!
  4. Fiesta MK7

    Hey All, I bought my MK7 back in December, and I know everywhere I have seen you are able to change songs on your ipod with the buttons on the dash or on the wheel, but I am not able to do so. Is there like possibly a software update or something you can get? Thanks Either way, great car wouldn't give it up for anything, except maybe the Titanium :) Brandon
  5. New Fiesta

    Hehe, Thanks. I know everyone is getting the Dark colours, or even the green. I figured someone had to get the TANGO!!!!!
  6. New Fiesta

    Hello everyone, I have just recently registered to the forums. The Reason for this is my new Fiesta :). I have had it just under a week now and I just wanna drive it around the world. It is so comfortable to drive, it looks SOOOOOO good, and the interior is so..... ummmmm.... I don't know but I love it!!!!! It is just a normal Zetec, but I very happy with it as I was originally going to get a Style, than really wanted the heated windscreen so decided on the Style Plus, but was like '£500 for all that stuff you get on the Zetec, YA!!!' So that was where I stopped. Anyways the only addon I got with it was the Bluetooth and Voice Control. Don't Hesitate to post pics of yours and specs!