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  1. Central Looking Problem

    Heavy Rain last nite and the !Removed! locks had a hiss fit today So sprayed every gap i could find with WD40 but now looking down the new unit route What are the prices for a new unit ? Is it a ford job or can anyone do it Do do i remove the door panel mk2 Focus Thanks
  2. Central Looking Problem

    Sorry gonna sound a really silly question again but anywhere i can find a gap??? Down the rubber seal or the actually lockin latch ??
  3. Central Looking Problem

    When you say plenty of wd40 where do i actually spray it ??? Is a new unit cost lot ?? Rubber seal i assume ford sell this ??? Sorry for all the questions
  4. Battery is a Varta d59 and i cant see if its the correct one ??
  5. P1632 Smart Alternator Faults Sensor/Circuit Malfunction p0037 heated oxygen sensor heater control circuit low
  6. Ok Light came on again and codes are the following P1632 Smart Alternator Faults Sensor/Circuit Malfunction and now this one p0037 heated oxygen sensor heater control circuit low so the thermostat one went out and now shows the above one Car has now being left with the garage and they have run out of idea's and have said they will take it to a ford dealer Good or bad ??
  7. Central Looking Problem

    So what the fix ??
  8. Central Looking Problem

    Oh and more info I dont have a Auto lock after 10mph thingy on my car. Its a 2005 model which i dont think has this
  9. Central Looking Problem

    One issue fixed now want to try and get another fixed All doors lock with the Key fob All doors lock with the turn of the key All doors unlock with the key fob All doors unlock with the turn of the Key Now this doesn't happening all the time and when it does it may only happen once or could happen 5 or 6 times Open the car with the key fob as normal get in start as normal start to drive off and i will hear a noise as if the car is trying to unlock. Like i have a sticky latch Will maybe make this noise once or like this morning 5 times Ive Lubed up the latches with Graphic Lube changed the batteries in both key fobs Any ideas anyone Wire issue maybe?? Lock latch on its way out ??? Thanks for your help :)
  10. I will check the battery again and get all the details off it and see
  11. Like i said i had the alternator replaced 9 or so weeks ago and i can only assume it has the correct battery i will take a look What do you mean by CEL for evermore ??
  12. Yeah ive looked on Google myself. Seems another one of fords bright idea's that when it goes wrong it can cause more issues then normal So a broken thermostat wire could cause this type of issue and now they have fixed it it should be happening again
  13. But your saying that it could be the case and a broken wire at the themostat could cause the issue. i hope so as i love the car
  14. Hi Guys Thanks for your reply's I gave the car to the garage with the EML light on they read the code and it came back with the Smart charge fault and a Thermostat sensor fault The garage i always take my car to did all the tests and found a Broken wire near the Thermostat ?????? check all the smart charge and they said it was all ok They repaired the wire and the light went off Im hoping this is the issue and is now resolved Yes this issue has only came to light after i had a new Alternator fitted but that was fitted about 9 weeks ago and this issue has just appeared. All i was getting was the EML light no battery light which makes me think the battery and Alternator are working as they should and its a wire lssue
  15. Keep getting this error "P1632 Smart Alternator Faults Sensor/Circuit Malfunction" Had a new Alternator fitted new battery and now this Has anyone had it before I think it could have something to do with the Smart Charge Wiring ??