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  1. Sync 3 for sale interested: PM or Thierry.walterus@telenet.be
  2. You need UCDS prgram to upload it, files are custom made. PM me or mail :Thierry.walterus@telenet.be
  3. Take a look on facebook page : Ford upgrades
  4. You can activate some options by forscan, but to get speed in the middle etc, you need to flash other firmware. To get the pointers etc, you need a modified file. I don't know if it is possible with Forscan, but it sure can be done by UCDS
  5. For sale.... Thierry.walterus@telenet.be
  6. These are examples of how it is. Color is various, it's even possible with your very own car
  7. Who has "DRIVER'S ALERT" in the menu of driver assistance? The 'extended' version, where the coffee cup changes color as the warning becomes more urgent? I would also like to activate this function, but then I need the IPC (?) AS-BUILT data (Forscan). Who can and wants to give it? Thanks in advance
  8. I'm struggling with a dilemma: Disable Battery Monitoring, or not? My previous battery died early (2 years): reason was a capacitance problem. Because of the relatively short distances we drove the battery probably never got fully charged. At the dealer I have a capacity measurement done after a charging cycle (with professional charger) and this gave barely 40%. Advised to place a new battery. The new EFB battery (no AGM!) Keeps it good until now. But I have my reservations about the BMS. According to Dan, here on the forum, the generator / dynamo always loads at full capacity when it is switched off. Given the distances we do, a good thing probably, but if we do longer distances, does that cause any problems? Perhaps danger of over-loading? In the past, the alternator was equipped with a 'regulator', so that there was never any danger of over-loading. Do the alternators now used with the BMS also have such a regulator? The reason I am asking this is that disabling the BMS indirectly provides an advantage for me in any way: the Start-Stop system does not work and I want to keep it that way. You can also just 'switch off' with the switch, but I just hate that, pushing that button at every start.
  9. I've bought me an ELM327 & installed Forscan on the laptop. Seems to be that you need a license (standard/extended) to use forscan. How & where can I buy a license?
  10. The injectors of a 150 hp and 180 hp tdci are the same, we know. But are they the same in the 210 hp? Can someone check that? I have the following here: 28388960, 0114EK31F42,9674984080, T6YXLZAHJN0 and YG7RBSYYX. These are the number series on a 180 hp and the 1st and 3rd series are also on an injector of a 150 hp. What do the grade / letter series want to say? Does anyone know that by chance?
  11. The mondeo has had a re-map : 225hp/485Nm...Time for a testdrive...made a long drive on hilly and also flat highway. First 'normal' driving and then just accelerated. I must say that the throttle response is accurate and direct. Just played along with the 'big' guys (Audi Q7, mercedes .... audi quattro) and then really tested ... accelerator and drive. Acceleration is amazing, enough power present. Top speed = 150 mph I am a very happy guy
  12. indeed, be sure of the fact that your battery is (very) weak I've had it, new batt and all well
  13. from 192 hp ( Original 150 hp ) and 425 Nm ( Original 370 nm ) to 225 hp and 485 nm ..
  14. from 192 hp ( Original 150 hp ) and 425 Nm ( Original 370 nm ) to 225 hp and 485 nm ..
  15. ACS activationWho would like to give me the UCDS activation codes / rules of the different modules on 'PRINT SCREEN'?thank you in advance
  16. https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/For-Ford-Mondeo-2015-High-configuration-Car-wifi-DVR-Car-Driving-Recorder-Hidden-installation-front-camera/32756712306.html?spm=a2g0z.search0301.3.29.IECbHg&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_0_10152_10151_10557_10539_10594_10596_10177_10595_10059_10312_10314_10534_10313_10533_10084_100031_10083_10107_10304_10307_10604_10603_10341_10065_10142_10340_10068_10343_10541_10342_10562_10345_10103_10344_10302,searchweb201603_0,ppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=d712d48c-d177-4a0d-b429-8f3c2b3961d9&algo_expid=d712d48c-d177-4a0d-b429-8f3c2b3961d9-4
  17. Where & what is the difference between the 150/180 bhp TDCi and the 150/180 bhp Econetic TDCI ?
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