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  1. Damn You Ford Owners Club....

    just noticed your location is the orkney !!!!! think your car will be safe there lol
  2. Damn You Ford Owners Club....

    you can get your key at any timpsons store. a plain key costs around £40 . dont know if inverness has a store but stirling has one if your going south!! the only thing is timpsons only clone the key i.e coppy security code from your other key. so if someone has your lost key they can still steal your car. i got a locksmith in stirling to cut a key (plain) and he re-coded my old key and new key and deleted all the old codes for £40 he is mobile so you could phone him and meet up with him if your in the stirling area ( google keyman stirling )
  3. Remote Locking / Alarm 57 Plate Zetec

    timpsons (shoe shop) also do them. think it was £100 for remote one and £40 for plain one but they only clone the code from your other key i.e both keys will have same code. i prefered the locksmith to do mines as he re-coded both keys and deleted old codes from car just incase someone else had the spare key and tried to steal car.
  4. Remote Locking / Alarm 57 Plate Zetec

    i was quoted £120 for a single key (not remote) from ford dealer.. got one from a local locksmith for £45. locksmith quoted me £80 for the remote one.
  5. What Has Happened To My Wiper?!

    maybe they put the wrong one on when they took it off!!! lost yours and its lying about garage somewhere. just noticed it was a ford garage aswell. definitly take it back and ask to speak to the service manager!!! also point out deep scratches to him around inside door. threaten to speeak to ford customer services a trading standards if they dont budge!!!
  6. What Has Happened To My Wiper?!

    sounds like a dodgy garage to me. i'd take it back and complain. looks to me like overspray on it? took off another car maybe?
  7. Is The Clutch On Its Way Out?!?

    have a look here for prices http://www.ford.co.u...r/Fixed-Pricing ford now do fixed pricing for some of their repairs!! says £449 for clutch rapair
  8. Car Servicing

    ford are doing a fixed price service for £99 (inc oil, oil filter and air filter) and you also get 1 year breakdown cover thown in!!!!
  9. Weird Springy Noise Once Started

    i might be way off here but does the sound come when you start driving along the road and reach say around 15mph? if it so, it is the abs system doing a check!! this is normal
  10. M.o.t

    lol dont know whats worse!! going to the dentist or taking car for an mot?? took my 58 plate for its mot a few days ago. passed but got an advisory on one of the front tyres being near limit
  11. Stolen Keys

    heres the website http://thekeyman-stirling.co.uk/vehicles#
  12. Stolen Keys

    google keyman stirling. give him a phone. might be able to give you some advice over phone and its only about 20 miles from you so he might travel out to you. he replaced a key on my car for peanuts (non remote). also keeps remote ones in his van.
  13. Auto Headlamps

    could this be the get home light??? i.e when you park up and remove key,pull the healight stalk towards you and your headlights come on. after 2-3 mins your headlights automaticly turn off. mines is also listed as having auto lights on the ford site
  14. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    HIi'm thinking of doing this around the silver/grey trim around the gearstick handbrake part of the centre console. does this bit of trim come off? mines is the mk2.5 focus as in the above pic
  15. 2009 Focus Zetec S

    my focus zetec has an aux plug for a 3.5mm jack plug in the glovebox. car is a 58 plate.