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  1. mrmetallica

    Power mirrors

    im in edmonton if you want to pop over i can do it for you let me know
  2. mrmetallica

    head lights

  3. mrmetallica

    head lights

    you are right im talking about the ones with the chrome bits where as others are black but good point didnt think about the chrome for the bulbs. thats muy problem i get carried away and dont thin things over oh well the reason is ive got the black inners but got something on the plastic so used the fine sand paper to try and get rid as it wouldnt wash off but now ive got head lights that are looking rubish i need to finish them.ive got chrome ones in loft so ill have to swap over while i sort black ones out cheers all i wonder how long heat applied heat ?
  4. mrmetallica

    head lights

    just had a thought. i have some head lights that are chrome inside is there any thing that i could put in the head light that would make the chrome come off and just leave the black with out damaging the lights
  5. mrmetallica

    Reverse camera help!

    buy another camera
  6. mrmetallica

    Spare key not working

    get forscan and an elm cable and pair the key
  7. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    well this is the new one i bought and its a newer box then my old one so dont under stand why it wont work
  8. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    heres my fuse box numbers
  9. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    i didnt mean to put part number no. i did put fuses in the empty spaces that are on the fuse box but didnt make any diference .on my box there isnt any metal to hold the fuse on a couple of the spaces. there is a fuse box on ebay same number as mine but in the picture there are fuses missing so not sure if i could get fuse in the space
  10. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    right ive given up for now put old box back in managed to programe 4 fobs so that will do for now and ill look for another box. thanks every one for help and info realy apreciate it . does any one know if this would be same fuse box as mine it has same number as mine but some fuses are missing not sure if they could take fuses. if the number matches is that all i need to make sure of
  11. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    i better start chasing it then lol its funny it has more pins then min and more fuse spaces where on mine the fuse bay is empty on new one it got fuse holders
  12. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    it has pins that the originall one doesnt and the numbers are the same just originall ends de new one ends jf
  13. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    right just put the old box back in and i programed 2 fobs ok. how many can you have programed into the car ? i seem to only be able to get 2 to programe at a time no more
  14. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    i copied everything like you said the three like you said might put the old box in and do it again just to be sure
  15. mrmetallica

    key fob programing urgent

    this is already ticked in elm