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  1. thanks for the pics. im not great at getting things acurate like cutting plastic etc will have a look at it more
  2. i want to install a scangauge into a focus st pod.does any one have a template i you can email me for cutting out the buttons out ect ? im not great at getting thing acurate like it would need ive ordered the plastic to mount it on . or a how to would be good.
  3. i love these new clocks so much better
  4. this is before i changed to white and blue needles
  5. thank you i changed the needles to blue ones as well .
  6. right clocks are in just had to pair the ecus or what ever it was.only thing is the clocks have double the mileage to my original clocks but hopefuly i will get that put right. thank you jw for your help
  7. cheers jw didnt know about keyless part so i nearly got there .will have a go again tomorrow i was having so many problems get the focom obd to work .
  8. thanks for the reply so should work in my car then ?
  9. does any body on have acces to be able to check part numbers ? would like to know if the clocks i bought are suitable for my focus 09 i sat programing them in the car turned over but wouldnt start ? ill post pics hopefully the numbers are clear enough if not let me know ill put them up. please if you can let me know
  10. if you choose double and not single tried it not enough spaces
  11. as far i can see you have to put an outcode to get a incode
  12. can any one help me with incode out code. it displays outcode on screen wich is longer the what can be put in the space then come up with message as in the picture. I CAN ONLY TYPE IN UPTO THE 9 . i done it a long while ago with no problem but not sure if im doing something wrong
  13. got mine from