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  1. mrmetallica

    android head unit

    cheers every body for replies. i do have the bluetoth module
  2. mrmetallica

    android head unit

    i read some where that you had to unplug some thing under passenger side when installing new head unit i cant find it any where can some one remind me what needs unpluging or batterie goes flat please
  3. mrmetallica

    Sticking brakes help please

    i had a sticking brake on a escort it was the brake hose that was the problem
  4. mrmetallica

    dash cam problems

    spelt right or wrong it still comes up with the wrong camera just done a google of aldi dash cams and found it. i think its a maxtek g1w
  5. mrmetallica

    dash cam problems

    i just googled it but the camera that came up wasnt the one i have ?
  6. mrmetallica

    dash cam problems

    its a upintec xooolpro7d its a full hd one. im fed up with buying cameras and they go wrong
  7. mrmetallica

    dash cam problems

    yeah because it got the first part of me behind him then i didnt recor after that and the it recorded him over taking dangerously and pulling in front of me. the second part it didnt record he had stoped at lights and got out of his car. it wouldnt be because i was stationary would it ?
  8. mrmetallica

    dash cam problems

    i had an incident earlier today i was sitting behind a car it was one of the 2 lane road but at the lights there is a right turn so i was in the right side behind 2 cars the very front car was turning right and the one in front was going straight on as was i.well the car turning right couldnt turn for a while but did after a while then the car in front went so did i.along the road the car starts breaking and being an idiot he stops gets out comes over to my car ranting that i was up his ***** driving like an idiot the dash cam clearly shows i wasnt i drove off and furter up the road he came flying down the midle on the shevrons jumps in font of my car jams his breaks on and gets out again the funny part is the car i was behind stoped got out and started to have a n argument with him so i drove of .any way the point is when he got out and was ranting at me my dash cam didnt record it any ideas why ? i got me sitting behind him and the second time he stoped in front of me. i want to send it to the police and report him hes out of his head.
  9. mrmetallica

    Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

    scrub that read it wrong
  10. mrmetallica

    Focus mk2 handbrake

    just put a piece of wood to the back of it and hit it with the hamer and it will push off
  11. mrmetallica

    Focus mk2 handbrake

    i used a piece of wood and a hamer to get mine off
  12. mrmetallica

    Power mirrors

    im in edmonton if you want to pop over i can do it for you let me know
  13. mrmetallica

    head lights

  14. mrmetallica

    head lights

    you are right im talking about the ones with the chrome bits where as others are black but good point didnt think about the chrome for the bulbs. thats muy problem i get carried away and dont thin things over oh well the reason is ive got the black inners but got something on the plastic so used the fine sand paper to try and get rid as it wouldnt wash off but now ive got head lights that are looking rubish i need to finish them.ive got chrome ones in loft so ill have to swap over while i sort black ones out cheers all i wonder how long heat applied heat ?
  15. mrmetallica

    head lights

    just had a thought. i have some head lights that are chrome inside is there any thing that i could put in the head light that would make the chrome come off and just leave the black with out damaging the lights