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  1. the clutch works fine feels good cost me £850 i think it was they are a good garage been happy with them so far might have words
  2. its just a mk2 fl 1.6 it is 5 gear ive had the clutch done it started shortly after that they said they had replace the fluid maybe ill get them to check it steering maybe it was just where i was maybe hopefully
  3. ill have to try. it does it when driving then goes the steering has only happened once i could turn to th right but very stiff to the left that was stationary i thought the car had stalled. i cant understand how the pump can work one way and not the other ?
  4. been having problems now and again with 1st and 2nd gear ill be driving along when i want to changed to 2nd or 1st it wont go in its really hard to get with force it will go in i push it from 1st to 2nd and it frees up what is it any ideas ? also today was out was going to park up when i tried to turn the wheel left it was stiff i thought the engine had stalled but no turning right was easy as it should be left was hard ?
  5. once the screws are out it should just come forward
  6. as i have installed heated seats folding mirrors with pudle lights i was going to put an x on my titanium lol now i know
  7. titanium x id say mines titanium but came without heated seats so installed them my self
  8. normally nine months ohh vignale i read it wrong lol
  9. since changing from black plastic to the chrome or ali one its been sliding back and forth and not tight is there a way to make it tight again ?
  10. any chance of a pic might have to do this myself