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  1. driving home last night my head unit would not play any sound no radio no cd no usb had display on all usb cd radio just no sound. i got in car today and it is working again is it possible it could be car related or would it just be head unit dry joint or what ever ?
  2. going to get it done for £4oo ish brake fluid change and oil and filter change so happy with that
  3. been qouted £425 ish so close than
  4. how much would i be looking to pay for a cambelt chang + neccasary parts ? for a ford focus mk 2 fl im in london
  5. i had a screen go on my car a while ago all did was take the lcd screen out of one i bought onkine and put it in my cluster job done no programing or any thing like that
  6. my cars 11 years old and the rear shoes havnt been done . still passes the mot no problems.
  7. i go out in car today and the signal is back all over the place. i dont understand i neve had an issue with the originall head unit and dab. will install signall booster see how it goes
  8. have you tried turning them on with the switche see if the lights come on ?
  9. i noticed the dab connector was turning around when i connected the aerial to it so i tightened the connector on the dab un it up just put it all back together and the signal is really strong now after ordering a booster
  10. cant find it on there
  11. can you give me a link ?
  12. ok cheers look forward to the results do you have a link to one ?