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  1. mrmetallica

    Hardwired Dash cam, not turning off

    i used a power monitor thingy came out folowing day to a flat battery so took it off and wired to a switched live
  2. mrmetallica


    i guess its my fault for not checking the documents. ive had qoutes over £1000 or more these are the cheapest and yes london does make it expensive sadly
  3. mrmetallica


    just got my insurance renewal through £651.4 phoned up go throuh it with them and they have a body kit on the policy so i tell them i dont have a body kit so they take it of down to £550 . cant beleive £100 a year for the luxury of having a body kit wtf
  4. mrmetallica

    Timpson quote for duplicate key, I'm still laughing!!

    i bought a blank on ebay and bribed the bloke at timpson £20 to cut it for me. i found the ones on ebay a bit thick so had to file it done a bit and all was good
  5. mrmetallica

    Gear stick stuck in first gear.

    ive had trouble with mine now and again.sometimes it sticks then finally releases .
  6. mrmetallica

    Worn O/S front ball joint

    was told after mot my rear joint was iffy following year it was my rear suspension with oil misting had mot done else where this year no advisorys except side light had gone ? not going back to fords
  7. mrmetallica

    door lock

    you put new bits(dont know what they called) to replace the old ones .do a search on ebay. when i did my bonnet lock i bought a kit and it had loads of the brass things in the kit
  8. mrmetallica

    door lock

    you could rebuild the lock
  9. mrmetallica

    door lock

    have you tried oiling the lock how about remote locking
  10. mrmetallica

    Rear Fog Light move to left side

    ive added reverse light to the left side and added extra fog to the right. its just a mater of having the right fog light for the side and running wire from one side to the other as in splicing from original loom
  11. mrmetallica

    2009 focus titanium clicking sound

    ive got a petrol titanium and i hear a clicking in the engine bay when engine shut down not sure what cuases it
  12. mrmetallica

    Will I Keep My Mileage If I Replace Dashboard?

    when you get another set try just changing the glass bit the shows the info .when i had a problem like this its what i did and it worked ok
  13. mrmetallica

    android head unit

    cheers every body for replies. i do have the bluetoth module
  14. mrmetallica

    android head unit

    i read some where that you had to unplug some thing under passenger side when installing new head unit i cant find it any where can some one remind me what needs unpluging or batterie goes flat please