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  1. the yuasa on ebay says it doesnt fit ?
  2. can some one point me to a battery that fits that is good please
  3. i tried putting the code in it didnt work says not valid or out of date something like that.but on there site it says £80 but ebay £44.54 not sure whats on mine got it from bush batteries some years ago but they shut down thats the one ive ordered im hoping its right going there tomorrow to find out
  4. on euro cp its £80 on ebay £44 but ebay says doesnt fit be uero say it does ? well im 63 soon so wont be getting new car soon as i cant work due to ill health so it will have to do me
  5. i need a new battery for my ford focus 09 titanium fl. what is the best type to get ? ive looked on euro car parts site the one it comes up is half the price on flea bay on euro site it says for my car same one on ebay says it doesnt fit ? ive contacted them got message saying they will ask the right department but its been 3 days . just want to know what type of battery would be best to get ? this is the one on ebay Lion MF55457 075 Car Battery 3 Years Warranty 60Ah 500cca 12V Electrical will it be ok or is there better
  6. mrmetallica


    car passed mot today no advisorys. never going to fords again after being told advisory on rear ball joint and rear shocks seeping oil rip off merchants fords. im glad ive found a garage i can trust .
  7. that is what plugs into the item ive ordered a couple now just hope they work
  8. very frustrating did try them and rs components
  9. i need the fully metal ones as they bolt to the main board
  10. yeah thats what i think they call them but when i look it up it goes on about speaker connectors and they to small
  11. nope they are red and black and found on power supplys like used for cbs
  12. can any one enlighten me to what the connectors are called like on poer supplys that you can plug into or unscrew slightly and put wire in to a hole i think binding post but when i look all it goes on about is speaker connectors. need some for a power supply ive got
  13. ive got reverse camera but like to see out back window in the rear veiw mirror. there must be a later focus with the aero blade
  14. yeah thats the ones and i couldnt take mine off no way