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  1. mrmetallica

    Really sharp brakes

    i used to have an escort and the brakes arnt good on a escort then when i got my focus st god the brakes where so sharp it was hard the brake without locking up but ive got used to the brakes now so time is the thing
  2. mrmetallica

    New Storage Lid on Dashboard

    i had the same happen not sure if it was on here but you can get catches to glue into where the broken one is have a browse
  3. mrmetallica

    How to install rear license plate?

    you could use rivnuts. you drill a hole and insert the rivnut pull it tight and screw onto them
  4. mrmetallica

    what alloys

    my alloys are past there best and will take a lot to get to look better they are standard 17". im looking at getting new alloys so wanted your recomendations on some that would fit 17" or 18" links to some would be good. also what have you bought that look good cheers
  5. mrmetallica

    tyre Squeal

    right just got back from tyre place. apparently it was the rim of the tyre,the tyre wasnt seating roperly and leaking air so would explain the squealing causing the tyre to go flat . they cleaned all around the rim of wheel re balanced the wheel and new valve so all ok now £15
  6. mrmetallica

    tyre Squeal

    i dont spin the wheels like that im 61 so not my thing never has been to be honest .its just some times if i pull off slightly fast the drivers lets out a squeal i think the tyres made out of pig skin lol i did check valve core seamed ok maybe ill pop in and get it checked .i did a pressure test and an hour later was the same and that tyre looks awful never had one like that
  7. mrmetallica

    tyre Squeal

    right i went out jacked car up turned the wheel outwards so i could check it spun the wheel in a circle no nails or screws or anythng.i got a spray bottle with a strong mix of washing up liquid and turned the wheel while spraying done the beads and sides of tyre and the top and no bubbles .i know it not as good as a bath but couldnt be bothered taking it off as ive got arthritus and takes a lot for me to do .any way im baffled the pressure is still ok so will see how it goes will try not to squeel the tyre . also checked the valve seat and all
  8. mrmetallica

    tyre Squeal

    yeah a wheel should fit in a bath. i think my wifes hoing it wont lol
  9. mrmetallica

    tyre Squeal

    im thinking of putting it in the bath lol off the car mind
  10. mrmetallica

    tyre Squeal

    i never drive with it low i blow it up. it was low enough for me to have to blow it up. i just wondered if the air was gettng out when it squealed
  11. mrmetallica

    tyre Squeal

    ive had a couple of times that my tyre has gone down. i come out to the car to see the drivers front is down so i pump it up and carry on but in the back of my mind is if ive got a puncture. but over the next two weeks it stays up but today i was out and i pulled of a bit sharpish and the front wheel squealed and when i stop at a shop and the tyre is down low again. is it possible that the squaeling is allowing air to come out of the tyre some how ? its always drivrs that squeals
  12. its a case of switching of or go crazy
  13. ive suffered it for a lot of years how i ignore it i dont know
  14. i get that. its called tinitus lol very anoying
  15. mrmetallica

    Recaro leather seats

    ive done it . mines a titanium so found the switch connectors ehind the das and installed the wires from passenger footwell to seats jobs a good one but if switches not there nightmare time not really had issues with airbag light