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  1. i thought it was wrong size
  2. forgive me if im wrong but that looks like its the wrong one are your fuses micro ? that looks like it takes larger fuses ?
  3. and it cost more than a car wow
  4. is that a real one or lego ? i watch gold rush a bloke bought a big one for 1.5 million dollars
  5. that would be good in the yukon lol
  6. and ive just won this one for £40 happy days
  7. ive done the speedo with the iron so will see how it goes
  8. i can solder so not a problem
  9. it just said no codes all it came up on screen with is engine malfunction
  10. connected it but says no codes ? car run ok this morning .
  11. ive tried it both ways where can i download the drivers for it ?
  12. ive got a good one ive had fr ages thart has worked fvery well but some reason wont connect
  13. i cant seem to get the obd to connect to laptop ? what unit should i use with forscan is it elm ?
  14. ill try that but thought someone is bound to have had the same so could advise me
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