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  1. Heater control knobs for sale

    i have a set of 3 heater knobs for sale the up grade type as in picture will take £6 posted
  2. Modified elm327

  3. A handy tip for MK2.5 Screenwash Filling

    ive been using the same thing for the last 9 years since i bought one from tesco pound land have them too
  4. What are these wires for?

    heated seat wiring
  5. focus mkII fl fronts pads

    just wondering if any one on hear has 2 front pads from focus mk2 fl i could have for a project im trying to work on ? i will pay postage
  6. Microphone Cable & Jack

    ill be removing my dab head unit soon. so how do you disconnect the bluetooth/voice control module ?
  7. Anyone Retrofitted Power Fold Mirrors?

    i wonder what happened to the adapter ? had mine done ages ago well worth it.just realised it says you have it doh
  8. reversing camera

    ive got it now thank you
  9. reversing camera

    thank you.i finally found out on line some where after searching all day
  10. reversing camera

    so are you saying i have to connect a wire in between the 2 red wires to bridge them ?
  11. reversing camera

    whats that all about ?
  12. reversing camera

    ive just bought a reverse camera this one the instructions are not readable i understand the light wires go to the number plate light wires.i take it the red wire on the yellow connector goes to reverse light to switch the camera on ? there is a red wire on both yellow plugs each end do i jut use one for the reverse light ? could see pics on the how to.
  13. Pope escapes from prison in a Mk2 Focus!

    he washes it in holy water lol
  14. number plate light reverse camera

    i know i was trying to get away with spelling it wrong lol and it is xtrons ive got
  15. number plate light reverse camera

    xtrons is what i said lol so thats the one. they mention size but dont put the size cheers for the help