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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone could help or point me in the right direction. I am planning on getting a new spare key for a 2010 KA Zetec and wanted to know if someone has instructions for coding a new key. I did this before to a Focus i had, used old key(s) in a certain sequence then put in new key an hey presto all coded and working. I currently have 2 working keys but only 1 of them with the remote. I want to get a new remote key cut but suspect main dealer will charge a fortune to program, so want to perform this piece myself if possible. Any instructions out there on how to do this for the new KA ? Thanks for any help folks.
  2. Ka Mk2 Secret Menu ??

    Also looking for this for a 2010 KA Zetec. Other posts in the forum talk about the 'secret' menu for the older KA or Focus etc. and explain how to hold in the trip reset whilst starting the car, this then allows you to cycle through DTC codes etc. The new KA doesnt have a trip button on the dials, just the button on the stalk or menu button on dash. I have tried to follow the other directions but using the stalk button etc. but cannot get this menu to appear. Only interested in reading off the DTC (diagnostic codes) to see if any are stored on the car. Anyone managed to find it ?
  3. New Ka Accelerator Pedal

    Got a similar problem. Bought a 2010 KA Zetec for my daughter and whilst okay for me with a size 10, my daughter only has size 3 and finds she gets cramp in her foot. Spoke to Ford parts department and they dont have a new lower throttle pedal assy but thought there might be an aftermarket one that sits slightly lower. Has anyone taken the pedal assy off ? Is it possible to modify / lower by trimming any of the bracket etc.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums bart67 :)