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  1. Go to scrapyard and pocket a load. need flat screwdriver to prize out. At least if it breaks here you will know what NOT to do.
  2. Rear Headrests

    Any Scrapyard .. can also Practice removing/replacing things if unsure, without worry of breaking anything.
  3. had Same prob. Bought new Motor £18 at Halfords. Paid Helpful chap £10 at ats and 20 minutes later all working. Probably would have taken me few hours on roadside. Note: The motor controls both front and rear Hope this helps
  4. Mondeo 2.0 Zetec

    just an idea. have you checked all the cells of the battery are maintaining charge. Mine failed one and had to recharge every three days till i bought new one. starts first time now. This cold weather were having is not helping either.
  5. Instrument Lights

    Bought mondeo zetec just after xmas and had same prob. Figured it though. Hope this helps zetec = near steering column, below dash you will see a black plastic covering. This needs to be removed via 4 x screws. 2 x situated each side of steering column and 2 x hidden behind the leather/material covering on steering column. then just ease out dash and swap bulbs. Not fantastic explanation but find the four screws and your sailing. older mondeo = same 4x screws (poss x5) but 2x up under top part of dashboard and 2x/3x (cannot remember) in view in front or behind buttons that operate hazards or window heaters. These can be removed with flat screw driver carefully. be careful but methodic and you can achieve anything.. good luck hope this helps some if anybody can explain this better please try