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  1. Focus Fault Code A103 - Help!!

    Probably just a voltage code set due to the flat battery.
  2. Certainly not something I have heard of before and Im a Ford tech. Sounds like could be when it was welded as above.
  3. Low Rpm

    It will need injectors
  4. Low Rpm

    It will 100% need injectors
  5. Electric Woes

    Unfortunately some Ford dealers have poor staff you cant blame Ford for everything. Most dealerships are franchised and so its the people in them that count. I'm a senior tech for a Ford dealership and we would certainly endeavor to correctly diagnose the problem before any bills went out. But I think you will probably find that there would have been no such bill as I suspect the horn sounder for the alarm was changed under warranty. It is annoying for the customer to have to return with a problem they presumed had been fixed but I can tell you as a technician I'd be highly embarrassed if I job I had done came back. The issue on water ingress is in fact correct water ingress is only covered for the first year I think. Do they know where the water has come in from as it could be the result of previous work carried out and then the repairer may be liable for the cost of the remedial work? Any way hope this helps and if I can be of any help pls contact me. It feels good to help others.
  6. Mk4 Speedo

    a lot of the 16v models have rev counter but the wiring is different on your model if it is the 1.3 endura engine. Its a lot of hassle for not a lot of gain tbh.
  7. Ok lets try and give a little clarity on this. The miles to empty guage works but calculating values such as litres of fuel left and average mpg achieved. However this cannot be used as gospel as it can all change when other influences such as driving style, air temp. and terrain all make a difference in what you will actually see the only guage you can rely on as long as its not defective is the actual fuel guage on the dash. With the figures your stating you are getting aroung 50mpg on average which is not bad tbh. Hope this helps and maybe I have helped answer your question in some way.
  8. Help Needed Asapppp

    Hi yeah it should fit straight on mate. I think!!!
  9. Newbie Needs A Helping Hand

    I will be online most of tomorrow if you get stuck and need to bounce ideas around
  10. Indeed we do mate :-) Ive been waiting for a kidney op for 4 weeks now spent xmas and new year in bed and went ott. From miserable old bugger lol
  11. Newbie Needs A Helping Hand

    Yeah it is at the back at the bottom of the engine if it starts with the plug unplugged it could be the inlet metering valve malfunctioned not a very common problem in my experience but it does happen.
  12. I do not direct any abuse to you what so ever my friend just annoys me when some police officers find certain behaviours acceptable when they are commiting them but unacceptable when they are being committed against them. which is how your post came accros I have a good friend who, before promotion, was a traffic cop in the met and he recieves the same opinions from me. I really am not having a personal go at you but sometimes the police in genral put the hat on and become quite two faced in their behaviour. I am by no means a saint and would never expect anyone to do something that I am not prepared to do myself. Practice what you preach is my message. In other words As a police officer would you shout and gesture at another road user that cut you up and not expect a complaint regading your unprofessional behaviour. I hope we can leave this here now and enjoy a mutual interest in Fords as what you generally write is very useful, helpful and informative and I enjoy your input. I am not a nasty person honest.
  13. 1 Litre Ecoboost God For Towing Small Trailler

    Ive not used one for towing myself but I have driven them quite a bit and they seem just as capable as the old 1600 zetec so I would have thought they would be fine for towing a small trailer as long as your not wanting to put a small horse in the trailer lol.
  14. Newbie Needs A Helping Hand

    Ok if you can locate the high pressure pump and on it you should find a 3 pin plug if you disconnect it will it now start?
  15. Oh dear not to be a moaner but you are why the police get a bad name! So if you are in a marked unit you pull them and give the necessary penalty. I agree that is exactly what they deserve for such behaviour. In your own car however by your own admission " my language would be legendary and much gesturing would ensue" Is that not road rage? tell me what are the guidelines when you are cut up or forced to take avoidance action whilst in control of a vehicle? I dont recal it saying anything about using "legendary language" or any kind of gesturing! What would you do if I started screaming and shouting and gesturing at you whilst you were driving your police car? And the using of mobile phones I agree it does distract you from driving and you shouldnt do it. But you compare this to being equivilant to driving whilst UNDER the drink drive limit which to the best of my knowledge is not actually an offence. So by your standards using the mobile phone whilst driving is the equivillant to not breaking the law. Hey ho crack on rolling round your beat telling people to not do the things you obviously would never do.