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  1. Why Can't You Fit Towbars To Econetic Focus?

    ahh thats great. i guess thats how it avoids pushing the back end out and jackknifing when going around bends etc... my van is unbraked in that case then, 750kg refers to the max chassis allowance (MAM ?) etc.. meaning i have a 250ish payload limit, - which was reduced to about 180kg payload by cars "limitations" (cant remember cars max unbraked offhand) - luckily all i ever took was the clothes, bedding and sometimes bikes, (round about 70-80 kg) so wasnt a worry... (im limited on what van i can tow since i havent took B+E test yet... but ATM there is no reason to waste the money on the test - i prefered to spend it on some real "training" / "lessons")
  2. How Do I Remove A Tow Bar And Is It Worth Removing (Selling To Dealer)

    http://www.bristolstreet.co.uk/used-car/398832/ford-focus-1-6-titanium-5dr-petrol-hatchback well, there you have it guys... dealers remove tow bars... This is my old car, just out of curiosity (sp) i looked how much they sold it... i know this is def mine, because the DAB radio, under the CD logo to the right of the volume control, under that logo. there is a circular blemish, thats infact where some baghead tried to nick my stereo when i left the window open when i went into shop one day (stupid error on my part costing a new trim from ford (couple hundred for the CF look one) - cracked the actual radio face, when tring to pry it out because of the locking screw, and totally wrecked the facia trim...) but lol. amazing eh... oh well, i never offered them my rear bumper bar, i might stick it on fleabay for a few quid start (any body know what the bumper bars sell for?) - or i might try my mate at local scrappy see if he wants to swap it and my focus's spare for a spare wheel for my "new" meriva (2010) - more suitable for family but my god i miss my focus for nights like tonight... think i need to invest in new wheels / tyres because the 15" on my meriva dont grip at all in this rain, although it is tipping it down rather harshly... ahh well, to be expected when ive "downgraded" i guess... although, my focus didnt mind keeping its power throughout 1-5th gear, the meriva 1st - 3rd pulls off more rapid than my focus, shamefully 4th and 5th leave a little to be desired in power - with the meriva... but it just means i need to stop the "lazy man driving"... and actually change down from 5th as i enter a roundabout... :P
  3. Why Can't You Fit Towbars To Econetic Focus?

    i realise that..... i tow a van that is a little 2berth 500kg... (the plate states "750kg" -so i would assume it is classed as braked?) - nothing electronically can activate the brakes on the trailr hubs... only the handbrake on the van itself...
  4. Why Can't You Fit Towbars To Econetic Focus?

    quick question (kind on the topic) by "braked" does this mean brakes need to activate on the van/trailer when braking in the car, or simply mean it needs a handbrake fitted, which will apply with a breakaway cable in an unforetunate circumstance....
  5. Why Can't You Fit Towbars To Econetic Focus?

    my towbar has a very prominent blue plate attached with max nose and kerb weight, torque ETC on, AND the final "Always check vehicle handbook for safe weights before attaching a trailer" (or something to that effect) - i was told that this was the law now- when i said "dont like the idea of that blue sticker"
  6. How Do I Remove A Tow Bar And Is It Worth Removing (Selling To Dealer)

    mine was a simple screw in the bolts and splice the wiring kit... - no bumper cutting ETC... i went to 3 garages today, and only one of them even mentioned the tow bar... - he actually told me they would remove it... so it would cost £150 off my trade in (leaving me a couple hundred quid in negative equity...) - needless to say its kind of a deal breaker in my view, as the rest of the car is in top notch, except for a minor "scuff" on drivers door edge when the wind took it into a wall (litterally the edge not on the door panel itself) tbh though, i cant really be bothered to remove the bumper... but im more than confident to remove / refit it... - again, reciept = warranty guarentee ;) [ford in stratford tried to say fitting my dvd head unit voided my warranty on elec system, when door locking button failed... needless to say some arguing ETC solved the issue otherwise i would of stuck original back in and took it to a diff branch.] ive been to bristol st in lichfield - vauxhall... they are offering me a little more than my finance remaining and didnt seem bothered about the tow bar (most likely because they will remove it). and they are giving me top book for it (still, its a kick in the teeth that ive lost 3 n half grand plus interest in a year lol. - but its the things we do for a "nice car" I guess i will speak to ford if i do get another focus - about a "hot swap" of the bar - and tell them ive got the bumper... although, mostly they would remove the ball? and elecs only? - i need to remove my reverse cam and amp etc... so will prob look at removing second socket at same time... - at the very least will save about 20 or so quid on the socket on new cars tow bar ;) - just get place to fit single. and later fit the second one myself... - it cost me an extra 50 or 60 quid for twin elec...
  7. Vent Gauge Holders

    these would look wicked on my car lol, shame you cant get them "for show" and not have to cut... lol... == edit wow, ask and thou shalt receive... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focus-RS-style-ABS-plastic-bonnet-vents-/170807757952?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item27c4ef8c80 prepped for painting... -- recon they would look on just bonded? after painting
  8. Why Can't You Fit Towbars To Econetic Focus?

    true... but for a trailer... £500 for a ford part seams pretty reasonable... i paid 240 for my tow bar fitted last june... and that was an aftermarket backstreet garage...
  9. Flip Key

    lol thats why i took my car key off my house keys... easier to carry my car key in my pocket and not be stabbed then my 4 house key set... (i have the "hidden" key for titanium...) - love the keyless entry....
  10. Hi ya. I bought my focus last feb (titanium) been looking around, and found i can get a nice 11 plate zetec for about £8500 (ford direct - but guessing likely to have 20k or so on clock.) now i went into a couple of dealers, and they have been "ooo, ahh.... what have you been towing" etc (my obvious response was "ahh my little trailer for camping" - didnt want them to know about a van, but its twin elecs... so, im thinking... should i remove my tow bar before i approach this dealer to trade in my focus.... will having the tow bar make a difference much? i plan to fit one onto my new focus, so obv will save me some money on parts? (both same shape focus, not new shape focus - mk2.5) i have bearly used my car to tow (i think i have only towed my little caravan just twice / two little holidays...) now to the main question... how easy is it to remove the bar myself? will i need to remove the bumper? i do have the metal support bumper still (i was wise enough to get that off the garage who fitted tow bar - he didnt look too pleased i took it, guess he had plans to sell it lol) OR, should i just remove the "drop neck" and elec points? = how likely are they to spot it if i remove the tow ball.... but leave the bar? - i see kits online for about 80 quid, and obv would have new car with a tow bar... what would you guys do? to remove or not to remove.... cheers
  11. double posted, sorry guys... please delete mod?
  12. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Facelift (2010 59 Plate) Radio Wiring?

    well, done some more research... looks like the usb is a mini usb plug into the bluetooth module... and the 3.5mm is on connector c of my quadlock... im unsure as to if the mic is a 3.5mm plug into bluetooth or ? i was told bu somebody before it was a simple 3.5mm jack... will have to take it out to look though... ebay seller hasnt replied yet.
  13. Cheap Insurance!!!!!

    not for first time insured... but if u hold a license for 10 years, your obviously a lower risk than a new driver... (unless u crash your car regularly...) and by scrap the car, im hoping your not litterlly gonna scrap an 08 plate :P lol.
  14. Sony 6 Cd Changer Aux

    dude, cheers for that... i found the page "quadlock for stereo facelift" its in the mondeo category, but im hoping it covers the focus too... now, the pin12 on connector c is mic, im assuming the gnd is audio ground? now i have this as a starting point i will try poking my multimeter about again... i never knew about fordwiki before, but with a quick glance looks VERY useful. cheers for the info dude! rev sense wire looks interesting to fit an auto lock anti hi-jack mech onto the titanium too
  15. Fiesta Mk7- Throttle Hesitation, Is It Normal?

    My focus had this... Turned out the link had a faulty washer our something. Needed new throttle unit. Prob best to take to ford ... Esp if under warranty