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  1. Wee Man

    Fusion Tow Bar

    There are round holes in the chassis behind the floppy wheel arch liner, you should have a couple of plates with nuts welded to them and a piece of wire. poke the plates into the big oval holes on the bottom of the chassis and attempt to line up the side rails of the tow bar with the nut now inside the chassis....insert bolt loosly at first, tighten when everything is in place.
  2. Wee Man

    Dvd Player Code

    Fixed it. Code is different than the CD player and not written in the handbook next to the CD player code grrr. However went on here, http://www.dndservices.co.uk/decode-database.html Parted with a tenner and it all works now.
  3. Wee Man

    Dvd Player Code

    My flip down DVD player has decided it needs it's code putting in, not sure why as I haven't taken the battery off or anything. Anyway was wondering if the code is the same as the CD player one? And since it came without the remote control how do I get the code in? I've worked out how to get the numbers in but how do I do the "OK" bit? Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. Wee Man

    Diy Tow Bar Fitting

    Wiring done. 10 minutes with a meter and I'd worked out the wiring. 12N (tow hitch)Colour = Vehicle Loom (colour) Yellow = Near side indicator (Blue) Blue = Fog lamp (Green/yellow) White = Earth (Black) Green = Off side indicator (Blue/red) Brown = Off site tail lamp (Orange) Red = Brake lamp (Green/black) Black = Near side tail lamp (Orange/white)
  5. Wee Man

    Newbie Needs Help

    If you bought it from a dealer, I'd take it back and get them to fix it.
  6. Wee Man

    Diy Tow Bar Fitting

    Fitted the tow bar at the weekend (it cost me £30 off ebay). Rear wheels off and bung it on axel stands. Didn't have to remove the bumper just drop off the rear exhaust rubber to get the bar cross member under the tail pipe. Loosly bolt in the cross bar attach the side arms (holes in chassis rails are behind the floppy stuff that passes for inner wheel arches) having poked the wee plates with the nuts welded on into the chassis. Tighten everything up and bobs your uncle. Took about an hour, two cups of coffee and a bacon sandwich. Haven't tackled the wiring yet but got a kit to fit.
  7. Wee Man

    Diy Tow Bar Fitting

    Just bought a tow bar off ebay for a rediculously low price, it's off a 2010 car so I'm hoping it'll fit, will report how it all goes.
  8. Wee Man

    Diy Tow Bar Fitting

    If you could post a wiring colour scheme I'd appreciate it. I fitted a bar & electrics to my last vehicle (Nissan X Trail) with no problems. I'm an electronic engineer so confident with the slicing in bit.
  9. Wee Man

    Diy Tow Bar Fitting

    I'm planning to fit a tow bar to my 55 plate Fusion. I've got no issues with DIY fit but one question is there a socket behind any of the boot lining or is it a splice into the loom job? I haven't bought the tow bar yet. Cheers Wee Man
  10. Wee Man

    Thinking Of Buying A Fusion, Advice

    I've bought it, drive home was very pleasant, kids and wive love it. I think we'll be very happy.
  11. Wee Man

    Thinking Of Buying A Fusion, Advice

    Thanks for the reply, The boat towing isn't such a big issue, I'll just have to get my helm to do all the towing :-) I've pretty much convinced myself that the Fusion ticks enough the boxes, will be easy to live with and should pay for itself compared to the truck I have at the moment.
  12. Hello, I currently have a 4x4 and commute 40 miles on country roads to work, so needs must and I need something cheaper to run. We have 2 kids (11 & 8), I sail boats (18ft Catamaran weighing 180kg plus trailer) so need a towbar. I've never owned a Ford before but I'm seriously considering a 55 plate Fusion 1.4 TDCI with 45k miles on the clock it's in a local garage at £5175. I'd very much appreciate any tips or things to look for? Does anyone tow with a Fusion, if so how does it perform? What's it like as a family car? Many thanks Wee Man
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Wee Man :)