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  1. 2.5 Turbo S-Max

  2. Boost Gauge

    Bugger the back seat! :P
  3. Boost Gauge

    fitted the boost gauge, still need to plumb it in but lookin good !
  4. New Wheels

    Tried fitting racing strips but it went a bit wrong
  5. New Wheels

    Eibach's in the Garage just need a free day ! ;)
  6. New Wheels

    Put my new wheels on and now its snowing
  7. Mk2 Mondeo Si

    Your right it is a 1989cc, may be a fault with DVLA or someones changed the engine and miss printed the cc could be something simple, not sure if DVLA would be helpfull or not
  8. icv valve

    If i remember right the icv sits on the right side of the throttle body held in by 2 torx screws.
  9. sierra 2000e info about parts needed

    try---- www.sierraspares.co.uk <_<
  10. someone asked for a meeting?

    hicup hicup.... no officer.....i ...only...hicup..had the one....hicup....
  11. Introductions .....

    Hi all, i am Bob From aberdeen-shire Scotland, had loads of Fords including:- Fiesta mk2 XR2 twin 40's, Sierra mk1 2.8 XR4x4, Serria mk2 2.9 XR4x4, Serria mk1 2.0 s twin 45's, Serria mk2 2.8 Janspeed Turbo XR4x4, Serria mk2 2.8 Ex Police Estate Ghia 4x4, Escort Series 2 RST standard, Escort Series 2 RST 210bhp, mk6 RS2000 weber alpha throttle bodys , Capri 3.0s with 3.1 engine and holley carb, 2WD Sierra sapphire cossy 350bhp, mk2 Mondeo ST24 mk3, Mondeo 2.5 Zetec s mk3, Mondeo 2.0TDCI 130 Zetec s, And now got a S-max 2.5Turbo only mods so far is New Dotz 19" Alloys (pics soon) and eibach springs (not Fitted Yet) <_< But this this year is the year for lots more ;)
  12. S Max ST

    think that you would loose the movable middle seats with the tunnel and also the head room in the back row even if is possible to keep them ? and as for a V8 not sure you could shoehorn one of those in <_<
  13. SMAX rear wiper

  14. SMAX rear wiper

    found a picture ;)
  15. SMAX rear wiper

    this is were i got mine from and was fast delivery, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Focus-Upgrade-r...A1%7C240%3A1318 there are other a couple of pound cheeper, its up to you <_<