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  1. Mk7 Boot Open Warning Coming On

    No I'm still having this issue, I'm sorry to sound dumb but what is the latch?
  2. Intermittent boot open warning issue

    Hi, my '58 fiesta titanium has recently developed an intermittent issue with my boot. As I drive I get the warning beep and text on the display saying that the boot is open, it come on then goes off, then comes back on. This will happen through the whole journey - it's driving me insane! Today, I parked my car at work and no sooner had I locked the car and walked out of the car park the alarm started. I've tried opening and closing the boot to try and get it to think it's shut (dispite it actually being shut). ive googled this and some people have mentioned that their boots actually open whilst driving, whereas mine just seems to warn me that it's open. I want to sell the car and wondered if I can take it apart to get to the switch and clean it up at all if water ingress is causing this issue? Many thanks
  3. Mk7 Boot Open Warning Coming On

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I'm having this exact issue. I had it last year for 1 day (it was a really hot day) and the boot warning was on and off whilst driving, it set the alarm off when the car was locked etc. Then it completely went away and I forgot all about it until last week when we had that one nice hot day, it started again and has been happening ever since. Does anyone have a step by step guide on how replace the boot switch? My dads quite handy, but would like to be able to pint him in the right direction. Also did you get the switch from ford or online somewhere? Many thanks, James
  4. Double DIN in my mk7 fiesta

    Hi, I've got a '58 mk7 fiesta titanium. I really want to get a double din fascia adaptor so I can fit an apple car play head unit. Ive found a few fascias, they're not very pretty but would do the job. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/install-adaptors?cat=259&limit=all im not sure which one I need as with my current factory fitted screen/display, mine is the more square screen, not the narrow rectangular screen. Also the door lock and hazard buttons are mounted lower than those shown on the modified fascias. Has anyone done this before and have you used a quite online to follow? I do have a couple of questions: 1) Can I use my existing USB slot near the handbrake to connect to the new head unit? I'd imagine if need an adaptor of sorts? 2) I've read online that you can get harness adopters for the steering wheel controls, but can the voice button on the indicator stalk be used to activate Siri? 3) can the microphone current installed in the car be used with the new head unit? I've never done anything like this before so advice/instructions would be so helpful. Many thanks, James
  5. Servicing

    I, I've got an '58 foesta titanium 1.4 petrol. I've just looked online to get my car serviced at ford and through thr booking I can select major service for around £195 or a 6year/75k service for £279 I think. As my fiesta is 7 years old and done 72500 should I opt for the 75k service? What is the extra £80 for? Many thanks
  6. Boot Open Warning

    Thanks for the info, unfortunately it's not under warranted any longer. £60 isn't bad so I guess I'm taking it for ford!
  7. Boot Open Warning

    Hi all, I've got a mk7 fiesta titanium. Love the car but it's developed an intermittent fault. When driving the boot open warning comes up on the screen with an audible ding dong and the red light in the speedometer come on. It will then flit on and off thoughout the entire journey. If I get out and open and close the boot it carries on and I must have to close it in some special way and it's fine. Then as soon as I've gone in the boot, more often than not its starts again. It's become quite embarrassing as now when the car is parked up and locked, sometimes it sets the alarm off! any ideas or will I have to take it to ford? Many thanks
  8. Updating Sync

    Thanks for the link. I've just tried to update it but the cars screen says its up to date. Its frustrating because I want to force it to re install it, but it won't unfortunately. Perhaps its a sign I need to upgrade the car!
  9. Updating Sync

    Hi all, I've got a 58' Fiesta mk7 Titanium. I've had a bit of trouble with regards to the sync (I think thats what its called) system in the car. Its fine, when listening to the radio/USB etc. but when I make a phone call only the rear left speaker works. I've tried to go into the settings where you can change which s speakers audio comes from to even out the balance but its completely frozen and you can't change it to come out of all of the speakers. I remember a year or so ago I update sync using a usb stick and I just downloaded the most up to date version of sync for my car from fords website, but it no longer seems to exist. Can anyone help me with a link to where I can download the most up to date version of sync so I can perform the update and hopefully solve my issue? Many thanks, James
  10. Which Fiesta Model Should I Get?

    Just thought I'd give you all an update, yesterday my sister bought a new shape 2013 fiesta! She love it! Didn't think it was too bad a deal as she ended up with a 1.25 Zetec in black, with the parking sensors which she really wanted! Only 11,000 miles on the clock, 5 doors... it was 8K which was more than she wanted to spend, but it feels and looks pretty just like a brand new car so she doesn't feel like shes too hard done by! Just need to find out how to connect her iPhone 6 to the car, the music playback works over bluetooth but for some reason when she plugged it in with her iphone usb cable, it didn't work. Ah well, will have a flick through the manual. Thanks for all your help!
  11. Which Fiesta Model Should I Get?

    Hi all, I'm posting on behalf of my sister and looking into her new car for her. She currently drive a 2002 Ford Ka, it's been a great car for her first 2 years of motoring but over the past 6 months shes had it in the garage because it kept going into limp mode, the mechanics replaced a couple of bits (not entirely sure what) which fixed the problem. Recently she said that its been juddering going uphill... long and short of it, she wants a new car. I've got a '58' Fiesta Titanium which I've had for about 4/5 years and my sister fancies a fiesta. I've had a couple of issues with my car and just wondering what the latest info is, what we should avoid etc. I had trouble with 3 out of my 4 alloys being buckled and when I searched about this at the time it seemed to be a problem with the titanium alloys in particular that were prone to buckling. Is this still an issue on the newer ones? Also I have Bluetooth in mine, I can stream audio but can't skip tracks etc. on the steering wheel or media console. Also the track info isn't relayed to the screen on the center console. Is this something what was changed on any fiesta titanium after '58'? Shes got up to £7k to spend and want her to get the best car for her money. Shes interested in the Titanium because thats what I've got, but I know there has been a facelift version since the one I have and now not sure how each model is specced. Her requirements are as follows. *Petrol *Manual *Remote locking *Elec windows *USB *Bluetooth *Heated windscreen (Not essential, but I've strongly recommended she get this!) *Parking sensors (she is really keen for these!) Shes after as new and low mileage car as possible and if anyone can recommend which version to get, it would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  12. Hi all, My ford fiesta ('58) titanium has got a problem with its media unit. I can't remember the exact sequence of evens, but I had the radio on and bluetooth was on, a phone call came through just as I hit the radio off and it has made it go all weird. When the car is turned off and locked it has the person and phone number who called me and the "hangup" button doesn't work. When I turn the car on, the radio turns off and I can't turn it back on. I've tried removing the fuses relating to the media unit and no luck. I thought about disconnecting the battery to take the power away from the unit, but I've never disconnected a battery before in my life and I think I'll need the radio code to get it working again (i've looked through the handbook but can't find it) any ideas or should I just take it to Ford? Its so weird! I'm just concerned that all the time the car is locked its going to drain the battery because the screen is on! HELP!
  13. Music Played By Usb From Samsung Device

    Unfortunately mine doesn't give me that functionality. I wish it did though because I'd much prefer to play music via bluetooth.
  14. Music Played By Usb From Samsung Device

    Oh thats such a shame, I've tried the bluetooth streaming, but don't have any control over skipping songs etc. Its such a pain!
  15. Hi all, a week or so ago I asked if I could play music from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in a Mk 7 2005 fiesta titanium via USB. Since my initial post, I decided to give my android tablet a go. I bought the DoubleTwist AirSync app and now use double twist on my mac to organise and sync my music with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The music plays just fine on the device, yet when I plug it in via USB in my fiesta, a message comes up on the screen saying "Device Not Supported". I understand that the tablet may not be supported, but surely the tablet is that much different to a Note 3 except not being able to make phone calls? I don't want to get a Note 3 and no be able to play music in my car and not have full control over being able to skip songs and browse playlists etc. Any one else have/heard this issue? Many thanks.