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  1. How do I change my display name____bloody text predictor!!!

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    Dirty Van Art - Ford Raises Mental Health Awareness

    Ford continues its ‘Elephant in the Transit’ mental health campaign, using dirty van artist Ruddy Muddy to communicate the message of charity campaign partner, Time to Change Launched in April, the ‘Elephant in the Transit’ campaign arose after Ford research identified that over two-thirds (67 per cent) of people said they were more comfortable talking about issues when in a vehicle. A national public awareness film was created, promoting the front seat of a vehicle as a safe space to talk about difficult or personal issues that can affect mental health. The dirty van artwork, which primarily illustrates an elephant in the back of a Ford Transit Custom, features messaging from Time to Change’s new campaign, Ask Twice. The Transit Custom will now join Sky’s fleet, operating in Central and East London from October 10th, World Mental Health Day. “We're proud to be working alongside Ford on their dirty van art campaign, encouraging people to address ‘the elephant in the room’ and seek any support they need for their mental health,” said Jo Loughran, director of Time to Change. “Our latest research shows that when asked how we are, three quarters of us will say ‘I’m fine’ even if we’re struggling with a mental health problem. This World Mental Health Day, we’re encouraging everybody to ask twice. Asking twice – “Are you sure you’re ok?” - means people are much more likely to open up in conversation.” Since the ‘Elephant in the Transit’ campaign began – with Ford signing the Time to Change Employer pledge – Ford has trained almost 200 employees on Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses, and aims to train a further 50 employees as fully qualified mental health first aiders in 2019, with at least five at each Ford site in the UK. “We’re very pleased to see our unique ‘dirty van’ on the roads for World Mental Health Day,” said Andy Barratt, chairman and managing director, Ford of Britain. “By continuing to find new and disruptive ways to spread the Time to Change message, more and more people will hopefully start to communicate their mental health problems with those closest to them.” Ford is a prominent business supporter of the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ campaign, from Bauer Media and MHFA England. This support includes providing employer case studies from those who have received the MHFA training, and Andy Barratt co-signing the letter and petition delivered to Downing Street on October 8th. The campaign aims to change the law to ensure all UK businesses have mental health first aid provision available to employees.
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    No More Red Lights!

    Imagine a world where negotiating busy junctions does not require you to wait at a red light and the only reason to stop your car is because you have arrived at your destination Ford is trialling a new way in which connected car technology could set us on that journey – and that takes its lead from how humans negotiate their way through busy crowds, by slowing down or speeding up to avoid collisions, without coming to a standstill. Intersection Priority Management (IPM) – being demonstrated this week on the streets of Milton Keynes, U.K., as part of the government-funded UK Autodrive programme – aims to keep drivers driving and bring an end to unnecessary stops at junctions, both easing traffic flow and increasing safety and efficiency. “We know that intersections and traffic lights can be a real bugbear for many drivers,” said Christian Ress, supervisor, Driver Assist Technologies, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. “With the connected car technology we have been demonstrating this week, we envisage a world where vehicles are more aware of each other and their environment, enabling intelligent cooperation and collaboration on the roads – and around junctions.” Every year, the average driver spends two days waiting at traffic lights. And not only can junctions be frustrating – they are also the cause of up to 60 per cent of road traffic accidents. As well as saving time, avoiding stopping at junctions could also save fuel, as drivers avoid braking and accelerating away from the lights. IPM uses vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications to coordinate with other vehicles in the vicinity and suggests optimum speeds that will allow cars to safely pass by each other at intersections without coming to a halt. For the trial, test cars have been equipped with V2V communication systems that broadcast the vehicles’ location, direction of travel and speed. The onboard IPM systems are able to identify an upcoming junction and the trajectory of other vehicles approaching it. It will then suggest an optimum speed for each vehicle as they approach the junction that will allow them to pass through safely. The vehicles in the trial have people behind the wheel, but it is envisaged that autonomous vehicles could also benefit from the technology. Automating how vehicles negotiate junctions with each other in this way that may mean that, one day, vehicles could pass through safely and efficiently without the need for traffic lights or road signs. While today’s autonomous vehicles operate independently using the sensor technologies and map data on board, V2V and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications technologies could benefit the driverless cars of the future. IPM builds upon other connected-car technologies developed by Ford and its project partners as part of UK Autodrive, a £20 million programme taking self-driving and connected car technologies from the test track to the streets. Among the technologies showcased during the two-year programme – which comes to an end this week – are Intersection Collision Warning, which alerts drivers of potential accidents when approaching an intersection, and Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA), which helps cars to synchronise with nearby traffic lights to help them avoid getting stuck on red. Other features demonstrated include Collaborative Parking – which builds a crowd-sourced map of a car park’s available spaces – and Emergency Vehicle Warning, where drivers are advised of the location and distance of an approaching emergency vehicle.
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    Clean Engine Service

    Members can receive 12% discount on engine carbon cleaning service of the existing prices on our website. You will need to provide the discount code when booking Region covered: Berkshire area
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    Watch a Mustang drift for 20.7km

    Known as the “Green Hell”, the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, in Germany, is a must-drive destination for petrolheads around the world. Even for experienced drivers, it can be demanding. So how about drifting the full 20.7-kilometre circuit? That’s exactly what champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jnr has done – behind the wheel of his 900hp Ford Performance 5.0 Aluminator XS powered Ford Mustang RTR Drift car, the first time the feat has been accomplished. * For Gittin Jnr is was all about having a “good time, not a lap time”. But he still hit speeds in excess of 240 km/h, shredded three sets of tyres, and maxed out in sixth gear on the sideways entries into the bends.
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