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  1. Ford Owners' Club

    Driver Guardian

    Driver Guardian Breakdown Cover always includes Homestart, Roadside Assistance, Recovery and Onward Travel. Premium Members can receive a discount of 10% across the board discount
  2. Ford Owners' Club

    BG Fuel Saving Products

    BG Fuel Saving Service Products – Performance and/or MPG Improvement Guaranteed! BG Products have teamed up with the Former Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins to highlight to motorists that clean engines work better Watch the video here: Car manufacturers, engine producers and even the fuel companies now acknowledge the problems caused by carbon deposits - the sooty residues left behind after combustion. So what can be done? Deposits are a natural by-product of combustion and without preventative maintenance, accumulate over time. You may have seen adverts from the big fuel companies talking about the additives added to their premium fuels that tackle deposits. BG GB say the weakness with this approach is that this additive package contained is such a small percentage, you need to constantly use these more expensive fuels to get any benefit at all. And far better, more cost-effective results can be gained from once-a-year dedicated treatments. The Guaranteed BG Fuel Saving Service comprises one product to treat the fuel system and a second to revitalise the vehicle’s oil system: BG 44K® Fuel System Cleaner (or equivalent for Diesel) goes in the tank to clean the fuel system. It’s vitally effective at cleaning carbon-covered fuel injectors. BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration® flush softens and dissolves hard-to-remove deposits from piston rings, restoring peak compression, ensuring maximum power and efficiency. If we supply a BG Fuel System Cleaner and BG EPR® Compression Restoration Flush and you do not notice any improvement in your vehicle's performance or economy we'll give you a full refund - Guaranteed! (Money-back guarantee subject to vehicle been driven at least 500 miles and claim made within 3 months of purchase) Former Stig, Ben Collins, tested the BG Fuel Saving Service on his own Land Rover! Ben tested the BG Fuel Saving Service on his own Land Rover Defender which he felt was running okay. Since using BG, he reports it's so much smoother - like taking the clock back to when it was new! The Dyno results before and after visually prove the improvement. The curve demonstrates much more consistent torque (available power) throughout the rev range, with an impressive max gain of 7ft/lbs. Watch the test at A long-established US chemical company, BG Products put significant investment into Research and Development in order to develop effective products that break down and remove carbon deposits. BG supply their Powerflow Suite of Professional-use Decarbonisation Tools to Service Centres across Great Britain. These utilise BG's own-designed and manufactured high-quality chemistry and delivery systems to intensively clean carbon from a vehicle’s critical components, safely and effectively. Find out more and identify your nearest Centre at Find out more here Member Discount BG Products GB are offering Premium Members 10% Discount off the RRP and Free P&P on their range of pour-in Performance Improvement Products Simply call 01284 777934 or email to place an order and obtain your discount Please quote Discount Code when placing an order
  3. Ford Owners' Club

    Ultimate Styling

    UK based company offers an unrivalled range of car parts and covers almost all major automotive brands. We keep a close eye on the availability of new car parts and ensure we keep up to date by constantly adding new products to our range. Premium Members can receive 10% off when spending over £30
  4. Ford Owners' Club

    2018 Eagle Squadron Mustang GT

    The 2018 Eagle Squadron Mustang GT: 100th Anniversary of the RAF
  5. Ford Owners' Club

    Ford at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

    The iconic 1968 Ford Mustang GT driven by Steve McQueen in Warner Bros. Pictures’ classic film “Bullitt” – and lost to history until the beginning of this year – makes its first appearance outside of the U.S. at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, U.K The car that starred in the Warner Bros. film’s legendary 10-minute chase sequence – setting the standard for every movie car chase to follow – features on the 1.16-mile (1.9-kilometre) Goodwood Hillclimb course accompanied by owner Sean Kiernan and alongside the new special edition Ford Mustang Bullitt that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the classic film. Another very special Ford Mustang is paying tribute at Goodwood to a group of U.S. volunteer pilots who flew combat missions alongside the Royal Air Force over Europe from nearby British airfields, prior to the U.S. entering World War II. Driven up the Hillclimb by Vaughn Gittin Jr. – and co-created by Ford Performance and the world champion drifter’s RTR Vehicles – the Eagle Squadron Mustang GT features a one-off, fighter aircraft-inspired livery. The ultra-high-performance Ford GT supercar returns to Goodwood piloted by Ford Chip Ganassi Racing Team World Endurance Championship drivers Andy Priaulx and Harry Tincknell fresh from the Le Mans 24 Hours race -- as does Gittin Jr.’s Mustang RTR drift car. The M-Sport Ford Fiesta WRC car makes its Goodwood debut on the Hillclimb and Forest Rally Stage, demonstrated by M-Sport Ford World Rally Team drivers Sebastien Ogier and Elfyn Evans.
  6. Ford Owners' Club


    Whether you’re buying a used car, already own your car or are extending a manufacturer’s car warranty, MotorEasy has a car warranty for you. Members will get following discounts: 11% off GAP Insurance £50 off 12 month warranties 10% off full price servicing
  7. Ford Owners' Club

    Magna Tuning

    We offer Premium Members a 10% discount on all car styling items (except wheels) Providing car styling parts to our customers worldwide. With over 10 years of experience, we offer complete car styling solutions. Having more than 15.000 products, we have one of the largest offers in the market with very competitive prices.
  8. Ford Owners' Club


    Premium Members can benefit from 10% off any items on the Turborevs website
  9. Ford Owners' Club

    DRIVN - would you rate your car?

    DRIVN invites you to review your car and to let others know how you really feel about it....whether you love it, hate it or simply happy to just drive it What annoys you about it, what aspects do you like, and would you recommend it to anyone else? It's very easy to submit a review, it won't take more than a few minutes and it is your chance to sing your car's praises or slate it into the ground Drivn has made it easy to select the best and worst features of your car to truly express your feelings…and by clicking the relevant Buzzwords it makes it easier for someone to find their ideal car by searching the ‘Buzzwords’ which you have selected during your review whether you love or loathe your car Review it now and share your experience with others
  10. Technology that was first developed for fighter jets is helping to improve the driving experience for the new Focus – that offers our first Head-up display for Europe. The display will make it easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road as they monitor information including speed, navigation and road signs on a display that is projected to overlay the view ahead.
  11. Ford Owners' Club

    Blinded by Glare? Focus solves the problem

    Technology that was first developed for fighter jets is helping to improve the driving experience for the new Focus – that offers our first Head-up display for Europe. The display will make it easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road as they monitor information including speed, navigation and road signs on a display that is projected to overlay the view ahead. For some existing systems there can be a drawback – that for those wearing polarised sunglasses, which counteract glare, the display can be rendered almost invisible. Our Head-up display also emits the kind of light that polarised sunglasses are designed to eliminate from view. But a carefully tuned filter “bounces back” polarised light to the driver and effectively solves the problem. “Wearing polarised glasses can make a massive difference to visibility for drivers affected by glare, such as when stretches of water, snow or even tarmac reflect sunlight. Our Head-up display also offers one of the brightest screens and has among the largest fields of view,” said Glen Goold, chief programme engineer for Focus. Summer evenings pose the problem of peak driving times coinciding with the sun being low on the horizon; and in the UK, for example, the sun has been identified as the cause of almost twice as many accidents as snow, rain and fog put together. Head-up display ensures drivers will not need to glance down and refocus to see the information and notifications that they can select. While traditional head-up displays utilise light waves vibrating parallel to the road, the Focus Head-up display boosts light waves vibrating perpendicular to the road, so the image can be clearly seen through polarised sunglasses. The polycarbonate screen has a multilayer reflection coating that enables engineers to control the polarisation, colour, transmission and reflection of light, and tailor it to the system’s needs. The all-new Focus has been developed from the ground up to provide the most confidence-inspiring, intuitive, and rewarding driving and occupant experience of any mid-size family car in Europe. The widest range of advanced features and technologies on any of our vehicles enhances protection, driving and parking, and is designed to make the driving experience more comfortable, less demanding and safer.
  12. Ford Owners' Club

    Ford Fair 2018 - LAST CHANCE TO BUY TICKETS !

    This is your last chance to buy your tickets to be on the Ford Owners Club stand at this year's Ford Fair ******DEADLINE is Tuesday 2nd July******
  13. Ford Owners' Club

    Ford GT at Le Mans 24 Hours

    Chip Ganassi Racing will be competing with four Ford GT's at the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours race (16th-17th June), two representing the USA and two representing the UK #66 - FORD CHIP GANASSI TEAM UK - FORD GT (Stefan MÜCKE, Olivier PLA, Billy JOHNSON) #67 - FORD CHIP GANASSI TEAM UK - FORD GT (Andy PRIAULX, Harry TINCKNELL, Tony KANAAN) #68 - FORD CHIP GANASSI TEAM USA - FORD GT (Joey HAND, Dirk MÜLLER, Sébastien BOURDAIS) #69 - FORD CHIP GANASSI TEAM USA - FORD GT (Ryan BRISCOE, Richard WESTBROOK, Scott DIXON) In previous World Endurance Championship races, the Ford Chip Ganassi team has been very successful in getting podium at many events, but with many new vehicles such as BMW and the new Aston Martin competing in this year's series, the burning question is 'will the Ford GT be competitive enough ?' Here's a breakdown of the cars and drivers in this year's Le Mans 24 Hours race Team UK Drivers Andy Priaulx WEC No. 67 Andy Priaulx is best known for his three FIA World Touring Car Championship titles but what is less known is the fact that the likeable Guernseyman gambled his house on succeeding in motorsport in 1996, then did it again just three years later! Read more about Andy Olivier Pla WEC No. 66 Frenchman Olivier Pla is one of the world's top sportscar racers. His career began in single-seaters and his talent took him all the way to GP2, just one step from Formula One. When Pla made the switch to sportscar racing he soon quickly became one to watch, known for his incredible precision, speed and consistency. Read more about Olivier Stefan Mücke WEC No. 66 Stefan Mücke is a championship-winning sportscar driver. The German started his career in go-karts and single-seaters before honing his craft in the German DTM series. After eight years with Aston Martin, during which time he has won many of sportscar racing's biggest events, Stefan switched to Ford for 2016. He was one of the first of the WEC drivers to get his hands on the all-new Ford GT by competing at Daytona in January 2016. Read more about Stefan Harry Tincknell WEC No. 67 Considering the fact that Harry Tincknell only made the switch from single-seaters to sports cars in 2014 it can be surprising to hear that he is already a Le Mans winner. For those who have seen him race - especially those who have raced against him - it is no surprise at all. Harry's LMP2 class win at Le Mans in 2014 sealed his reputation as a fast and mistake-free driver. Read more about Harry
  14. Ford Owners' Club

    Members Meet Up In Norfolk

    Not sure if this is too far for you guys to travel to but it is something we are arranging for a National Club Meeting in the future so have your say...all comments welcome!
  15. Ford Owners' Club

    Upcoming car meets/shows in the midlands?

    Hi are a couple of links for you: