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  1. Ford today revealed the all-new Focus ST – developed by Ford Performance to deliver nimble hot-hatchback thrills in a stylish, comfortable and practical family car The all-new Focus ST builds on the class-leading driving dynamics of the fourth generation Focus in five-door and wagon body styles. Ford’s new C2 architecture is enhanced with unique suspension, braking and powertrain configurations for the most responsive and agile Focus ST driving experience ever – on road and track. A new engine line-up makes available to drivers up to 12 per cent more power and 17 per cent more torque compared with the previous generation Focus ST. Ford’s 280 PS 2.3-litre EcoBoost petrol and 190 PS 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engines* both deliver a broad spread of power and torque across the rev-range, for fast-revving sports performance. Ford’s first application of an electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD) for a front-wheel drive vehicle further enhances as standard the cornering and stability of the EcoBoost-powered variant – sharpening responses to changing grip levels and driver inputs using computer-controlled pre-emptive actuation. A choice of six-speed manual or quick-shifting new seven-speed automatic transmissions is offered, and Selectable Drive Modes technology is introduced to the Focus ST for the first time, enabling drivers to adjust the vehicle’s character to suit the driving scenario. Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) – standard for five-door EcoBoost variants – enhances the short long arm (SLA) independent rear suspension configuration for ultimate refinement. “Intelligent technologies like eLSD and CCD make our all-new Focus ST the most ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ yet, able to switch from refined tourer to focussed performance car at the push of a button,” said Leo Roeks, Ford Performance director, Europe. “We’ve incorporated learnings from programmes including our Ford GT supercar and the acclaimed Focus RS to develop a mid-size performance car with a degree of flexibility that’s unique in its segment.” The all-new Focus ST will be manufactured with best-ever craftsmanship and quality following a €600 million investment at Ford’s Saarlouis assembly facility, Germany. Responsive power delivery A new generation of Ford’s 2.3-litre EcoBoost all-aluminium engine is the most powerful ever offered for a Focus ST. Using advanced turbocharging technology to deliver 280 PS power at 5,500 rpm and 420 Nm of torque from 3,000 rpm to 4,000 rpm, it is also the most free-revving Focus ST engine ever, and supports anticipated 0‑100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration in less than 6 seconds. Engine response is enhanced using a low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger, which scavenges exhaust gas energy more effectively using separated channels to minimise interference between gas pulses. An electronically actuated waste-gate allows closer control of boost pressures for optimised engine performance. In addition, a unique exhaust system that reduces back pressure, bespoke air intake system and optimised intercooler further improve breathing. Innovative anti-lag technology developed for the Ford GT supercar and F-150 Raptor pick-up is introduced to the Focus ST, for immediate power delivery in Sport and Track Drive Modes. Anti‑lag keeps the throttle open when the driver lifts off the accelerator pedal, alleviating the reversal of air flow from the turbocharger to maintain compressor wheel speed and enabling boost pressure to build faster on demand. Ford’s 190 PS 2.0-litre EcoBlue is the most powerful diesel engine ever offered for a Ford Focus model, delivering peak power at 3,500 rpm and 400 Nm of torque between 2,000 rpm and 3,000 rpm – and 360 Nm from 1,500 rpm – for immediate and linear acceleration. A low-inertia variable geometry turbocharger; steel pistons for less expansion when hot; and an integrated intake system with innovative mirror-image porting for optimised combustion help to deliver a diesel powertrain that produces 10 per cent more power and more than twice as much torque as the 2.0‑litre Duratec ST petrol engine in the first generation Focus ST. The Focus ST’s six-speed manual transmission enables more urgent gear-changes and provides a sportier feel with a shift-throw reduction of 7 per cent compared with the standard all-new Focus. Ford’s new rev-matching technology that debuted on the new Ford Mustang is also introduced as part of an optional Performance Pack for 2.3-litre EcoBoost manual models. Delivering smoother, faster downshifts, the technology is accompanied by a shift indicator light, and uses the engine’s electronic control system to briefly “blip” the throttle as the driver engages a lower gear – matching the engine rotation speed to that of the gear that is being selected. Rev-matching enables less-experienced performance drivers to benefit from the seamless, momentum-maintaining gearshifts delivered by the “heel-and-toe” driving technique, while also enabling experienced performance drivers to deactivate the system if they prefer. A new seven-speed variant of Ford’s latest intelligent automatic transmission family complements the rewarding, engaging and sporty 2.3-litre EcoBoost driving experience. Gear differentiation is optimised for performance, and Adaptive Shift Scheduling – which assesses individual driving styles to optimise gearshift timings – is enhanced to offer more flexibility and the ability to differentiate between road and track use. Drivers can select gears manually using steering wheel-mounted paddle-shifters. “The EcoBoost petrol and EcoBlue diesel powertrains have unique characters, but are equally charismatic,” Roeks said. “The Focus ST’s sporty ‘pops and bangs’ soundtrack perfectly matches the car’s feisty performance and is an essential part of the ST experience.” Intuitive dynamics enhanced with technology Building on accomplished Ford Focus driving dynamics, the new Focus ST was developed to blend B-road fun-to-drive, legitimate track-day performance, and everyday usability better than any vehicle in its class. The SLA suspension configuration helps optimise the vehicle’s responses to driver inputs without sacrificing comfort, and includes a unique geometry for wagon models that repositions the dampers helping the vehicle remain nimble and responsive even when fully loaded. The agile and energetic character of the standard Focus is retained using the original spring specifications, with damping stiffness increased up to 20 per cent at the front and 13 per cent at the rear, and ride height reduced by 10 mm, to improve road-holding and response in performance driving scenarios. Ford’s sophisticated CCD technology every 2 milliseconds monitors suspension, body, steering and braking inputs to adjust damping responses for outstanding ride quality and driving dynamics. The driving experience is further enhanced using eLSD technology for Focus ST 2.3 litre EcoBoost models. Incorporated into the transmission, the system uses hydraulically activated clutches to limit the engine torque delivered to a wheel that has reduced traction on the road surface, and redistributes up to 100 per cent of available torque to the wheel with more traction to counteract wheelspin that can hamper acceleration through, and out of, corners. The Borg Warner-developed technology is faster to deploy and offers greater precision than a traditional mechanical LSD. The system can pre-emptively adjust torque distribution using inputs from powertrain and vehicle dynamics sensors, rather than responding to wheelspin as it occurs, and can apply differential locking gradually for fine-tuning performance. Focus ST 2.0-litre EcoBlue models feature Torque Vectoring Control technology, which improves road holding and reduces understeer by applying brake force to the inside front wheel when cornering. The all-new Focus ST steals Ford’s fastest-steering-response crown from the acclaimed Fiesta ST. The electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system is 15 per cent faster than the standard Focus, requiring just two turns lock-to-lock. Class-leading connected feel is supported by unique steering knuckle geometry, with a rod attachment point 9 mm further forward and 6.5 mm higher than the standard Focus for sharper responses. New Steering Torque Disturbance Reduction software for EPAS also helps reduce torque steer, making it even easier to deploy with precision the Focus ST’s power and torque via bespoke-specification Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres. Larger front and rear brake components provide the foundation for a high performance braking system with improved stopping power and fade resistance. Front disc dimensions have grown to 330 mm x 27 mm and feature dual-piston callipers. Rear discs now measure 302 mm x 11 mm. Focus ST braking performance was verified using the same demanding test procedures as the Ford GT supercar, and achieved almost four-times the fade resistance performance of the previous generation Focus ST in testing. The C2 architecture’s Electric Brake Booster (EBB) further demonstrates its advantages in the Focus ST application. The technology builds brake pressure faster than a hydraulic system for a more connected, confident and consistent pedal feel across a broader range of operating conditions. For the Focus ST, this means the system can both mitigate for changes in braking behaviour experienced during high performance driving, and can adjust the braking feel and dynamics to match the selected Drive Mode. In addition, Slippery/Wet, Normal, Sport and – for models equipped with the Performance Pack – Track Drive Modes adjust eLSD, CCD, EPAS, throttle mapping, automatic transmission shift scheduling, electronic stability control, electronic sound enhancement (ESE) and climate settings to suit the driving scenario. A dedicated “Sport” button on the flat-bottomed steering wheel gives direct access to Sport mode, and an additional “Mode” button allows drivers to quickly scroll through the Drive Mode options. “Selecting Track mode instantly makes braking response more direct and edgy; introduces higher steering efforts for more feedback; tunes the throttle to be more aggressive; instructs the eLSD to deliver maximum traction; and gives drivers more leeway within the ESC system,” said David Put, Ford Performance vehicle dynamics. “Drivers can have full confidence in the Focus ST’s ability to deliver on the track.” The traditional Focus ST gauge cluster benefits from a contemporary execution inspired by the Ford GT supercar. Digital turbocharger boost pressure, oil pressure and oil temperature gauges are now displayed in a bespoke Ford Performance screen on the 4.2-inch, TFT colour instrument display. Launch Control for consistently fast standing starts on track is also delivered via the Performance Pack for 2.3-litre EcoBoost models. Developed for form and function Developed to be as comfortable as it is fun-to-drive, the all-new Focus ST exploits the class-leading roominess and exceptional refinement of the standard Focus range, and features an upscale interior that balances everyday practicality and a true sporty driving experience. Ford Performance engineers fine-tuned the positioning of supportive Recaro front seats to complement the connected and in-control feel for the driver, while ESE technology amplifies genuine engine and exhaust noise in Sport and Track modes – heightening the sports driving sensation and delivering additional feedback to assist performance drivers. Tuned engine mounts and an isolated subframe – alongside available CCD technology – increase refinement for all occupants. Generous front shoulder room and best-in-class rear knee clearance combine with maximum 1,653-litre wagon luggage capacity and a boot space that can comfortably accommodate a large dog crate, for maximum comfort and practicality. In addition to the sports steering wheel and Ebony coloured Recaro seats with a choice of high-quality cloth, leather, or partial leather and Miko Dinamica materials, the unique Focus ST interior intensifies the sporty atmosphere with an ST-embossed aluminium gear knob and scuff plates; alloy pedals; metallic hexagonal and satin silver decorative elements; and metal grey stitching for the seats, door inserts and centre console soft side pads. The Focus ST builds on the premium, sporting Focus silhouette with subtle, functional styling changes and unique alloy wheel designs. Revised upper and lower front grille designs are optimised for increased cooling capability, and bold signature lower wing elements channel air in to the air-curtain inlets for improved aerodynamic performance. A larger, more steeply angled rear roof spoiler increases downforce to support the Focus ST’s driving dynamics. A twin exit tailpipe configuration borders the aggressively styled rear diffuser element, and improves practicality by delivering the towing capability that was prevented by the centre-exit tailpipes of the previous generation Focus ST. The Performance Pack also adds red brake callipers. Exterior colour options chosen to emphasise the Focus ST’s dynamic styling include exclusive Ford Performance Blue and Orange Fury, alongside Frozen White, Magnetic grey, Race Red, Ruby Red and Shadow Black. Bold alloy wheel options include 18-inch Dark Sparkle and Magnetite designs, with a 19-inch wheel also offered in Magnetite. The Focus ST also benefits from the comprehensive range of sophisticated Ford driver assistance technologies that have helped the all-new Focus win 13 awards and a 5-star safety rating since going on sale in 2018. Seamlessly integrated technologies that enable an intuitive, stress-reducing and refined driving experience include: Adaptive Cruise Control now enhanced with Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition and Lane-Centring for effortlessly negotiating stop-start traffic Ford’s Adaptive Front Lighting System with new camera-based predictive curve light and sign-based light that pre-adjust headlamp patterns for improved visibility by monitoring bends in the road and – for the first time in the industry – road signs Active Park Assist 2 that operates gear selection, acceleration and braking in addition to steering, to enable fully-automated manoeuvres at the push of a button Ford’s first Head-up display to be offered in Europe, helping drivers focus their attention on the road ahead Evasive Steering Assist, a segment-first technology that helps drivers steer around stopped or slower vehicles to help avoid collisions Ford’s SYNC 3 connectivity system allows drivers to control audio, navigation and climate functions plus connected smartphones using simple voice commands supported by an 8-inch colour touchscreen. The system provides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ compatibility free of charge, and available FordPass Connect embedded modem technology turns the vehicle into a mobile WiFi hotspot with connectivity for up to 10 devices “Our target was to deliver an all-new Focus ST that is as effortless to drive day-to-day as the rest of the Focus line-up,” Roeks said. “The model’s comprehensive range of technologies means customers gain exhilarating ST performance without sacrifice.” The all-new Focus ST will go on sale across Europe in summer 2019.
  2. 2011 Fiesta 1.2 Edge 3 Door Hatchback MOT until 9th April 2019, but will put a new one on before purchase. 32000 genuine miles with Full Service History at local Ford Dealer OFFERS IN THE REGION OF £ 4200 (car is based in Dorset) . Selling on behalf of a friend. Please message me and I will pass them on.
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  4. Premium Members can receive the following discount: 10% discount off MRRP (usually £79.95 Generation 2 - £39.95 ITire Air) How does it work? The wireless system includes a stylish windscreen-mounted solar-powered LCD screen which displays tyre pressures in psi or bar. If the device detects a tyre in distress through loss of pressure, fast leakage or an increase in temperature – often the sign of an impending tyre blowout – the driver is alerted, and the affected tyre identified on the screen. Our unique overnight mode will even inform you of a low-pressure tyre before you depart on your journey. We’re confident you won’t find a comparable product which is as affordable, easy to fit or more accurate – not to mention backed by one of the world’s most reputable brands.
  5. Here at Xclusive we take pride in the creation of high quality custom parts for a wide range of vehicles, one of which is the highly anticipated 2018 Ford Transit Custom. We have designed a Full Add-on Body Kit to re-design your standard 2018 Transit into a guaranteed head turner! This Xclusive Design Body Kit for your 2018 Ford Transit Custom will totally transform your van into a gripping, remarkable and distinctive vehicle. We can promise guaranteed good quality as we use the highest quality German branded PLASTIC We can provide this item for £1,150 (RRP £1,435) FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE UK!
  6. Performance car fans are being offered a unique opportunity to buy a Ford Focus RS50 EVO. TrustFord, the world's largest dedicated Ford dealer group, has been granted exclusive UK sales rights by Ford for two white RS50 EVOs Ford RS special editions have consistently proved their appeal amongst fans and collectors. The Evocation (EVO) range was created by Ford to celebrate 50 years of the RS range, and is the ultimate evolution of the 2017/18 RS editions. Ford commissioned tuning brand Mountune to build just three ultimate examples of the Mk3 Focus RS with the ultimate upgrade package, including: sports exhaust, alloy intercooler, carbon fibre rear spoiler lip, vented bonnet and Chassis features such as lowered sport suspension and lightweight breaks. The two vehicles being sold by TrustFord will be the only ones to be made publicly available. The dealer group is committed to selling them to true fans, so will be running an application process for prospective buyers prior to auction. The ultimate buyers will also be asked to commit to keeping the car for a minimum of two years. Applications for the bidding process are only open for one more week and close on 31st January 2019. Those accepted will be invited to join an exclusive online auction to take place on Thursday 7th Feb at 3.30pm, which will be managed by BCA. The reserve price will be £85,000. To apply, contact to receive an application form.
  7. All-new Ford Focus trophy collection includes two Car of the Year titles and 10 category wins since going on sale this year. Focus also shortlisted for European Car of the Year Sporty Focus ST‑Line variant, Chrome Blue and Desert Island Blue colours, and new eight-speed automatic transmission among popular options for Focus customers Focus range also offers stylish Titanium, upscale Vignale and SUV-inspired Active five-door and wagon variants, with optimised interior space, craftsmanship and driver assistance tech New from the ground up, the most accomplished and technically-competent Focus ever has already earned 12 prestigious awards – including two outright Car of the Year titles – since going on sale across Europe in the summer Ford sold more than 42,100 all-new Focus cars through November year to date, with the sporty Focus ST-Line variant accounting for more than 40 per cent of sales. One in six Focus customers opted for Chrome Blue or Desert Island Blue colours, in addition to the more traditional and popular Magnetic grey and Frozen White colours. A new eight-speed automatic transmission has also proven even more popular with customers than anticipated. Manufactured using cutting-edge processes at Ford’s Saarlouis assembly facility, Germany, the all-new Focus is offered in five-door hatchback and wagon body styles. In addition to the popular ST-Line variant, the comprehensive line-up also includes the stylish Focus Trend and Titanium and upscale Focus Vignale. The first sports-utility vehicle-inspired Focus Active crossover is now also available to order. “Media, motoring experts and – most importantly – customers are full of praise for our all-new Focus, and that’s reflected in both variety of awards the car is winning and the rate at which they’re flying out of showrooms,” said Glen Goold, Focus chief programme engineer, Ford of Europe. “To be considered the best in such a competitive segment is a very high level of praise.” The all-new Focus confidence-inspiring driving and occupant experience – developed following closer collaboration with customers than ever before – has been recognised by publications and organisations across Europe, including Car of the Year 2019 titles in Croatia and Finland. Benefits for business drivers including optimised fuel efficiency from sophisticated EcoBoost petrol and EcoBlue diesel engines, wireless charging capability for compatible smartphones and FordPass Connect on-board modem connectivity are reflected with victory at the Entrepreneurs Car of the Year awards in Spain; the Benefit Category award at the Czech Republic Fleet Awards 2018; and the title of Best Lower-Medium Car at the BusinessCar Awards in the U.K. Category award wins for the all-new Focus include Compact Class Winner at the Auto Zeitung Auto Trophy 2018 in Germany;and Best Family Car at the 2018 Scottish Car of the Year Awards. Focus also is one of seven cars shortlisted for the European Car of the Year award to be announced in March 2019. Delivering more interior space combined with high quality materials and craftsmanship, the all-new Focus offers the most sophisticated range of Ford driver assistance technologies ever offered to Ford customers including Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition and Lane-Centring for effortlessly negotiating stop-start traffic, and Ford’s first head-up display to be offered in Europe. Focus was earlier this year awarded the maximum 5-star safety rating by independent crash test authority Euro NCAP – one of the first vehicles to be awarded the highest rating under new, more stringent Euro NCAP testing protocols. The full list of awards won by the all-new Ford Focus in 2018 year to date is: Car of the Year 2019 – Finland Car of the Year 2019 – Croatia Belgian Family Car of the Year (two price categories) – Belgium Irish Car of the Year awards: Small/Compact Car of the Year – Ireland Autobild Golden Wheels Award: Best Compact car – Bulgaria BusinessCar Awards: Best Lower-Medium Car – U.K. Parkers New Car Awards 2019: Best Small Family Car – U.K. 2018 Scottish Car of the Year Awards: Best Family Car – Scotland Auto Zeitung Auto Trophy 2018: Compact category winner – Germany Great Austrian Automobile Prize: Start category winner – Austria Entrepreneurs Car of the Year – Spain Czech Republic Fleet Awards 2018: Benefit category winner – Czech Republic
  8. The Ford Fiesta has won three car of the year titles, two of them for the hot new Fiesta ST Top Gear Magazine this week awarded the Fiesta ST its car of the year honour, as well as hot hatch of the year, continuing the success of the previous Fiesta ST which won the same awards in 2013. Parkers also named Fiesta ST its car of the year at the 2019 Parkers New Car Awards – one of three trophies awarded by the buyers’ guide to Fiesta, out of a total of four for the Blue Oval. In its end-of-year awards issue, Top Gear Magazine seized on the completeness of Ford’s £19,495 pocket rocket, produced by the same performance team that delivered Ford’s acclaimed GT supercar. Charlie Turner, BBC Top Gear Magazine editor-in-chief, said: “The Fiesta ST is the best small hatch on sale; quite possibly the best one ever built. I love that Ford spends as much time ensuring its baby Fiesta drives slickly as it does the half-million-pound GT.” judged Fiesta ST best car for thrill seekers and went on to crown the 200PS hatch its overall car of the year. “The Ford Fiesta ST is a clear and obvious winner because of its brilliant performance, fabulous dynamics, and killer good looks”, said Parkers editor Keith Adams. “Ford proved the most successful carmaker in the 2019 Parkers New Car Awards, with an impressive and well-deserved haul.” Ford’s third gong from Parkers was for the previous generation Fiesta – the UK’s best-selling car for eight consecutive years – as its used car of the year. And all-new Ford Focus, also on sale this year, is Parkers’ recommended small family car. The Carbuyer advice site today threw its weight of commendation behind the top-selling Fiesta, honouring both the sporty ST and the rest of the Fiesta line-up. Carbuyer editor-in-chief Steve Fowler said the Fiesta ST as best hot hatch is easy to live with day-to-day, yet comes alive on the right roads, putting far more powerful alternatives in the shade. Carbuyer commended the entire new Fiesta range for its design, technology, cabin space, value for money and fun to drive. “The Ford Fiesta is the standout new car on the market today. Ford manages to cram so much into its supermini-sized package while retaining the trademark handling verve that really sets the Fiesta apart. Quite simply, we love it and it is Carbuyer’s car of the year once again,” said Steve Fowler. Ford has sold more than 2,500 new Fiesta ST models since June 2018, of 120,000 new Fiestas delivered altogether in the last 18 months. Performance Blue is the most popular Fiesta ST colour choice, accounting for more than a quarter of orders. More than 65 per cent of customers have added the optional £850 Performance Pack, which includes a Quaife limited slip differential, launch control and performance shift lights. Almost three-quarters of ST orders are for the three-door bodystyle, and over half of customers have opted for the top ST-3 series.
  9. "If you are in the market for a convertible sporty car then I would recommend you consider the Mustang due to its value for money in comparison to its competitors and certain exclusivity on UK roads" The Ford Mustang – an American icon but does the 2018 model make a viable purchase? The Motorists Guide went to Las Vegas to find out Read the full article here:
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