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  1. Water Leak In Drivers Side Under Carpet

    Look in the following highlighted spots: I had same problem. Turned out to be the four holes for roof bars screws. Reinforce with silicone or fit some screws a little shorter. Don't know if your Focus has the same problem. Compliments
  2. Its workiiiiiiing!!! :) :) :) Thank you all mates!!! It's workin' like a charm! You can't imagine how many times i've asked ford dealers and searched web for this solution. Thanks! ;) - Auto lock on - Radio info on (I have a short trip screen (not gps). When radio off info is equal before. With radio on - middle lines fall down and radio/CD info going to middle) - Shift up on (forgot to test) - DDS will be next mod - Eco mode (didn't try yet) Remembered another question: is it possible to program turn signal louder? It's quite low now.
  3. Hi. Unfortunately Richiemac's ELMConfig.zip file isn't actual version (in english) and civil.iffc.ru still down. Found ELMConfig.zip on web but antivirus mark him as trojan horse. Can anyone please post a link to a correct version? I've completed the mod in ELM327 but can't get the file to enable the features :( Thanks in advance!
  4. Lisboa - Portugal

  5. Thanks Pree ;) I'll wait for any updates. A problem - cannot get ELMConfig.zip and DllPack.zip. Seems civil.iffc.ru links are off
  6. Hello everyone! I'm from Portugal and found this useful topic! Thanks to all guys who are commited to develop these great programs! My ELM should be arriving from ebay to test all the features. Meanwhile, i'm asking if it is possible to activate two things: - side mirrors with auto folding (when you open/close Focus with remote); - auto fog lights when opening Focus (like side mirrors bottom lights)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums nmigfer :)

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      It has already helped me a lot!