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  1. Just Bought A Bunch Of Stuff To Clean The Car...

    I dont use any water to wash car,i use proshine which cleans and waxes the car with no need for water.If you have never used it before once youve tried it you wont go back to water,Takes me about 15 mins to clean and wax the car.
  2. Pipe Under Bonnet

    I found a picture on google and it goes to the airfilter. thanks
  3. Pipe Under Bonnet

    Just done a oil change on car and found this pipe,does anyone know what it is or where it goes if anywhere?.The cars a ford focus saloon 2000 1.8tddi engine.
  4. Inside Wear On Rear Tyres

    been to have tracking checked all ok,but was told by them its the camber that needs adjusting which is possible on the focus, there are 2 bolts that you can adjust.They said i need to take it to a garage that does 4 wheel alignment,so its booked in for sat.
  5. Inside Wear On Rear Tyres

    Just noticed my rear tyres are wearing on the insides,i think this is due to the camber,Does anyone know if you can adjust the camber on a 2001 focus saloon?thanks
  6. 1.6 Tdci: Cleaning Carbon Buildup

    i use millers diesel additve to keep the carbon down.
  7. Radiator Fan And Temp

    would it come on if the coolant was low?the coolant was on min so topped up and its not come on since.
  8. Radiator Fan And Temp

    where abouts is the temperature switch please?
  9. Radiator Fan And Temp

    When the car gets to running temperature and i am stuck in traffic the fan turns on but the temperature gauge stays in the same position(in center).Does the focus have 2 speeds for the fan and the slow speed keeps the gauge in th center.2001 1.8tddi and it has a/c.
  10. How Do I Remove Front Fog Light?

    on my 2001 focus there is a spring clip thats behind the grill,i found a video on you tube on how to do it
  11. Clutch

    Does anybody know roughly how much a new clutch will cost for a 2001 ford focus saloon 1.8tddi?thanks
  12. Immobilliser Red Light

    Came to start the car (2001 focus saloon)no problems but after driving for about 2 mins i noticed the red alarm light still flashing wasnt causing any problems and it went out on its own.Is this something i should worry about?
  13. Child Safety Locks

    i had put them on a few years ago and now dont need them but just couldnt remember how to.
  14. Child Safety Locks

    thank you i couldnt remember how i put them on lol.
  15. Child Safety Locks

    Just been and collected my 2001 focus saloon and the rear doors have the safety child locks on can someone tell me how to take them off thanks.