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  1. Your First Ever Car!

    It was a great little thing, it did start to slowly die before my mum got rid of it though. Think it went to the scrap heap in the sky :(
  2. Ice Cream Weather

    The best ice cream I ever had was from Thorntons - it was the mango one. It was a ridiculously hot day, and I can't cope with the heat at all so I always tend to go for something more refreshing rather than chocolate. Not the cheapest for a 3 scoop cone, but !Removed! hell it was good!!
  3. Red Bull Addiction?

    Used to drink Red Bull quite often but then Relentless came out. Prefer the taste of that much more, plus it's a little cheaper! Don't drink them often though, but as Paddy H says - good for helping on long drives!
  4. Your First Ever Car!

    I don't have any pictures but mine was a Mk3 Fiesta. Called it Skippy cause it was just that....a skip! Did a fair old chunk of mileage in it though and couldn't fault it. My mum even had it after me for a year!
  5. Anywhere To Go Top Speed?

    I would really hate to get stuck behind you on the road!! :P
  6. Mondeo Remote Key Dead

    What's the best thing to do if you have done all of the above but it still doesn't work? Friend of mine has an 06 plate focus estate that has the same issues about not being able to use remote central locking - the key works fine to unlock the door and start the car. We have both tried to re-program as above but it still doesn't work. Does this mean that the key is knackered and need to get a new one? Or is there a way to get around this - have tried the usual in replacing the battery also but this didn't work either
  7. Radio Code

    I think I'm right to say that your serial number is M35234 - Anyone please feel free to correct me though Also, think I'm also right to say that forum rules say that we can't give out radio codes on here. You can search the Internet - plenty of places do them for free, I did the same about a week ago Hope this helps
  8. Absolutely! Have already eyed up a couple!!
  9. Iphone Charger - Direct From Battery?

    Cool, thanks for the links!
  10. Iphone Charger - Direct From Battery?

    Unfortunately my armrest doesn't have a 12v port in it :(
  11. At the moment it's nothing special. I certainly need to get some alloys for it, that is no major rush.
  12. Dan At Adrian Flux

    I just bought a Mondeo 130 TDCi 53 plate. Have insured it through Direct line. I'm young, have points and only 2 years no claims so generally expect to pay a hefty chunk. I'm paying £737 with Direct line and this is the cheapest I can find - and yes, I am happy with it as this is the cheapest I have ever paid on insurance! Just found this thread so thought I would give it a try - my quote has come out at £1389.54 with a bit in the email to say "Call now to purchase this insurance".....I don't think I'll be doing that!!
  13. I am looking at installing a Parrot handsfree kit to my Mk3 Mondeo, but I would like to have a cradle to hold the phone and also charge it whilst it is in there. I don't want to have one of these that connect into the cigarette charging bit as it's too far away from the centre consol and will have trailing cables etc which will get annoying, plus if I want to plug in my sat nav then I will have to unplug the phone charger. Does anyone know if you are able to wire up something so it will run off the battery power directly, rather than through the cigarette charger?
  14. Well, I ended up selling this car - for a loss, but that was expected. Was genuine to the person I sold it to, but he was happy enough as he wanted a bit of a project to do and was more than happy to invest his time and money into doing it! I ended up buying another Mondeo yesterday - this time a 53 plate 130 TDCi 6 speed and for a decent price too. Thankfully, I told a friend that I was going to have a look at it and he said that he knew someone that worked for the RAC (wish I had known this before I looked at the other one!). He came and had a look at it for me, connected it to his laptop etc and found no faults, and said that it was a very decent car at a very decent price. So, one happy Mondeo owner now!
  15. Thanks for the reply - the guy said to me that the subframe bushes were really knackered. Said it would be easier to replace the whole subframe. Not sure if this is true or whether he is just trying to get some extra cash in his pocket!! Quoted me about £300 including labour to do it. What's the pros and cons on getting a DMF conversion kit to take it to a solid state one? Is it worth it?