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  1. Was in my girlfriends fiesta the other day when the engine temp gauge shot up to 120, then back to 60 and a message came up saying "Engine temperature high" or something along those lines. It then went away and the car was performing fine the whole time. It was on a long journey which its not used to, but i dont think this would have happened? Anyone any ideas? Possibly a faulty sensor? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Olly.
  2. OllyMcC

    Removing Gaiter To Change Gear Knob

    If you remove the plastic panel that the gaiter goes through, (the bottom one) its easy. The gaitor clips off the bottom of this panel. But yes, turning it anticlockwise will remove the gearknob. But since the gaitor is attched to the knob you need to take it off to. To remove the plastic panel just pull up, theres 4 metal clips holding it and 2 plastic ones, you need to pull quite hard. Then just clip the gaitor and unscrew the gearknob! :)
  3. OllyMcC

    Earth In Centre Console Area?

    Yeh, might do that for now, as its an easier job, then if i want to have it on constant, ill do it later on. Cheers for the help, Olly.
  4. I currently have a positive feed running down the centre console coming from a piggyback fuse adapter in the glove box fuse box. I am looking for an earth to connected some LED's to. Where is the easiest place to find one? Any help appreciated. Cheers, Olly.
  5. OllyMcC

    Earth In Centre Console Area?

    Cheers guys, will take a look later on. Do you think this is simple enough, or would it be easier to just connect the rear footwell LED's to the courtesy footwell lighting from the front?
  6. Just to make things even more difficult, if it was me, id run it down the centre console from the glovebox, under the carpet in the rear footwell, and under the seats, then into the boot, round the side of the boot, in the plastics, and round to the back of the boot. Hahah. Good luck, whatever option you go for! What are you wiring if you dont mind me asking?
  7. OllyMcC

    Help To Throse Alloys To My Car

    Get the RS ones, they look great. I've always wanted 17's like that.
  8. I know what you mean, OEM is good! ^_^ Sounds like an idea, if you go ahead with it, make sure and get up some pics!
  9. I found 17" RS styled ones for the fiesta once, i always wanted to buy them, but when i went back to look, i couldnt find them! I would only ever change mine to 17's but im sure the 16's would look great too. I say go for it!
  10. OllyMcC


    Does the 12V cigarette lighter output, always stay on, even if the car is off and locked? I was thinking about connecting some LEDs to it, but I've just thought about this. Any help greatly appreciated! :) Thanks, Olly
  11. OllyMcC


    Yeh, gotta get a switch in there too. How will i know what fuse to put in the adapter? Do i need to calculate it? :) Thanks!
  12. OllyMcC


    Yeh, i think id like them on with the ignition. So just run a positive leg from the ignition fuse? Sorry, I'm new to the whole electrics thing, but willing to give stuff a go! So, piggyback fuse adapter from a fuse that runs when ignition is turned on? do i need a fuse in both the fuse spaces? (both slots on piggyback adapter)? then splice into that, onto the LEDs then an earth?
  13. OllyMcC


    Think theres anyway of connecting it to the handbrake switch? handbrake on = LED off/ handbrake off = LED on ?
  14. OllyMcC


    Ahh, thanks. :( Next best place to connect? The LED's are for rear footwell lights.
  15. Hi, i'm considering getting these wheels i the near future, and just wanted to see what they looked like on my mk7. here are the wheels i would like. They are basically 17" replica's of the focus RS ones, except they only have 4 bolts so fit directly to the fiesta. I dont mind if you use these or the actual focus RS ones, i'm sure it'll look very simiar. heres my fiesta. Apologies about the terrible photo. If anyones interested, let me know. Thanks, Olly.
  16. OllyMcC

    A Few Issues

    I always thought "issue 5" was normal? is it not? I didnt realise the indicator lights were meant to flash? I'm guess jamjam80 wont be able to help with this? iNath (or anyone for that matter), are they meant to flash? Thanks.
  17. Was having a browse on NCC and ebay, and i stubbled across these, great price, cheapest ive ever seen them, just thought someone might be interested. White: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item53ef2550d3 Silver: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item53f04242e2
  18. OllyMcC

    Focus Rs Wheels, Great Price.

    And a couple more........ (Still dont think they'd fit yours though Dal.) 19" silver - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Genuine-Ford-Focus-RS-Version-8-5-19-15-Spoke-Silver-2009-2011-/150964969636?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Trims_Car_Rims_ET&hash=item232636a0a4 Black Machined - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Genuine-Ford-RS-Accessory-18-Alloy-Wheel-Set-4-Black-MachinedKIT1695034-/150948467187?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Trims_Car_Rims_ET&hash=item23253ad1f3
  19. My 2012 Mk7 fez, has seemed to develop a rattling noise on the passenger side door/seatbelt/seat area. Its a 3 door, so the seat needs moved to get into the back, obviously, but i have sat on the seat while its being driven, and its to the left of that. It sounds like a dodgy locking mechanism, door seal, latch or something behind the door card, but i really am stuck for ideas, and im not sure how to tackle the problem. :( any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. OllyMcC


    Okay, so I know you can purchase armrests for the MK7 fiesta, which basically provide an armrest (DUH), extra storage, and some OEM-looking style. But which is the best one to buy and use? I'm going to buy one, just deciding which...... Thanks, Olly.
  21. OllyMcC

    What Alloys?

    I have a dark blue fiesta too, and would love to change the alloys to bigger ones, just havent done it yet. However, ive been shopping around a long time now, and in my opinion, any multispoke wheels look great on the fez. I plan to put white or silver multispokes on mine eventually. But am swayed towards a 17" 4-stud version replica of the focus RS's wheels. But if i was you, I would shop around for while, and make sure you get exactly what you want. Hope this helped. Olly.
  22. OllyMcC


    I thought Boomerang would be the one to go for, but struggled to find the European one. So, I'm guessing thats where you [gazza81288] come into the equation? So i'll send you a message, and see how we get on! Thanks guys! :) Olly.
  23. OllyMcC

    Looking Into Changing To Fiesta

    I have seen a few fiestas with towbars, mind you only zetec models, and they have had a small piece cut out of the rear valance, so i would imagine a similar thing would have to be done with a zetec-s, but im not certain. Olly.
  24. I had suspected this, and everytime i hear the rattle, i look over and check its not bouncing off the B-pillar, so i dont think it is, but i suppose buckling it in, and then seeing if the noise is still there, wont kill me, so ill give that ago next time I'm out. No rattling today though, seems to be a temperamental little bugger.. Cheers, Olly.
  25. Had thought about it, but its a hour round trip plus whatever time they want to look at it. And i'm pretty busy at the moment, was hoping its just something small, i could have a look at myself. But might end up having to go to the dealers. Cheers