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  1. hello there, i own the above motor which i use in dublin as a taxi,, i have been having terrible trouble with power loss lately, my engine management light came on, and when it was put on the diagnostic machine it pointed i the direction of the air flow system, now the symptoms when the car has been running for a while the problem starts to come into it, as i take off the car pulls away normally, but when i go to give it power the engine just slumps, however if i tip the accelerator she will build up speed gradually, if i am travelling along m'way at say, 6o m.p.h. it will run normally for a few miles then it will start to slow down of it's own accord even with the cruise control on, when the car is stopped in neutral if i go to gun the engine it will rev right up and then die off to the point where it is spluttering and then backfires, however again if i tip the accelerator it will rev right the way up tp the red line, the ford garage mechanics are a pack of W&^*(%S and don't trust them one bit as the last time the car was serviced they left the used spark plugs under the bonnet, thankd in advance for any replies,