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  1. Mk6 Escort Van - Bodykit

    Alright Billy Thanks for replying The sills have been welded up already, rust proofed & painted - It's the rear arches that are rotten at the top on each side, I have removed the rot and filled the voids in with fibre glass resin and reshaped and finished off with isopon & painted so although they look good I'm sure the rust is already back on its way - Was wanting plastic arches to cover over the original metallic arches, will keep looking maybe try a Mk4 RS turbo wheel arch to see or a universal arch kit from Ebay
  2. Hi There Have a 2002 1.8 TD Escort Van that I have been cleaning up this last while and was wanting to fit a bodykit consisting of wheel arches & side skirts Does anyone know (Before I buy) does a mk3 OR mk4 RS turbo wheel arches & skirts fit a mk 6 escort van ? Is there a kit out there for a MK6 van ? I already have GTI side skirts that I plan to extend to fit the van but to cover up rust mainly and give the van a better stance was wanting to fit wheel arches along with matching skirts if possible
  3. No I didn't replace the clutch & DMF as this was done by previous owner but he produced receipts & I also checked with the garage that did the work and they confirmed it was all replaced & with genuine Ford parts at the request of the previous owner (Who eats breaths & talks Fords) I going to replace the clutch master cylinder here next week and re-bleed system to see if this cures the problem - At the minute the clutch works fine for a day or two then it is hard to select all gears the next day and basically works good when it feels like it - Have noticed on slightly cooler days it does mess about Will keep you posted with the new master cylinder change - Thanks for replying
  4. Basically asking the question would Mk3 estate side skirts fit a Mk4 estate ? Due to cost & availability the Mk 3 skirts are cheaper & more readily available than the Mk 4 Is this possible ?
  5. Went out to the car this morning without doing anything to it and the clutch is working perfect - Will drive it for a few mile to see if it fails again which I'm predicting it will Going to order up a clutch master cylinder and fit that to see if it cures the problem
  6. Hi There 2003 Mondeo - ST220 - 3.0L V6 Petrol - 108,000 Miles New clutch kit including concentric slave cylinder & DMF fitted at 90,000 miles car now has 108,000 on it Issue is hard to select reverse & 1st gears - Have to turn off engine select reverse or 1st then start up and then drive off - If I drive the car for a while (roughly 5-6 mile) the clutch seems to get better, Once the car is left for a while the clutch seems to go again and above process followed it improves etc etc Checked the following: Fluid level in brake reservoir and its at maximum (checked over 1 week since problem) - No leaks from bell housing in gearbox, Also checked for fluid leaks at clutch master cylinder at pedal & also the hydraulic line from master to slave & again no leaks, Have bled the hydraulic system & this has temporarily cured the problem for 1 day's driving, Also changed the gearbox oil & checked the freeness of the gear selector cables and gear selectors - All good I don't think the clutch itself is the problem as once you get the car moving and go up the gears to 4-5th there is good biting power from the clutch and it isn't slipping, There is also no oil leaks or fluid leaks which would suggest one of the cylinders or fluid lines being the issue It feels like a hydraulic problem or maybe the clutch pressure plate is the issue - If the slave or master cylinder or fluid line was the issue surely it would show signs of fluid leaks dropping the level in the brake reservoir which it hasn't Any ideas folks ?
  7. Whining Mondeo TDCI 1.8

    Hi There I have a 2010 Mondeo estate 1.8 tdci titanium with 125,000 miles on it and it has just started to do the same whine - I have narrowed the whine to either the alternator or auxiliary drive belt tensioner. I need to do a water pump on it real soon anyway (which is driven by the auxiliary belt) so I will find out here in the next week or two. Have also noticed an oil leak coming from the lower wet timing belt cover area so all in the one corner - Suppose with the age & mileage these things are starting to fail now - Will post my findings
  8. Update - Car not operating as it should Brand new fuel filter again..! Topped up the filter head housing 3 times and bled the injectors at the metallic pipes and she started and has been running grand ever since Note to self - Don't ever stray away from BP fuel again Problem was water & debris in the fuel filter & housing Thanks for all the 1 of replies...!
  9. Hi Wee update - Removed the fuel filter housing on the side of the cylinder head and took the top of it, Housing only a third filled with diesel - topped it up with diesel, resealed it and refitted it to the engine bay, Cranked it over and it started and then cut out 5-7 seconds later Suspect primary fuel pump in tank - Cant get a brand new fuel pump anywhere from a parts store so looking like a dealer part only Cant wait to price this ?
  10. problem with gears

    Hi It will more than likely be a worn clutch plate or clutch pressure plate - Try pushing the clutch pedal as far to the floor as you can and wait 3-4 seconds before engaging reverse see if it doesn't crunch then - Should only crunch typically in 1st or reverse from standing start Check for fluid leaks around slave cylinder at gearbox (if visible) slave cylinder could be part of the release bearing assembly which might be inside the bell housing if so look at bottom of gearbox at sump interface for clutch fluid leak If slave cylinder inside bell housing - Gearbox out I'm afraid so would be adviseable to replace clutch kit assembly whilst at it due to mileage on clutch / engine if it's on its original clutch that is Please report back with them findings...!
  11. Low idealing and Shakey

    Hi There Yes if there is still warranty left on it get it back asap - Sounds like it could be the idle air control valve sticking - Get it looked at / cleaned out and run a diagnostics check on it - Worth while checking the air filter and surrounding pipe work for split vacuum pipes or pipes that have came off there location
  12. Hi Alex With your car having 100,000 miles on it, it could well be an oil leak form the flywheel oil seal as these are constantly getting heated & cooled every day and to be honest its a miracle they actually last as long as they do as the crankshaft rotates inside the seal thousands of times per minute I would put money on the people who fixed the sump gasket didn't seal it correctly especially at the flywheel side as this can be a wee bit more awkward to get at what with the space around it Jack the car up & remove the sump guard / splash guards clean in and around the leak area really well and let the car idle and watch from below with a good light you should see the leak appear and be able to determine if its the sump seal at edge of sump or coming from beyond that - Also check the top of the engine above the gearbox bell housing sometimes oil can leak from the rocker cover or cylinder head area and run down the back / sides of the block giving the impression its flywheel oil seal or sump gasket.
  13. Hi There 2010 Mondeo Estate 1.8 tdci titanium Mileage: 125,000 Condition: Like new in all aspects Service: Full service history - Extremely well looked after I have a 2010 1.8 tdci Mondeo estate titanium I have owned the car for 3 years now and its been great to me so far - I went out yesterday morning to start the car to let it warm up in the back garden before my journey to work ( As I always do ), It started OK but cut out about 5 seconds later - It turns over on the starter motor fine with a great strong battery but just wont even attempt to start - It almost like fuel starvation. This is the first & only time this car has let me down to date & the previous owner said he never had any issues with it in his three years of owning it ( Company car well documented service ) The car was fully serviced by myself just 6 weeks ago with all new filters, This car gets anything it needs plus more as I like to look after my car Timing belt kits both wet & dry all changed at 90,000 miles along with water pump & coolant Have tried disconnecting the battery for a couple of hours & opening & closing the locking by key & remote thinking it might be an immobiliser issue but still no joy Going to hook up my diagnostic computer tonight but no EML light on First thoughts were fuel have unplugged a few electrical connections under the bonnet around the fuel rail & fuel pump to inspect connections, I am now thinking its a fuel issue so going to remove the fuel filter and check for fuel Doesn't appear to be a buzz from the primary pump in the tank upon ignition lights ( but to be honest cant remember how loud or noticeable this was even when it was starting OK ) Could it be Alarm / Immobiliser ? Primary or Secondary fuel pumps ? Giving the mileage on it maybe one of the fuel pumps has ran its course Also put £40 of diesel in it on Sunday from a BP garage - All my fords run on BP Only Any ideas guys ?
  14. Mk6 Escort Van Td Engine Conversion

    Has no-one out of the 50 views so far nothing to add to this post ?
  15. Just completed a 1.8td engine conversion on my 2002 Escort van & have fuel/turbo issues Donor car was a 97 Escort td (70ps Non intercooled) Had to swap nearly everything from the van set up onto the td engine due to the 5 year age gap between vehicles (so many differences), New TD engine running the old non turbo fuel pump due to the turbo pump having 5 wires and van wiring loom having only 3 wires, so made the decision whilst the engine was out to use the 3 pin fuel pump as I knew it would work with the van wiring loom. The van starts & drives ok but turbo not kicking in, the turbo is working but not boosting like it should I believe the non turbo fuel pump currently running on the turbo engine is the problem to why it's not boosting so my question is would the actual original 5 pin turbo fuel pump work on the vans 3 pin wiring loom .? turbo fuel pump doesn't have the turbo boost pipe btw Should I try & turn up the fuel on the non turbo fuel pump currently on the turbo engine or take a chance & swap the 5 pin turbo fuel pump back onto the engine knowing the loom on the van only has 3 wires...?