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  1. Issues Timing My Engine

    hi guys i hope someone can help me. i had to change the camshaft chain tensioner on my 2005 ford fiesta TDCI (mk6). After fitting the new camshaft chain tensioner I timed the engine correctly using the correct timing pins.(i also rotated the engine by hand clockwise through 12 cycles with no issues, everything was sound) Unfortunately after piecing everything back together i realised that i had forgot to put the cam shaft oil seal on!!!! so i began taking everything off again. fitted the new oil seal and again put everything back together. this time however i could only get about half a turn from the crankshaft i took the belt off and the crankshaft with nothing attached to it and it still wouldn't rotate. I don't know if the valves are hitting or getting jammed on something I've read up online that the fuel pump sprocket needs to be taken out then the engine should be timed and then put back in (apparently the fuel pump runs on a chain which is connected to the camshaft.) Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Timing A Fiesta Engine

    Hi guys, I have a 2005 Ford fiesta TDCI zetec S, I had to replace the timing chain so ive had to take the rocker cover and cams out of the engine. Ive now assigned the cams position correctly, but no i have to time the rest of the engine. does anyone have any PDF's or photots they could please help me with? Thank in advance Ryan
  3. Fiesta Tdci Mk6 Oil Switch Thread Size?

    Thank you!
  4. Fiesta Tdci Mk6 Oil Switch Thread Size?

    Thank you 'Diesel pig' ould you look at this site for me and tell me if any of these threads would fit? http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/fittings-accessories/lma-oil-pressure-remote-t-piece Thanks again!
  5. Hi guys, i have a 2005 ford fiesta tdci (mk6) and was wondering if anyone knows what the size of the thread of the oil switch is? Ive rung Ford and they dont know! Thank you!
  6. Oil Pressure Gauge Help!

    Also i've rung Ford up and they don't even know what size thread the oil switch is! im assuming my fiesta TDCI would share some of the same qualities Lenny so if you could find out the thread type i would appreciate it, Thanks again!
  7. Oil Pressure Gauge Help!

    Hi guys thanks for the responses, ,really appreciate it! Lenny where did you purchase the braided hose and t-peice? ive found this on demon tweeks... http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/fittings-accessories/lma-oil-pressure-remote-t-piece
  8. Oil Pressure Gauge Help!

    i dont know whhy but its not letting me upload them on here, ,could i email you the pics?
  9. Oil Pressure Gauge Help!

    Hi there, thanks for the reply.The plate your i think you may be referring to is called a "sandwich" which is placed in between the block and oil filter cartridge. i have a diesel and i think its differs from the petrol version in this case. I need to find an adapter, like a t-piece which can fit into the block and so both the oil switch and my oil pressure gauge can be fitted. My friend told me that ford make a testing unit which is basically a hase with a bolt on the end which goes into the block and has a gauge at the other end. its only for testing though not for use when driving
  10. Oil Pressure Gauge Help!

    Hi there guys i' hoping someone can help me i have a 2005 ford fiesta zetec s tdci and ive just put a new engine in due to the previous engine failing. ive just finished fitting the new engine in but the oil light is coming up but when hold the revs up slightly the light goes off. so i bought an oil pressure gauge along with a boost gauge and a oil temperature gauge. but the t-piece ive bought separately doesn't fit into the engine block (its a t-piece) so has anyone here fitting gauges to their fiesta? please could someone back to me regarding this. Thanks in advance Ryan
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums RDelaCourt :)