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  1. 2001 2.0 Lx Petrol Running Problems???

    Hi Pete, Thanks for the advice. I have tried redex but no joy. But I had someone come to have a look and take it for a test last night. He suspects coil pack also but said it'd be worth changing the plugs and leads at the same time. He doesn't think it is fuel related as it starts and idles fine, the problem is only when you ask for the power. So looks like I'll try this and see what happens? Although slightly concerned as when I had the fuel filter replaced and the throttle body looked at it did seem to cure it for a short while??? Just don't want to be throwing money away that I havn't really got at the mo. But will let you know the outcome? Wes
  2. Hi all, I have a 2001 mondeo estate which has recently began to play up. When I pull away the car starts to jolt and pull bk, if I drive very slowly and let the car pick up speed it's not so bad. But if I try to drive at a reasonable pace or overtake it doesn't like it. Again it pulls bk and judders. I suspect it's a fuel related problem as the car was running perfectly until I lent it to a friend who let the car run very low on fuel and the problem happened immediately after I got it bk! I've had a new fuel filter fitted and the throttle body cleaned which did make it 90% better but now it's just as bad as before. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas on what this could be? Any help would be highly appreciated! Wes
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Wes190283 :)