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  1. Cleaning Help!

    Thanks DanGull, some good comments there, i dont wax my car as this 'coating' requires you not to (i got it added to the car for free) so should i still wax it every now and again?
  2. When's The New Fiesta St Coming Out?

    When i brought my Metal a month or so back the salesman (happenss to be a friend of a friend) advised me that they have delayed the release of the new ST untill the first quarter of 2013 as the 1l focus is coming out
  3. Fiesta In The Park

    I think i am going to do the same, bit of a longer trip for me but my friend says that you can pay on the 'door'. Spose we wont find out untill we get there!!
  4. Fiesta In The Park

    Hi, I would also like to know whether you have to pay on the day or pre-order tickets as i am going and only just found out from this chat that you may have to pre-order tickets?
  5. Cleaning Help!

    I have bever cleaned my exhaust so i can comment on that, sorry. With regards to the clay bars ive just read that they remove the dirt from the paint to leave a nice clean surface to apply the wax on...dont supose this would cause a problem but if you were removing a hard peice of dirt it could scratch the paint whilst doing so. However if the car is new i dont see the point in using them really just wax everytime you wash if needed and wash the car regularly to stop brake dust and dirt from building up (if you have silver alloys brake dust will break down the alloy and you will have permanent black marks on them) At the end of the day it is up to you how much and to what quality you want to wash and keep ypu car clean so go with what you feel comfortable and to keep the car in excellent condition! :D
  6. Mk 7 Fiesta Metal

    Thanks iNath
  7. Mk 7 Fiesta Metal

    Thanks TheRangers
  8. Ford Fiesta Question

    Thanks :D
  9. Mk 7 Fiesta Metal

    Thanks for you help fordieashx, i thought it was a limited edition but was just curious as i have just purchased one brand new but i was looking on the net and noticed that they came out last yearish? (possibly the year before but I cant remember) and was also confused as you can configure them and order them on the ford website? When i declared it to my insurance it states that it is a limited edition but if you can configure them online surely loads of people can get them? or do they cap the once registered Metal's reach 1000?
  10. Hey My Name Is Eric

    It will be a mk7, the mk6 is the same shape as the fiesta st and i there isnt a mk8 out yet that i am aware of in the UK?
  11. Cleaning Help!

    I have the coating and when you have it applied its suppose to come with a cleaning kit! which is quite handy. (you can have this coating applied after purchase if you are interested) I used turtle wax products on my last car (you can buy the set with shampoo, wax, wheel clearner, interior cleaner and cloths from halfords) . I start by washing the car with a bucket of soapy water and then agian with a bucket of plain water, after this i use a ringed out shammy and give the car a once over to remove water streaks. When using the shampoo water wash the alloys after the car and the same process applies for the clean water and shammying. Other people might have better ways to clean cars but thats how i do it, but im open for other iseas too!!
  12. Mk 7 Fiesta Metal

    Thanks for your help guys!! TheRangers - Where is this badge?
  13. Cleaning Help!

    Hi, Have you had the smart guard coating applied to the car by ford?
  14. Ford Fiesta Question

    I have a Fiesta and am only 5ft tall im not sure if you can make the pedals longer but i don not have an issue driving the car without my heels on the floor. This doesnt answer your original question but it might put put your wifes mind at rest about driving the fiesta.
  15. Fiesta Metal Green Arrow

    I have a Metal and my car doesnt have the gear change indicator and no option to turn it on either, so it must not come with the car...