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  1. eggytheegg

    Is My Clutch Slipping?

    when i put my foot on the clutch it revs up to 4,000 RPM, my foot not on accelerator. i think it might be the clutch but just want to see what you guys think?
  2. eggytheegg


    hi, i got my first ford few months back, it a Escort 1.8 LX "P" reg, i brought it cause it was cheep then the 4x4 i had before, and fords are meant to be reliable, but as usual with all cars i buy it has problems, so expect lots of questions from me asking for help lol. i like to try and do most of the work on my cars me self until i realise i bitten of more then i can chew lol. when i not getting annoyed with my car i run a scout troop. i been doing that for about 5yrs now, and recent got my wood badge, for people who don't know what that means, every scout leader has to do training, and once you done your training you get your wood badge to show everyone you have done it. well that a bit about me, if you like to know any more just ask :)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums eggytheegg :)