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  1. Sierra Newb

    Thanks dave, looks very simple under the bonnet compared to nowadays ,,,,my local garage chap wants to have a look, might let him change the plugs if his hands are clean , probably the 1st time in years he hasn't skinned his knuckles. just a quick Q , is it the mk2 model i have ? Driving it is like sitting on a old comfy sofa, soooooooo comfortable :)
  2. Sierra Newb

    Cheers for the link lenny, i'll keep that in mind.......does it fit all sierras then ? Its in pretty decent nick , having had a couple of owners and almost a full service history, hardly a spot of rust anywhere , thats why it had to be mine. Not much in the way of electrics to go wrong because there isn't any lol.. Not even power steering, so im building my arms up a bit.....no central locking, its got a old ford stereo with no cassette, so i cannot even put my duran duran tape in just Fm,mw,lw for listening pleasure... Basic is the word :) I think the cars had more tyres on it than anything else due to them perishing ! ta phil......
  3. Sierra Newb

    Yep, the suspension is soft and the clutch has quite a long travel but its not to hard on the legs,,,,,, didn't take me long to get back into driving the old girl,
  4. Sierra Newb

    hello, Got meself a good old sierra 1.6 laser , last owner has really looked after it well,,,,,,,,, Garaged all its life and currently at 51,000 miles ive owned a few in the distant past , and im finding this a real treat to drive around. certainly getting a bit thin on the ground nowadays and im sure i'll have a few questions sooner or later, hope the pics work ta
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums pipsierra :)