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  1. I've just bought an Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 CDI Econetic Estate. I am feeling really foolish because I just assumed that you could fit a tow bar to any car. However, I am told that towbars are not available for this model. I am not sure why. Other forums suggest that it is something to do with the electrical system, the tyres fitted and even the braking loads. It is really not clear whether a product will become available in the future that has electrical looms compatible with econetic models. Does anyone know whether a towbar is available and whether this would invalidate a warranty if fitted? The worst case scenario will be that I have to buy a smaller tent for the family holiday this year. I have also been told that you cannot fit a rear bicycle carrier to the Econetic model, so bikes will remain on the roof and there is no option for a roof box to save the day. I am sure there will be many others buying econetic estate cars with the intention to fit a towbar who will be really disappointed. And I wonder whether other manufacturers with eco-brands have the same problem e.g. Blue Motion?
  2. Just bought a 2012 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 CDI Econetic Estate. Problem is Ford tells me that you cannot fit a tow bar to this model. Wondering why this is the case.

  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Seriousgeograher :)