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  1. Fiesta Metal - Stolen

    Ladies & Gents, Please see the thread entitled "Stealing Fiestas". I created it after disturbing the attempted theft of my 9 month old Fiesta Titanium. I hope that the person who started this thread (and all other 2011+) Fiesta will find it of some use.
  2. Stealing Fiestas

    Oh, and NDSussex, forgive me as I obviously don't know who the 'characters' are on here! Assuming your post was without sarcasm, I'm ashamed to say that yes, so did I. Duuuuhhhhhhh!
  3. Stealing Fiestas

    Lenny, I assure you I gave it a lot of thought. Two things though. Firstly, in terms of criminals using this tactic, the cat is firmly out of the bag. Secondly, the previous thread I referred to had something like 6 pages of discussion around how that Fiesta was nicked and how to prevent it, including whether or not to use remote keys, whether to purchase Tracker devices, brake cables being cut and so on. None of the (very well-meant) speculation came close to what happened to my car and this is very relevant as I guarantee that this method is being used across the country already. Further, I'd bet a months wages that the car nicked in the other thread was stolen by the same means as the attempt on mine. Finally, knowledge is power. Better by far (IMHO) that the members of this board are aware that, for instance, anti-tilt devices won't stop their car being stolen in the first place. Kind Regards.
  4. Stealing Fiestas

    Ladies & Gents, Have opened an account here after today finding a previous thread about a new fiesta being stolen. I was searching the web after I disturbed three scumbags trying to steal my 9 month old Fiesta Titanium 1.6 two nights ago (9th May) and I believe what happened may shed sone light on what's going on. Also, I hope it may help stop it happening to others. In short, the car was parked in the street right under our bedroom window (which was open). I'd gone to be at about 9.40pm. Some twenty minutes later, I heard what I thought was someone moving our wheelie bins on our stone driveway. I ignored this until I heard the same sound again and (thank God) went to my window to look out. At this point, I saw two white guys in their late 20s/early 30s with both hands on the bonnet of my car, pushing it backwards. I shouted and they made off instantly. Threw a robe on and ran downstairs. The car was about 15 feet from where I'd parked it. What they'd done is drill a hole into the driver's door about two inches under the handle (which was the first "rumbling" noise I'd heard) thereby 'popping' the lock. Once inside, they ripped off the cowling behind the steering wheel (which was on the back seat) and then drilled the ignition barrel/housing (which was the second noise), presumably to break the steering lock. It transpires that there was a Transit van fitted with a tow tray in the main road at the end of my (very quiet) street, which is where the scumbags had run to. Some things to note. The gap between the first and second "noises" was about 30 seconds. Also, there were people both walking and driving past whilst this was going on but, because it was a "nice" car, being pushed by grown men not kids, people had clearly assumed that this was a legitimate recovery, particularly as it was being pushed towards a 'tow' vehicle. Subsequent discussion with the excellent Met Police reveals that new hatchbacks (2011 onward) are overtaking BMWs etc as the car of choice when stealing to order (as this incident was) especially 1.6 models or better (injection, sports models and so on). The two main reasons are the catalytic converters, which I'm assured can command £2K + on their own, and the excellent performance/fuel economy that these cars now offer. I was also assured that, because of engine immobilser technology, all cars built in the EU from 2003 onwards can only be stolen either with a relevant key, or by lifting. This is why 'coathanger burglaries' (where keys are lifted off hallway tables/hooks by coathanger through the letterbox) went through the roof some years ago, as did 'fake' accidents after which the other party then steals the car that has been 'hit'. Very, very stupidly, I thought my car had an alarm fitted as standard, something I'm now rectifying (which is how I found this Board). Worryingly though, even when that's done, I'll still be worried that they'll return when I'm out, and, given the speed of this incident. Hey ho. I hope this is of some use.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums ChingfiordBlue :)