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  1. New Owner Needs Some Advice Please

    Thanks for all the info guys. I have decided that I will basically wait until the light comes on then I will get the EOLYS fluid topped up straight away. Has anyone done this? I presume that is ok to do ? Once the dpf is ready for replacement I think I will remove the dpf altogether and enjoy the improved performance and economy. Thank again for all your comments
  2. New Owner Needs Some Advice Please

    I will definitely be going to the garage soon to get the peace of mind. Not sure how the waste eolys fluid gets into the oil though as the 2 systems are not connected at all. As far as I understand the eolys fluids is dosed in small quantities every time you fill up, it is activated by the fuel flap being opened and shut. The eolys fluid then mixes with the diesel and makes the soot burn at lower temps than it would otherwise ie it makes regen possible at lower speeds and temps etc. that is why the DPF clogs up when the eolys fluid runs out because the soot in the filter can't burn off because the exhaust temperature is not high enough. Other manufacturers (VW for example) do differently by injecting excess fuel into the cylinder bores which then raises the exhaust temp high enough to cause regen. Please correct me if I am not understanding this properly ??
  3. New Owner Needs Some Advice Please

    Just had a quote from my local dealer Furrows £105 + VAT to fill up the tank and reset that sounds pretty fair to me?
  4. New Owner Needs Some Advice Please

    Hi Lenny thanks for the input - I have just re-read my first message and I have realised that I have misled you. I should have said that it's had 3 services -the first 2 from Ford, the last one from the dealer . So the 3rd service has been done -I have spoken to them and the Eolys fluid has not been topped up. so it just an matter of time before I run out :( I have a local guy who is prepared to put in the fluid (with kid gloves of course) I just need to know if the ECU needs resetting , as I have read that if you do it before the light comes on ( I am guessing there is a low level switch in the eolys tank)then you are OK.
  5. New Owner Needs Some Advice Please

    Thanks for the information I think you are right the eolys fluid has not been topped up. Is it worth topping it up and leaving Fraud out of the equation ? I have read that if you top it up before the light comes on it will just keep on running ? Am I right in saying that if the fluid runs out the dpf gradually clogs up and reduces performance and economy. The car is running fine at the moment and gives >50mpg on a long run. The missus does do alot of 3-4 mile runs so I am thinking I will need to give it a fast run every 2-3 weeks
  6. Hi everyone , just picked up a bargain c max 1.6 TDCI (110) on autotrader it has done 33000 miles with 2 services from ford and the last one from the supplying dealer who is not a ford agent. Looking on the various forums it appears there are several things that may cause problems with the car so I would appreciate any advice on; DPF issues - should I be running the car over a particular rpm for a certain time every so often ? Or do you wait for a warning light to come on before giving it a thrashing? Eloys fluid- never heard of this should I be checking it ? Turbo oil feed pipes and EGR - would it be a good idea to take these components off and check them ? If so how ? I realize that these issues may have been covered over the last few years but sifting through would be nearly impossible. The car is under warranty till July 2012 but as I understand it DPFs are not covered anyway
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Co2slave :)