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  1. Car Alarm

    Probably a simple answer, but my car alarm keeps going off for no reason.any ideas?
  2. Starting Probz

    The further adventures of my beloved cmax! Managed to tow start the car, ran it for a while, but once i switched off the ignition, car didnt evrn turn over. It was suggested that it could be the startet motor, which was checked, snd was faulty. I purchased a new starter fitted it, but still nothing. I have suggested s possible prob with the immobilisor, which as far as i am aware is factory fitted, but was advised that the immobilisor cuts the power and the fuel, and as i was able to tow staet the car, the immobilisor must functioning correctly. Can anyone advise ar all?
  3. Starting Probz

    Comments noted. However if it was the battery drained too low, surely i would not be able to have the lights haz stereo air running as normal
  4. Starting Probz

    None at all. It can go weeks before i need to jump start the car. The battery is fully charged, i have all lights on, the air con running haz lights going, and yhr stereo on, electric windows opening and closing at the same time, this is why i suspect the car alarm. I will have to get the alternator tested, but how do i do that ehrn i cant start the car lol
  5. Starting Probz

    For a few months i have had sporadic startung issues dut to a,low battery output, but once the car is jumped, it starts straight away. I have removed the battery, recharges it and that seemed to rectify the probs,until friday night when the alarm kept on going off. The following morning ehen i tried to start the car, nothing. It did not even turn over at all. I recharged the battery again and again it still woukd not turn over. This morning i tried to jump start the car but this,time nothing, its as if the electrics have been cut out fron the electics. Can anyone advise on this,problem and advise possible remedies?
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums BiG dAdDi :)