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  1. Unknown Pipe...

    Is anyone able to ID a pipe.. I think it's a coolant pipe, but I'm not sure... We've been having problems with the coolant and I've just changed the expansion tank. While doing so, I noticed a random pipe that isn't connected to anything and I don't think its meant to be where it is... Any thoughts greatly appreciated, Its a Focus 06.
  2. New Exhaust - Does it need Paste?

    So went to get some fuelgum however they didn't have any.. Even though online said they had 1 gggrrr So bloke in the shop said this is exactly the same. (attached photo)
  3. New Exhaust - Does it need Paste?

    Yeah might just buy some tomorrow and fit it while its still on the ramps... only cost £2.. I'm guessing I need to remove the U clamps and put it inside! :)
  4. New Exhaust - Does it need Paste?

    balls that means I've got to get some now :)
  5. Hi, I have fitted a new exhaust on my 2001 Mondeo Estate today, however when I look into it I couldn't find anything that said it needed paste between the joints... Can anyone advised if the back joints need paste or not? The front part has a gasket! Thanks
  6. Morning

    How on earth do I delete posts from this forum :)
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. I have a problem with a oil leak which I believe is coming from one of my turbo pipes.. However before I start to investigate where its coming from I'm was hoping to wash all the oil off the pipes and engine. Is this possible? i.e. Will it damage anything if I use a hose to try and wash the engine and pipes under the bonnet. Was thinking probably best to disconnect and remove the battery first, rather than just leaving the battery lid on. Can anyone offer any advice concerning this? Cheers
  8. Hi I wonder if anyone can offer me some help, I have a 2 litre diesel mondeo and over the last few months we have had a problem with loss of revs between 1000-2500 rpm. Today after a long run I lifted the bonnet to find a lot of oil around the engine and other parts, however I cannot for the life of me find out where it's coming from. Before I take it into a garage and part for them to look and fix I was going to see if I could do it myself and save me some money as well as learning new things :) I've changed one of the pipes before that had a split in it and was giving loss of power at the top end. But as I say I can't see where this oil is coming from and it looks likes coming out under pressure as it's hit the underside of the bonnet.
  9. Help Identifying Something Under The Bonnet!

    So could I just change the hose and this will be ok?
  10. Good evening, I'm hoping someone can help me identify a what looks like large rubber hose under the bonnet of my Mondeo 2002 Estate car. It has split and looks like it is only being held on by two metal hose clips. So I'm hoping that once I know what it is, I might be able to get a replacement and fit it myself.. I also wonder if anyone knows whether this could be causing lose of power and oil to be kindly distributed around the underneath of the bonnet :) I have attached some photos to hopefully show which hose I'm talking about.. Thanks for looking. Dickey
  11. Buying A Ford Focus Or Mondeo

    Thanks for both of your replies, Sorry i meant 2 adults and 3 kids (5 in total) I've also been looking at the Galaxy.. I have a couple of months before I can buy the car so hopefully can get some more information before I buy one of them!!
  12. Hello, I was hoping someone may be able to give me some advice on buying a car. I am looking to buy a Ford Focus or Mondeo Estate in July. I will have about £2000 to spend and am looking for a family car to fit 5 of us (2 adults / 5 kids). I have driven a ford mondeo estate as a hire car and loved it, and it also seems the biggest our of them both, however I'm worrying about the cost as I'm not sure whether the running cost for the mondeo will be a lot more than the focus. I hope you guys n gals can help me before I spend my money! Cheers Dickey
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums dickeygreen :)