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  1. Abs Module Failure

    Hello I wouldn't panic too much. I had the ABS light on my car on for a good few months before I got it seen to and the brakes still worked although on one occasion when the light was on my break pedal completely seized so it could not be depressed at all and we lost the breaks completely heading towards stationary traffic - not good but handbrake saved the day). I think basically the ABS stops functioning which means if you brake hard you could be at risk of wheels locking up and the car not stopping as well. Having said this, I didn't drive the car all that much in that period and in hindsight was a bit foolish as I'd rather have the ABS working than not. There are several reasons the ABS light could come on (i) failed bearing (ii) failed ABS sensor (iii) failed ABS cabling/hydraulics and yes (iv) failed ABS module. The garage I went to initially tried (i)-(iii) but it was in the end (iv) and I was quoted the dreaded £900 (the ABS module is ridiculously overpriced from Ford and not all that easy to fit so takes some labour time. However, a bit of googling on the internet and I found a company that reconditions failed ABS units. It costs about £130 and either they fix yours or send you an alternate fixed one. I found another garage that was willing to fit and wait for the part . Fortunately the company was able to fix my ABS unit and although there was a fair whack of a labour charge to put it back in, it was well under half of the £900. No more ABS light and breaks good. Two things to be aware of as probably mentioned in previous posts. I think the ABS module is coded to the car so if the ABS company can't fix you module and send you a new one you will need to get it coded by Ford who I suspect will charge a pretty penny. In fact, I'd call Ford first and just check they will do this and how much it cost. I didn't do that because I didn't know you needed to until after mine had been fixed. Second thing is whilst my car seemed ok driving with the ABS light on, I doubt it would have passed its MOT. So I had to get it done. Either way, this can be fixed and not as expensively as you might expect if you put in some leg work finding a garage that will fit a reconditioned part. At the end of the day, it's not worth risking your life on. Good luck and safe motoring
  2. Abs Module Failure

    Hey Emz20 How did you get on at court in the end?
  3. Hi there I have the exact same issue and was just wondering how anyone resolved it. Pymmy - did your solution work? If so could you re-explain in super dumb language what you replaced to fix it. Would like to try and get this sorted as cheaply as possible and don't trust my local garage not to see the dollar signs on this one. Many thanks for any help you can offer Best WYLL
  4. Hi there Am looking at possibly updating to one of the 2013 1.0 Zetec 3dr. Best price I've seen online for a pre-reg so far petrol, 10 miles is 10,995. Anyone in South London area got any good deals on a same/similar model. If so, where how? Much obliged Wyll
  5. Dear All Just moved to Peckham and car in need of an interim service. Had a horribly high quote from my previous garage at Stamford HIll DM. Can anyone recommend a decent reasonable garage in the Peckham / Dulwich / Croydon area? Many thanks Wyll
  6. Thanks very much for the recommendation. I will give them a go - very handy too as there only 10mins away. Thanks again Wyll
  7. Hi There Does anyone have any recommendations for a North London/East London Ford Garage? I just inherited a fiesta which I cherish and want to find a garage that's going to look after it and not fleece me on servicing etc. I'd also like the garage to put a line in for the stereo and look at an overheating issue. Any pointers would be very welcome. Thanks Wyll
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Wyll :)

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      Thanks very much - glad to be here!