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  1. if you already have a cvh engine, then yeh the rs engine will fit on the engine mount's, but i'd recommend gettin a escort rs turbo gearbox to cope with the power, oh, and better brake's. im currently breaking my mk5 escort xr3i turbo, and i'v got everything you could possibly need to do a conversion! here's a link to my for sale topic on another forum... http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/in...p;#entry1171544
  2. evening all, happy new year and all that :) im terry, 22 yr's young, and i drive a mk5 xr3i turbo, well did until i started breaking it for part's to fund my new 2wd saphy that im getting soon. im a big ford fan, never owned anything but ford's, and never intend to own anything but a ford, so i'll proberly be coming on here for advise etc if you guy's/gal's dont mind... anyway, here's a couple of pic's of what my car used to look like: