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  1. Happy Birthday Ross M!

  2. image

    Lovely pictures!
  3. My14 St-2 Ordered - Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory

    I love everything about mine, and the novelty of the sound has not worn off!! B) You will love it.
  4. Nice!! I really like it! I would like to get my ST lowered and that seems like the right kind of drop! B) B) I am not so keen on the mudflaps though! Sorry :P
  5. St2 (Sony Radio - Iphone Problems)

    Cheers Ollie! 👍 I think this is the last avenue for me to explore before a reset of the iPhone. It's a 4s so I wonder if that's something to do with it... Come to think of it, the dealer had a 5 and it worked 👍
  6. St2 (Sony Radio - Iphone Problems)

    Cheers James m! I'll give it a look at home tonight :-)
  7. St2 (Sony Radio - Iphone Problems)

    Yes I have. It's so frustrating as it maybe one day out of the week it will work.
  8. Features Of Bluetooth / Sync..?

    Mine doesn't even work! But I think that's down to the iPhone. My old S1600 Bluetooth setup was better I feel.
  9. Good Morning One & All, As the topic header says, I have recently updated my iphone 4S to the new operating system. However, upon doing this I have noticed that 9 out of 10 times the car will simply not skip the songs on my phone. This applies to both the radio console and the steering wheel buttons. As I have mentioned, this occasionally works, but before I reset my phone (which I cannot be bothered to do) I wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue. And if they have, does anyone have any help / pointers on how to sort this so very frustrating issue out. I have tried unpairing the phone, deleting off as paired device and so on. The dealer where I bought the car from had the salesman connect and skip the songs ok on there iphone and skipping songs. I am no mind that it is bug within my iPhone software and it will need backing up and redoing, but I would like to try and eliminate as many things as I can. Thanks One & All for your time reading this. Ross
  10. Simple Mods

    Don't be jealous, Cuba sounds nice 👍 I'm no good with spanners so I'd rather pay someone to do it for me!
  11. Simple Mods

    I really like that red detailing, although I feel it suits the black st more 😃 As for removing surrounds and grilles I mentioned before that I got a body shop to remove them as I'm not that good with spanners and what not 😝 I went out the Sunday just gone and the car it a lot of attention and a few fellow owners loved what I'd done 👍
  12. Simple Mods

    What I don't understand is other cars in the Ford range come with gloss inserts! Somewhat , I imagine it coming down to money. The mountune package looks very appealing! :P :D B)
  13. Simple Mods

    Cheers, I am really happy with the results. Even the dealer who sold me it wants to see it (maybe to suggest to others to get it done) :D I do want a nice shiny oil cap now to finish it off. B) I think there is a company online that does them.
  14. Simple Mods

    Ollie, £400. To some that would seem expensive, but the paint shop i use are excellent, and I believe you get what you pay for and I think the results speak for themselves 👍
  15. Simple Mods

    No idea chap, as I said above I paid a bodyshop do it all. That was another reason I paid someone to do it as there is more to it than just painting bits. ;)