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  1. Word Association Game

  2. Where has everyone gone?

    O.K, hostility may be the wrong word im actually looking for??? I dunno!! But yea, it just seems ages before people tend to reply to some topics posted or if they're replied to at all!! Anyway, thanx mate and please all of you, just to let you know I'm Jason! ;)
  3. Where has everyone gone?

    I came back to this forum after unfortunate life circumstances and this place has turnd to a ghost forum :( Its a big shame really as i was hoping people would have started project threads as im about to within the next month or so and now i've noticed so much hostility. Another shame is how people come on here announce theyre buying a new ford and then dissapear! Rant Over!!!! I'm still here though!
  4. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post as we dont have an engine or transmission thread!!! Anyway, I was just sat here wondering to myself, how much would a 16v Zetec engine set me back and what gear box final drives and ratios would be best if it were to all go into a Mk3 Fiesta? Turbo would be nice too if this is possible which I believe is? Cheerz All

    If its not that think about getting the wheel bearings looked at as this can cause a bit of a shudder/vibration as well as a knocking.
  6. Worst Modifications.

    Reminds me of a pram or a push chair!!! Or just sat here thinkin about it one of those kiddie cars tht your parents pushed you about in!!!
  7. FOC Age group Poll!

    20 on 8th August. The way my back and joints play up you'd think i was 60 'cos !Removed! me i feel it!!! ;)
  8. Anglia 105e

    Thanx for all your input guys, can't seem to fund such a project now due to problems i've had in the last few months with no work and homelessness :( . Things are on the up now though, so will just continue to play about with my trustee mk3 Fiesta until funds allow me to get hold of a beloved 105e. ;)
  9. Im back!!! ;)

    Thanx ;) , me too!! Times have been a bit hard!
  10. Im back!!! ;)

    Hi all, I'm back after having a few bad months of jumping between homelessness and lack of work and money! :( But now I'm back and things are turning out good again so can crack on with my Fiesta! I'll be taking pics and keeping my work and progress upto date providing money allows to do so (baring in mind this could be an extremely slow process, but who's in a rush anyway? ). Making a start later this afternoon and can't wait to get back in the garage! :P Cheerz ;)
  11. Factory head unit failing to work on ignition alone

    How did you get on hadleigh? I wasnt so lucky :( CHRZ
  12. Factory head unit failing to work on ignition alone

    I fitted the new interior light bulb last nite + it works! So thats that outta the way! :D Anyways i spent 3 hours this morning rewiring my speakers and putting some new jvc's in, this still didnt work So i took my head unit round to a m8 n tested it on his Escort and it worked as if nothing was wrong. <_< So now im totally stumped as on wat to do as evrything reads fine when i test it (im wondering if theres a short in the power going into the head unit maybe caused by an earthing problem or something?) Anyone know where to go from here? Should i try an aftermarket CD player because im wondering whether itll jus do the same thing? CHRZ
  13. Word Association Game

  14. Factory head unit failing to work on ignition alone

    You could do if ur careful and use something like a dremel and a steady hand! but personally id exchange em for 10cm ones
  15. Factory head unit failing to work on ignition alone

    If my memory serves me rite i believe the yellow is the negative wire = black n white is the positive = red. As for havin trouble fitting them in, wat size wer ur stock ones? (think theyre 10 or 12cm which could be the problem, but make sure u get the door cards off before fitting them and if the holes dont line up just re-drill to fit. As for the interior light situation i guess i best try a new bulb lol! CHRZ m8