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  1. My Cars "features" According To Etis.

    Yep I think I have basically it seems like you say handling suspension is no longer included unless you get the sports upgrade. In terms of stiffness I think it is a bit softer. Although between the 2008 focus and 2010 Focus I drove several Fiesta's so cant be certain. But I do have a memory of thinking that it was softer and smoother first time I drove this 2010 version. Still handles and stays quite flat in the corner, but I do get a bit of roll at speeds and it leans slightly. How does yours handle in corners does it stay completly flat even at speed? Looks like ive basically gotten to the bottom of it as you say Thanks R
  2. My Cars "features" According To Etis.

    Thanks this is exactly why I am so confused. I am therefore guessing yours is an 2008, 2009 model with the black vinyl stripes in the backs of the seats? I had an 2008 model 1.6 Focus Zetec (had the stripes on the seats and standards wheels not sports pack and said "handling suspension" on Etis). Does that mean it had lowered stiffened suspension? I had to have replaced by the dealer as it had major fault. This was replaced with a 2010 1.6 Zetec (no stripes on seats and no handling suspension according to Etis. Therefore not lowered and stiffened and essentially downgraded suspension?). From what I can see the only mark 2.5 model Zetec's that have handling suspension from 2010 onwards are the sports pack edition Zetecs with the larger alloys blackened windows and striped backed seats.) This made me think that Ford basically downgraded the suspension on the standard Zetec from 2010 onwards to "standard". Which would make a Zetec not much of an updgrade on the model below. Anyone else agree? Artscot79 explained in my other post that Zetecs have stiffer springs as standard compared to other Focus ie "standard" suspension. So I am kinda lost what the handling suspension was on the 2008, 2009 mark 2.5 spec Zetecs? Anyone know the difference? As for the steering setting I dont have that either. So I am thinking I kinda lost out with this 2010 model Zetec I have. Anyone have any ideas? thanks.
  3. Focus Zetec 2010 Suspension Type

    Yep i definately dont havevthe hydro steering on my 2010 zetec focus. Anyone worked out what handling suspension on etis refers to?
  4. My Cars "features" According To Etis.

    I definatley dont have the steering option. So i dont have the hydro steering i guess? I cant work out what part of etis refers to this for cars that do? As far as i am aware standard suspension on the zetec is stiffer springs. Listed as "standard" suspension on etis. Although the titaniums also have "standard" suspension as per etis but this means softer sprung because its a titanium? Though that still makes me wonder what "handling" suspension means on etis? Because some zetecs seem yo have this listed
  5. My Cars "features" According To Etis.

    Thanks yep I think your right. I dont have Steering menu option,so must be stiffer springs "sport suspension". Any idea which is better? electro hydraulic steering or stiffer springs "sports suspension"? I guess it does not make much difference?
  6. Focus Zetec 2010 Suspension Type

    Thanks for the info, really cleared up my confusion. Mine does not have the steering setting on the menu so must be just standard Stiffer springs "sport suspension". Its funny that my old 2008 model did. I guess it does not make much difference? Thanks again
  7. My Cars "features" According To Etis.

    I cant find any setting like that in the menu only can see ESP. Do you know where it is? Is your car pre 2010? Mine is 2010. May be why mine says standard suspension rather than handling? Seems cheeky if i'm right.
  8. My Cars "features" According To Etis.

    Im not sure how accurate Etis is. Theres a huge variety of spec between Zetec models and it does not always seem accurate. Anyone know what "With Handling Suspension" in the list means. I have a 2010 Zetec and mine says "Standard suspension". Seems like they dropped the handling suspension (whatever it is) on the 2010 models. Mine also does not say Zetec in the list. As a comparison mine is below Saarlouis Plant Built Security Lock Group No.4 With Convenience Group Colour SIP Power Front Windows One Touch Down With Manual Rear Windows With Tinted Glass All Round With Heated Windscreen With Console Ashtray With Short Floor Console Int Env Colour - Medium Dark Flint Interior Feature Colour - Ebony With Load Floor Carpet With Rear Spoiler With Dipping Rear View Mirror Dual Power Htd Signal Mirrors With Rear Center Head Restraint With Drivers Manual Lumbar Support With Driver 4 Way Mnl.Seat Adjuster With Pass 2 Way Manual Seat Adjust Ignition Flip Key With Remote Unit With Second Remote Ign Flip Key With Door Dead Locks With Door Entry Remote Control Unit With Variable Intermittent Windscreen Wiper With Heated Washer Jet Air Crtn Rstrnt LH With Driver Air Bag With Passenger Air Bag With Side Air Bag - Drivers Side With Side Air Bag - Passenger Side With Steel Spare Wheel With Standard Rear Shock Absorbers 7.0 X 16" Alloy Road Wheel 205/55VR-16 BSW Tyre Locking Wheel Nuts Standard Electric Starter Motor With Standard Suspension With Rear Drum Brakes With Brake Emergency Assist With IVD/Traction Control/ABS Sports Front Seat With Fixed Foot Pedals Steering Wheel - 3 Spoke Leather With Perimeter Anti-Theft ICE-Low Level CD + AM/FM Radio With 6 Speakers With Auto Headlamps With Halogen Headlamp With Front Fog Lamps With Black Headlamp Bezels Tail lamps - Level 1
  9. Focus Zetec 2010 Suspension Type

    Thanks for your swift update. That makes more sense So does that mean that all Zetec's have 15 percent Stiffer springs which is referred to as Sports suspension? I agree the Ford customer service do not seem to know much. Im still not entirely sure though what the "handling suspension" on the http://www.etis.ford.com website is though. All standard 2008-2009 Zetecs list it on Etis. But all 2010+ versions list "standard" suspension unless they are the ones with the blacked windows and the 17 inch alloys, in which case it still says "handling suspension". eg 2008 Zetect on Etis "With Mini Steel Spare Wheel With Standard Rear Shock Absorbers 7.0 X 16" Alloy Road Wheel 205/55VR-16 BSW Tyre Locking Wheel Nuts With Handling Suspension" eg 2010 Zetec on etis "With Standard Rear Shock Absorbers 7.0 X 16" Alloy Road Wheel 205/55VR-16 BSW Tyre Locking Wheel Nuts Standard Electric Starter Motor With Standard Suspension" Any advice appreciated Thanks
  10. I currently own a Focus Zetec 2010 which I recently bought second hand. Shortly before this I have a 2008 model Zetec which had a major fault and therefore I exchanged. I have read in many places that the Focus Zetec suspension is setup as “Sports Suspension” for better handling. Although there seems to be some difference with Zetec models since 2008. My previous 2008 mark 2.5 Focus Zetec model RJ58LNW listed the suspension on the Etis Website http://www.etis.ford.com under vehicle check as “With Handling Suspension” and “with standard rear shock absorbers”. This had the standard 16 inch alloys normal (non blacked out windows) and the seats with the black vinyl stripes on the back. My new 2010 Focus Zetec has the more normal looking seats (without the stripes) and 16 inch wheels. On Etis it says “with standard rear shock absorbers” and “standard suspension. Does this mean they have downgraded the suspension? It seems the 2010 Zetecs with the blacked out rear windows and 17 inch alloys are still listed on the Etis page as “with handling suspension”. After some investigation I have found that all Focus Zetect 2008 -2009 show as “handling suspension” on Etis. But all standard 2010 forward Focus Zetec say standard unless it has the blacked out windows and larger 17 inch wheels. I phoned up the ford technical helpline 0906 5533 447. They just said the suspension was the same for each model and only changed for the ST model. He said this was just marketing speak on Etis. Can anyone help do all Zetec have Sport suspension? What does “handling suspension” mean? Anyone clarification would really be appreciated.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums r4963 :)