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  1. another link below for more seat cover pictures with different styles / colours scroll down after clicking http://www.aliexpress.com/item/12-fox-seat-cover-ranunculaceae-the-uluibau-hatchards-new-carnival-seat-cover-customize/729046341.html
  2. No worries. Ref Higgsy question above - my Seats are the sports style zetec seats so they fitted very nicely. Its a good tight fit and takes about 2 hours to complete the job. Its fairly physical but well worth taking your time. The covers are secured by straps underneath that tighten front and back, Velcro and clips. They covers fit so snugly anyways that they don't even need additional securing. I don't use lumbar myself so no hole for the handle - but its very easy to gentle move the level inside the covers - I would imagine the seller / maker would fit a hole if you asked him (Ben Liu). He certainly wanted loads of photos of the original seats showing headrests, front back and splits before he started. Took about 2-3 from placing the order to receiving the covers. Delivery was free and I also didn't get hit by customs. I choose the blue to match my existing blue stitching in the wheels and mats. Absolutely shed loads of Focus stuff on aliexpress.com like sat covers, carbon fibre wrap for the dash already cut and ready to stick, badges, lights etc etc. Good find methinks if it saves a few bob for anyone!!
  3. thanks lads, few more pictures below of the seat covers. Very impressed so far.
  4. Evening All, Just fitted my recently ordered half leather seat covers. Apologies for the picture quality (mob phone) will upload more later with camera. Got them from aliexpress. Link below: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-quality-Free-shipping-for-Ford-Focus-seat-cover-Focus-focus-special-car-faux-leather/1223027382.html They cost under £100 or around €120 and delivery is / was free. They are custom made for the Focus MK2.5 (they also do newer / older Foci) Took about 2 weeks from order to delivery (from Hong Kong) and the customer service was excellent. I hated the original grey cloth seats in my Focus so its a cheap mod for anyone looking to upgrade their interior. Other colours are red, gold/yellow, black, grey. Comments / questions welcome!!
  5. Focus Reardiffuser - Std Bumper - Ideas Pls?

    Thanks lads ....wonder would these fit? they are just 3 RS style fins for the rear diffuser area... http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.265681236834205.58671.247344178667911&type=1
  6. Was hoping to get some suggestions advice on getting a rear diffuser for my Focus Style. Have the Standard Facelift bumper at the moment. Thinking about the Zetec S Rear diffuser but would like some more ideas or suggestions. Is it possible to fit an ST (or other) diffuser to the section I have circled red below (sorry for the rough graphics) Just looking basically to fit " something" to the middle section of the bumper but not sure if it can be done or whats out there - think the ST middle section is a different size / shape? Thanks lads! :)
  7. Focus Mk2/mk2.5 Mods Topic

    Thanks lads. Got the bonnet lip from here: http://www.teamtorquesteer.co.uk/category-228/focus-bonnet-lip-moulding.html Ash, the front skirt is the Focus Zetec S skirt - genuine Ford Part http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Focus_Front_bumper_skirt%2C_%28except_4dr%29_-_2008_onwards_-_1518007_F1518007-161 Armrest was a great find alright - took about an hour to take off and fit new one link below might help http://www.focusowners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=27779&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a Make sure you get all the parts thought - ie handbrake gaitor,gear gaitor and the silver trim that goes around the bottom. Also, the "wings" that are in the footwells are slightly different - these are the bits with the Torx screws in them. You will need a L/H and R/H side to attach to the new centre console.
  8. Focus Mk2/mk2.5 Mods Topic

    Yeah I debadged the rear first . Used fishing line and a sawing motion. Leaves a bit of gunk behind but comes off easy enough. Replaced the STYLE sign and engine badge with the "S" badge. The strip should go back on snug - think it had adhesive (while ago now though) Think it would be better to buy a primed bonnet lip and just get it painted though.(might be messy trying to prepare the chrome one for painting. The one I got have adhesive strips fitted. Hasnt budged a year later - got it from Teamtorquesteer.
  9. First Attempt At Carbon Wrapping

    Poor ole Focus :( Have just uploaded some pics of mine in Mk 2.5 mods. Major project I am considering at the moment is custom made car seat covers. Haz fitted some to his. keep us updated with the mods.....they sound tasty mate
  10. Focus Mk2/mk2.5 Mods Topic

    cheers Gav - actually got the bonnet lip from Teamtorque steer. Think it was around 30 quid. It came primed so just needed to be painted. Local lad painted it for 30 euros for me. 2 min job to fit it. Chrome lip just pops out. New lip came with adhesive and fittings to pop back into the original holes the chrome lip was in. WIll make a great job of your car make esp black. Love those wheels!!!!!!
  11. Focus Mk2/mk2.5 Mods Topic

    Hello All, Thought it was time to show off my humble machine. It started off life as a regular and fairly basic Style model. Few pics of my mods so far..... Rear windows and hatch tined. Medium tint on the tailgate and light tint on the rear side windows. Make a huge difference to the appearance of the car - makes it look more upmarket I guess!!! Next upgrade was to change the front of the car . Binned the Chrome Bonnet lip and painted it . Also got the Zetec S lower grille and Zetec S Lower front spoiler fitted. I am happy enough with the standard 16" alloys so have decided against fitting side skirts - i think they would make the wheels look even smaller. Besides, with Irish roads 16" are pretty comfy Mods at the back so far are the tinted glass and the S badge. On the to do list is a LHD reverse lamp to match up the other one. Possible rear diffuser but not sure bout that yet??? I like the Zetec S one but would like to try something different. Does anyone know if the ST diffuser would fit??? Inside mods so far have been to replace the standard plastic 4 spoke steering wheel with an RS leather wheel. I also had a great find on donedeal.ie - got a complete ST centre console, armrest, and dash trim for only €150 - the guy had it in his coal shed and just wanted shut of - was filthy but cleaned up nicely!! The car originally didnt have an armrest as standard so a good find. Got the RS mats as a present last year - the Ford Power button is unfortunately only for decoration :( Next on my to do list is -change gearknob - possibly blue leather Fiesta 5 speed one -some "S" badges on wings and front grille -submarine lighting -possible seat upgrade or Seat covers like Haz. (crowd called JC seat covers ) looks like a great product Thanks for looking at me motor lads ;)
  12. Fitted Seat Covers

    hi mate, just being drooling over your seats :P !!! good job they are leather lol!!! one final question mate if I may? are the seats all finished in leather or is the middle bit alcantara or fabric? are they ok with the airbags in the seat? and have they held in place? cheers I actually think the price is quite reasonable for what appears to be a quality custom made to order product. Good that you are not messing with swapping seats and then having old seats to get rid of to achieve this look. I am very tempted to see can they replicate an ST syle trim & color combo for me. Will keep all posted if I take the plunge.....great find btw :)
  13. First Attempt At Carbon Wrapping

    Great attempt at the Carbon wrapping mate - tried this myself before and its well worth the effort. You should see can you get an ashtray and wrap that too - would complete the effect nicely!!!
  14. Fitted Seat Covers

    just saw the seats mate - they look fab - just wondering did it take long to fit the covers and did you need to take out the seats? .....and how do they look 4 weeks later....what are you`re opinions now....would you recommend. Again, great mod, I think it makes a great job out of the car - have the same orginal seats in mine and not crazy bout them!!
  15. Focus Steering Wheel Upgrade

    .........meant to say it cost €300 euro....which is about £240 ish Sterling.........