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  1. I've Been Caught On Camera At Last.

    I thought you were the one in the blue shorts and hoodie !! Now, he really didn't want to get photographed at work !! In all seriousness, keep catching the crims.
  2. Up-Date. My wife drove the car to town and back this morning with no issues whilst driving. On her return I tried gently revving the engine up to 4000 revs, at that point the engine began to "pop" and misfire but only slightly compared to previously. I am sure I have read somewhere that this could be caused by the engine oil ? If anyone can enlighten me and suggest a course of action please.
  3. Thanks Button

    Hi, Would it be possible to have a "Thanks" button that could be pressed to thank anyone who has helped you out on a thread ? This could also be used to build up a "Reputation" count for those who help out and allow others to see how helpful and knowledgable particular posters are. I have read a few threads on here already that it would be worth giving someone a "Thanks" for and building them a "Reputation".
  4. Is it possible to check this before buying a new one ?
  5. Hi, I have a Mk2 Mondeo 2.0 Auto (Petrol engine) when I went to start it this morning it made a strange sound but started, I slowly revved up to see if anything else would happen. When I got to 4000 Revs the engine started to shake quite violently and it sounded as if it was misfiring. Has anyboby any ideas what it could be and possible fixes please. Last September I had a misfire but at all revs, then I changed the plugs, leads and coil pack and everything was fine. But as I have said this was a constant misfire, this new problem seems to be at 4000 revs and above although I haven't driven away yet in case it is something more serious. Thanks in advance.
  6. Towbar

    The quick answer to this is NO. There are different tow bars for each model Mk1, Mk2 etc and the estate versions are also different from the Hatch and Saloon. If you intend fitting yourself it is not mechanically difficult but there is a lot to doand a lot of it is awkward to get at. Also, you will have to cut a lot of the "foam" out of the rear bumper to get the tow ball to seat under the bumper.
  7. Newbie

    Hi All, Just a quick word to say hello, I have a low milage 1999 Mondeo 2.0i Auto Hatchback. It is the 1st Ford I have owned and so other than all the basic standard mechanical knowledge I don't know the ins and outs of the Mondeo. So to keep my low mileage car looking and working good I have joined to pick your brains !! I will however also try to help out others with any general knowledge that I have. Cheers.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums rds60h :)