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  1. I know a little about these things. you will likely need to upgrade to a 64bit version of your operating system you will be on 32bit now which limits your system. Someone closer to you in the trade will do this in 40 min but you will need extra ram memory that's compatible. Good luck matey
  2. Pictures mate? And will they go on my?mk4 mondeo?
  3. Any idea what this is then? It was in the blank on the left of my glove box. I have also found 2 quite large connections behind the dash above the glove box. I can only assume that's where the Bluetooth fits? So frustrated. I could buy a newer mondeo just because my phone won't connect ha ha
  4. Fit the dyson and remove the 1.1 jobs a guddun! ;)
  5. Funny.... Thats me sending mine back. :/ i joke i joke ha ha
  6. I have the same car as you but a 08. I do mixed driving 35 miles a day 25 ish on the M56 i get 40mpg ave i can live with that. I hit it quite hard now and the too ;) better than my last X5 3.0i doing 15ave ha ha
  7. This is the connection I have in the blank on the left side of my glove box?
  8. Usb Connection from Ford part number 1543450 Bezel to make it tidy 1550778 Good luck ;)
  9. Maybe remapped. I noticed my friends golf smoked a lot more after his remap.?
  10. Thanks for the reply. I have removed the glove box again just to confirm the connection in question is there. I have a small Black with red insert connection in a blank on the left of the glove box. I have taken a picture of it and will try and upload it somehow. I have 6 disc changer Sony HU with converse + I know I don't have voice activation and I don't have phone function that's ok. I have a parrot installed. I just want my phone on the car system :/
  11. I just took my glovebox out of my 08 and the connection at the back of the jack plug looks sturdy but check its still connected.
  12. I have just took mine out to see. The wire is there clipped into the side of the box. So is it a trip to fords for the USB connection? Also the glovebox has 2 x 10mm bolt screws inside the box in the top. Also can I ask, I have The Titanium x 2008 with 6 disc changer and phone buttons but no voice control stalk. Do I still have Bluetooth?
  13. Just saying hi, I have been a member of vauxhall forums for years. But made the change :/ Just a few issues to read up on like Left menus buttons not working ( possibly the parot install??? ) Converse pluss but no Bluetooth or USB?? Had a few looks about but will continue ;) Thanks.