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  1. Fast food delivery driver. I have been in to fords this morning to order the titanium X i was sitting with salesman when manager called me in to his office, and said he had got phone call from managing director who said they are not prepared to deal with me as i had made a official complaint against them a few months ago. Ford Service uk from twitter are going to call me in about 10 mins to discuss this.
  2. I don't want the ST as with my job as a delivery driver, it will get hammered, and cost a fortune in fuel.
  3. well finally going to swap my car for a titanium X, mine passed 1st mot yesterday, and i cant be bothered dealing with mot's so am going for a brand new one. Do they do the 1.0L one in the titanium X
  4. Ford told me about the fix they did on mine and showed me how. The seal is actually stuck on to the black plastic trim that folds around the door, where infact it should be stuck to the door it self. they took my old seal off, cut the plastic that wraps around door under the seal, and stuck the new seal direct on to door. If you dont understand let me know and i will go take some pictures.
  5. Got in touch with ford customer services about mine, and they replaced both door seals under warranty, there is a service bulletin about this. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/49185-mk-7-door-seal-problems/
  6. I will tell you where size 15 comes from, from Ford themselves, they say 15 passenger, 26 drivers, and 16 goes right to edge of screen, with no 1 inch gap from edge of screen, i am more than happy to put pics up, but can not do it until i get home when i finish work
  7. Am a takeaway food delivery driver so i do put the miles in, am getting 38.1mpg round town, and not much difference on motorway, car has done 22 thousand miles WOW, what a difference terraclean has made I was out doing deliveries last night, and I was getting 56.6, I've never seen my car get that, the most I have ever had is 42.9 on motorway, on a run to Alton Towers.
  8. Mk7 window wipers I know the sizes for front are 26 drivers and 15 passenger Currently on mine i have a 16 on passenger, that is how i got it from fords, but now it is time to change them am i ok to just replace it with a 16, 15 just seems a bit small, a 16 takes it right to edge of screen which is great.
  9. http://www.ford-accessories.co.uk/productgrouplisting.htm?marketId=GB&languageId=en&modelId=7&categoryId=29&articleNameId=1219
  10. If i was to fit this in pic, would i lose my chrome trim that is currently on front of mine
  11. I have a 2nd key, but i can't lock my doors whilst engine is running. My car is booked in today for a terraclean at 3pm
  12. 1.25 2011 Fiesta Am a takeaway food delivery driver so i do put the miles in, am getting 38.1mpg round town, and not much difference on motorway, car has done 22 thousand miles. Do you think my car would benefit from this terraclean.
  13. I have searched the guides but can not find any about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1eZvobdqvo just found it
  14. I want to take these bits off As I want to end up with this result
  15. Has any one got these from fords http://www.ford-accessories.co.uk/productgrouplisting.htm?marketId=GB&languageId=en&modelId=7&categoryId=27&articleNameId=552 The ones that say they are for rear doors, will they replace the ones in the rear on a 3 door
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