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  1. Ambient/mood Lighting How To?

    Hey, Thanks for the reply. can you advise a little further.... sorry i did warn i was a noob!
  2. Hi, Im a real noob when coming to do any thing with cars but i was in my friends new focus the other day and loved the mood lighting and was wondering if any one out there knows of or has a how to guide of adding mood lighting to my mk1 focus? Cheers
  3. Glow Plug And Starting Issues

    Thanks for the replies guys. I shall keep an eye onthe glow plug issue and report back should it happen again after getting the codes checked. As for the starting issue it could just be a dead battery and or the alternator then? ps - on a side note, i am following this topic but had not been notifed that any replies had been made? is that normal?
  4. Hi every one, Im new to this forum but so far looks great so hoping can find some good advice! I have just bought a Focus 2001 TDCI Ghia, was recently serviced and has new mot. It has done 107k miles. I drove it home over a 50 mile trip and all was fine, however the other day when i was out the glowplug light started to flash and i had a loss of power, almost like the turbo had stopped working? I pulled over, turned off the engine, waited a moment then started it again. All seems fine now and I can use the car as normal, no problems going over 3000 revs like i have seen a few others say. Would this just be needing new glow plugs? Also another problem (i know, why did i buy the car!!) When i turn the key it does not start sharpish.. it seems to struggle for a second or 2 before it gets going... Sorry difficult to explain. This is the second TDCI i have owned and my last one didn't start like this. Would that be the starter motor maybe starting to fail? If helps can record it starting so you can hear what i am trying to explain. Thank you and hope that all makes sense ans hope they are easy problems to solve and not going to sot through the roof!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums mcfly :)