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  1. Radio / sat nav ststem

    Brilliant system but i wouldn't pay that amount on a car im thinking about selling.
  2. Radio / sat nav ststem

    Thanks guys for your help, so i now know that the sat nav system is v expensive, so what other radio / cd system could i get to fit the car without have to buy fascia bits
  3. Radio / sat nav ststem

    The radio system in my Ford focus 2008 is not working and im looking a replacement unit like the one in the photo, so any one know where is the best place to pick a secondhand one up?
  4. Frozen Brakes

    I have a 2008 fiesta, this past few days here it is below 0 degrees, got into the car yesterday morning and again this morning the back brakes were frozen, the car would not move forward or backward, so i had to keep trying to get it to move as i was running late, so what i would like to know is there anything i can do to prevent this happening again and was it safe to force the car to move?
  5. Rear Noise

    Not sure if its makes a sound when spun as i was not there when the mechanic was working at it.
  6. Rear Noise

    Took the car to the mechanic yesterday and he took the car for a drive he also heard the noise so he checked the car out but he cannot find anything wrong with the rear wheel, no play in the bearings either, so folks where do i look now?
  7. Rear Noise

    MK6 i thought thats what it might have been when i first heard the noise and i already have done as you suggested but no play is present.
  8. Rear Noise

    I have noticed a strange tinny noise coming from the back drivers wheel area of my car, the car has to be doing above 15mph anyone any idea what it could be?
  9. Alloy Cleaner

    Anyone use the Autosmart Smart Wheel acid free wheel cleaner? Tell us what you think?
  10. Best Polish?

    Marcr1 you could do it six times a year but you will only be giving yourself loads of unnecessary work, twice a year is loads
  11. My Days Work

    Lenny wish i had seen the upgrade wiper it looks cool, but i also got a new rear blade, could you send me the link of the ebay ford parts guy please
  12. My Days Work

    Kevin i bought the wipers the day i bought the car as the old wipers were crap looking, they are the Bosch ones bought here http://www.wiperblades.co.uk/ford-fiesta-years-2002-to-2008/bosch-aerotwin-ar22u-and-bosch-aerotwin-ar16u-twin-pack-wiper-blades/ I have tried a local scrap yard for the rear wiper nut cover but no joy, the next day i am off work i will call into the nearest Ford parts dept and get one, but its fifty miles away so thats why i have not got one yet, but if someone on here has a spare one or knows where i can get one get in touch.
  13. My Days Work

    Mark M K they were on the car when i bought it and i dont have the car long enough to give you an honest answer
  14. Best Polish?

    Froggy72 if you are planing to clay your car i would recommend the Bilt Hammer range as its reasonably priced easier to use that most clays and you can use water as a lubricant or i use water and a v small amount of car shampoo in a spray bottle.
  15. Best Polish?

    I will probably get slaughtered for this but here goes. Greased lightling will not last very long and will be okay if you didnt have a lot of time on your hands, otherwise you are better to polish and then use a separate wax, i usually only polish and wax twice a year on all my cars. Ford Mazda & BMW