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  1. not that l've noticed stef , but he did say he had to change the plugs as they were flooded with oil ,
  2. cheers sierra, do you think he may have replaced have replaced the coil pack with another faulty 1 ?if it is the ECU have you had any experience with ford ecu's on the cost side of things ? he's quoted me about £700 for a new 1 fitted . l've been looing on ebay and you can pick a salvaged 1 up for around £80 surely l'd be beter getting 1 their and seeing if he can fit that or is it not that straight forward ?
  3. Well 1st and foremost a big Hi to everyone ! l'm not gonna be shy here and let you all know that l have'nt a clue when it comes down to car maintainance, so hopefully maybe some of you guys maybe able to advise me, I have a a 1.6 focus on a 53 plate recentley is started playing up a bit, and eventually it kind of had ts final day the other day, I'll try and describe if l can what the problem is , it is making a bit of a grating noise and l ca'nt seem to get any power out of the car it do'snt want to get past 30mph also as l get to junctions or rundabouts it seems to always stall, l dropped it of to a mechanic yesterday and he has phoned me today to say it is the ecu , he reckons it is knackerd, he has changed the plugs, changed the ignition coil (l think you call it that) and it still has the same problem, so he now reckons its the ecu, he has advised me it will be around £700 for a new 1 or about £500 for it to be repaired if it can be, l have only started using this mechanic, how does any of that sound to you experts ? many thanx for any help Nick