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  1. Hey Guys. Really dumb question time... Is this update for the actual maps or just the Sync software? I found the thread after my local Ford dealer quoted me £232 to update the map (yes £232!). After I stopped laughing, I declined the upgrade and began googling. Secondly, I have noted the "install at your own risk" statements and wondered if there is any 'backup' option in case something goes belly-up?
  2. I have a 65-plate 2.0 Petrol Auto. Averages between 25 and 30 urban, slightly higher on a journey. Goes like a train on a motorway :)
  3. Sorry, not been on here for a while. I've got a 65 plate Mondeo with the X-pack and Sony DAB. Mine also has a single USB, one SD slot and a 12v socket.
  4. Speed Cameras On Overhead Signs

    I have nothing to support my comment, but I'm sure I'd heard the 10% thing was dying out due to car speedometers being far more accurate nowadays.
  5. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    I just switched from Admiral (£369) to Aviva (£210 with an additional £60 cashback)
  6. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    Ooh you youngsters! LOL My (new) insurer has a restriction for my car too....no-one under 25. I'm well past that marker.
  7. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    :) When did you ever see an advert for a car that didn't have EVERY optional extra hehe
  8. Ford Etis

    Finally I can see my car on ETIS. Haven't really looked at ETIS much before but assume it is accurate? I only ask as my car is listed as 250ps when I the brochure says 240ps. Not a massive difference, but I'm just curious. ​
  9. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    Pics attached. Link here to RS build page. http://www.ford.co.uk/ConfigureyourCar/Focus-RS
  10. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    According to the Ford site, the Focus RS has a choice of Standard RS Recaro, Standard RS Recaro with Blue bolsters or Recaro shell front seats.
  11. Alexp999's Mk3.5 Focus St-3 Ecoboost

    Very nice. I know what you mean about the wait...it IS a killer, but that moment you collect it makes it worth while. I'm just over two weeks and 800 miles into my Mondeo Tit X so have started to 'open the taps' a bit. Crikey it shifts for a big ol barge! :)
  12. Car Insurances? What Are You Paying?

    Just had my renewal from Admiral - £379. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They kindly offered to renew without me doing anything too! Given I've been quoted £204 by Aviva, I think you know what happened next...
  13. Mondeo Titanium X

  14. Ah ok. As long as it's intentional :)