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  1. Mk1 Focus Rs

    was thinking that myself mate.thanls for the reply :)
  2. Mk1 Focus Rs

    hi all will the bumpers and side skirts from a mk1 focus rs fit onto my standard 3 door focus mk1?
  3. thanks for the help, forgot to state iv got the mk1 on a 2000 w registration. thanks
  4. whats the best oil to put in my focus please its on 113 thousand miles its the 1.8 16v zetec petrol engine. are the forte and lucus engine and petrol treatment ok to use with my enginel? thanks all
  5. 2000 Focus Blowing Main Beam Fuse

    will check it when we get a fine day :) thanks again
  6. 2000 Focus Blowing Main Beam Fuse

    its got the morrette headlights onit so im not sure if they been installed properly il have to look throught it, thanks for the reply
  7. hi all just purchased a focus 1.8 petrol 2000 on a w reg iv got a problem with it,all my lights work fine expecept when i pull the light stalk back a click for the full beam it then blows the sidelight fuse,tried a few fuses and the sidelights and main beam are ok until i click the stalk for full beam then it blows the sidelight fuse any ideas. thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums focus25 :)