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  1. Happy Birthday Kearney92!

  2. 2003 Mk6 Fiesta Radio Change

    When i changed my standard stereo to a jvc double din stereo i got it fitted at halfords and i have a frame around the stereo to cover up the screws what hold it in. So maybe halfords could help you out with this one. As its only a small piece of plastic im sure it wouldnt be expensive even from Halfords
  3. Help Spicing Up My Fiesta Zetec

    not yet been working all week so hopefully get it cleaned and pics today with the weather being BEAUtiful
  4. Fiesta 05 Plate Remap?

    Thanks for the advice. Think I will stick to appearance mods rather than performance then :)
  5. Help Spicing Up My Fiesta Zetec

    I too have a 05 plate fiesta zetec but mine is dark blue. So far I have non standard alloys, 70% tints on rear 3 windows, wind deflectors and a twin pipe back box I will post some pictures when it is clean 😝 hope this gives you some ideas. I am also currently upgrading my interior with minor things such as new gear stick and seat covers to match my blue and black theme.
  6. Gear Stick Gaiter

    I'm looking for a new gear stick gaiter either leather or leather effect and I'm looking for a black one with blue stitching any one know where to get one?
  7. Fiesta 05 Plate Remap?

    Hi I've just registered to the forum, although I have been viewing it for a while. I have recently started modding my Fiesta 1.4 zetec and was wondering if it would be worthwhile getting it remapped/chipped? What gains am I looking at and are there any down sides? Thanks for the advice :)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Kearney92 :)